File Title
1 No improvement in cognition with post-menopausal hormones
2 Vestibulo-ocular dysfunction in children and adolescents with sports-related concussion
3 Neuroimaging findings generally nondiagnostic in kids with sports-related concussions
4 Autism struck by surprise
5 CT angiography links arterial plaque with diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol
6 Teens turn to Internet to cope with health challenges
7 New study uncovers why some threatened corals swap 'algae' partners
8 Research points to future test for ALS
9 NASA's Hubble finds Pluto's moons tumbling in absolute chaos
10 NASA's Operation IceBridge concludes 2015 Arctic campaign
11 Penn researchers home in on what's wearing out T cells
12 A check on runaway lake drainage
13 UMass amherst avian ecologists combine bird survey data to ID vulnerable boreal species
14 Differences in metabolic rates of exploited and unexploited fish populations
15 Genetic variation of stress hormone receptor may affect vulnerability to major depression
16 Eukaryotes: A new timetable of evolution
17 How to cut a vortex into slices
18 Hubble observes chaotic dance of Pluto's moons
19 BESC, Mascoma develop revolutionary microbe for biofuel production
20 Researchers find speedometer in the brain
21 What musical taste tells us about social class
22 Montreal researchers develop ultra-tough fiber that imitates the structure of spider silk
23 Sudden draining of glacial lakes explained
24 Large majority of Americans--including gun owners--support stronger gun policies
25 New aptamer-based approach delivers microRNA therapeutic that targets cancer/cardiovascular disease
26 Fond memories make fragrances a favorite
27 Cause or consequence? John Innes Centre scientists help to settle an epigenetic debate
28 Visualizing the 'matrix'
29 Helping robots handle uncertainty
30 How did the chicken cross the road...safely?
31 Cracking the function of the fly olfactory system to understand how neural circuits work
32 Past failures pave way for promising new Alzheimer's treatments
33 Increased risks in pregnancy for obese mothers and their babies, says study
34 Antibody fragments expand what PET imaging can 'see' in mice (video)
35 Recovering a rare metal from LCDs to avoid depleting key resource
36 Keeping astronauts in space longer with better air and water
37 Wistar scientists discover 'highly effective' new biomarker for lung cancer
38 Study supports IDH gene as prognostic marker in anaplastic astrocytoma
39 Protein identified in certain microalgae changes conversation about climate change
40 A smelling bee?
41 Is everybody laughing when racially charged comedy is viewed with multiple-race audiences?
42 In search of memory storage
43 Cytoskeletons shaking hands
44 New treatment for polycystic kidney disease
45 Arterial thrombosis: Cloaking of collagen frees up the flow
46 How natural channel proteins move in artificial membranes
47 New beetle emerges from Gran Canaria's subsoil
48 Triple treatment keeps cancer from coming back
49 World's smallest spirals could guard against identity theft
50 Scientist at LIMR leads study demonstrating drug-induced tissue regeneration
51 Pluto's moons seen in highest detail yet
52 Paleo study shows how elevation may affect evolution
53 Cyberbullying less emotionally harmful to kids than traditional in-person harassment, study finds
54 The Lancet: Simple score predicts risk of death for middle-aged adults in the UK
55 University of East Anglia researcher finds rare Vietnamese rabbit
56 Scientists produce strongest evidence yet of schizophrenia's causes
57 Study pinpoints what part genes play in the age of first-time mums and family size
58 Early clinical trial success for new rheumatoid arthritis treatment
59 Trouble in the tide pools
60 One's ability to identify different smells may impact longevity
61 The early bird catches the sperm
62 Intravenous nutrition source could reduce side effects of chemotherapy
63 The Lancet: Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) Seminar
64 High levels of moral reasoning correspond with increased gray matter in brain
65 Cancer overtakes cardiovascular disease as UK's No. 1 killer--but only among men
66 Benefit of surgery for ductal carcinoma in-situ investigated
67 Alcohol use disorder is widespread, often untreated in the United States
68 Years of good blood sugar control helps diabetic hearts, study finds
69 MRI technology reveals deep brain pathways in unprecedented detail
70 Attending breast cancer screening reduces risk of death by 40 percent
71 Air pollution below EPA standards linked with higher death rates
72 Lower birth weight associated with proximity of mother's home to gas wells
73 Not all national parks are created equal
74 Antibody fragments expand what PET imaging can 'see' in mice (video)
75 Cooking up cognition
76 BPA can adversely affect parenting behavior in mice
77 Frogs face virus risk in garden ponds
78 Pregnant pipefish fathers are not super dads
79 Long-term memory formation
80 A small vortex on the wing makes the elegance of birds' flight
81 Unlocking nanofibers' potential
82 UGA researchers edit plant DNA using mechanism evolved in bacteria
83 Penn engineers show how 'perfect' materials begin to fail
84 Applying research agendas to sport fishing
85 Study links delay of gratification to how brain structures are connected
86 Black women often cope with infertility alone
87 Programming DNA to reverse antibiotic resistance in bacteria
88 Penn historian discusses the threat birds posed to the power grid in 1920s California
89 Research offers a new approach to improving HIV vaccines
90 An immune system marker for therapy-resistant prostate cancer
91 New tropical tree species await discovery
92 Moderate exercise helps prevent gestational diabetes and reduce weight gain during pregnancy
93 Eating less during late night hours may stave off some effects of sleep deprivation
94 You're as old as your stem cells: Cell Press journal presents research trends in aging
95 Clues to the Earth's ancient core
96 Panel recommends improvements in estrogen testing accuracy
97 DNA breakage underlies both learning, age-related damage
98 Despite abnormalities after concussion, sleep continues to aid memory and recall
99 Common method to lower lead levels in drinking water may have opposite effect
100 Decaying RNA molecules tell a story
101 Preventive neuroradiology: Brain imaging bolsters efforts to lower Alzheimer's risk
102 Study points to human impact on evolution of freshwater fish
103 How dividing cells end up the same size
104 Extra DNA creates cucumber with all female flowers
105 Why are we still fighting tuberculosis? (video)
106 Bee warned--Study finds pesticides threaten native pollinators
107 Penn study maps the types of physical activity associated with better sleep
108 Parent-reported symptoms gauge features of the food allergic disease EoE
109 Social networking against cancer
110 DNA which only females have