File Title
1 Building a better microscope to see at the atomic level
2 Study reveals peculiar mechanism of radical addition-elimination
3 All shook up for greener chemistry
4 Nanowire-based design incorporates two semiconductors to enhance absorption of light
5 Using carbon nanotubes to improve bio-oil refining
6 Unusual structure, bonding, and properties may provide a new possibility for a californium borate
7 Microfluidics field aids quest for artificial photosynthesis
8 Video: Why wet dogs stink (and other canine chemistry)
9 Company reports antifungal compounds that evade resistance
10 Objective comparison of catalyst performance for development of artificial photosynthesis systems
11 Constructing complex molecules with atomic precision
12 Researchers engineer E. coli to produce new forms of popular antibiotic
13 Researchers identify less-invasive method for kidney diagnostics
14 Chemical deterrent from snow fleas identified
15 Researchers capture higher resolution imagery of photosynthetic large light harvesting complex I
16 Poland to cull pigs to prevent African swine fever spread
17 Comparison of bonobo anatomy to humans offers evolutionary clues
18 Scientists discover a protein that silences the biological clock
19 How Microprocessor precisely initiates miRNA production
20 Bacteria use chemical harpoons to hold on tight to their hosts
21 Study shows African savannah able to support large number of herbivores due to distinct diets
22 Genome-editing proteins seek and find with a slide and a hop
23 The continuing plight of the honeybee
24 Researchers seek sneak peek into the future of forests
25 Good craft beer can be spoiled by bacteria
26 Move over Arabidopsis, there's a new model plant in town
27 Many endangered species are back--but face new struggles
28 Rehabilitation plant unmasked as common saltbush
29 Researchers discover two new groups of viruses
30 Feds releasing plan for bull trout conservation in five states
31 Soil microbes ally with plants to fight disease and tolerate stress
32 Struggling plants contend with more fire and slower growth
33 UGA's sea turtle genetic fingerprinting research project featured in world report
34 Tanzania elephants suffer 'catastrophic decline'
35 Organic agriculture more profitable to farmers, study says
36 Not so crowded house? New findings on global species richness
37 Startup offers antibiotic alternative to animal producers
38 Researchers see link between hunter-gatherer cannabis use, fewer parasites
39 Some endangered sawfishes are having babies, no sex required
40 Yeast protein network could provide insights into human obesity
41 After years of forensic investigation, Somerton Man's identity remains a mystery (Part 1: History and Code)
42 Small bird fills big fossil gap
43 Pocket change: When does corporate gratitude backfire
44 Don't overthink it: Trusting first impressions increases sales
45 It takes a village: Why do consumers participate in wind energy programs?
46 Free test-preparation program for revamped SAT goes online
47 Unplanned purchases: Why does that Snickers bar looks better the longer you shop?
48 Eight schools test-drive PULSE certification of undergraduate biology education
49 Modern human dispersal into Europe came from the Levant
50 Black athletes stereotyped negatively in media compared to white athletes
51 Research highlights dangers of impulsive 'in-play' football betting
52 Ganges river dolphin distant cousin of ancient New Zealand one
53 All academic metrics are flawed, but some are useful
54 Schools failing to address biased student discipline
55 Study finds English and Welsh family courts not discriminating against fathers
56 Interpersonal conflict is the strongest predictor of community crime and misconduct
57 Inexperienced investors should take advantage of 'auto-pilot investing'
58 Online gambling would benefit from better regulation
59 Archeologists find gold artifacts in Scythian grave mounds
60 Best of Last Week--Confirming quantum weirdness, revolutionary bionic lens and connecting our brains directly to Internet
61 People more likely to cheat as they become more economically dependent on their spouses
62 Feudalism and macroeconomic cannibalism
63 Yorkshire's oldest new addition to the 'Jurassic World'
64 Study explores reasons behind alcohol abuse in non-heterosexual women
65 New 'body of evidence' regarding approval of prostitution, compensation for organ donation
66 Exercise may blunt a woman's risk of lung and breast cancer: studies
67 Team develops transplantable bioengineered forelimb in an animal model
68 From gene to phene: Scientists demonstrate genetic control of phenotypic variability
69 Hyperbaric hope for fibromyalgia sufferers
70 When the color we see isn't the color we remember
71 Why HIV's cloak has a long tail
72 Study shows benefits of multi-tasking on exercise
73 'Master controller' behind DNA structure reorganization during senescence identified
74 How the tuberculosis bacterium tricks the immune system
75 Synthetic biology: Engineered cells detect diabetes and cancer
76 Study finds misperceptions about impact of double mastectomy
77 New color blindness cause identified
78 Researchers discover key to maintaining muscle strength while we age
79 Stem cell technology could lead to ailing heart mending itself
80 Childhood trauma gets under the skin
81 Gene controls stem cells during muscle regeneration
82 Single 30-day hospital readmission metric fails to reflect changing risk factors
83 Concerns remain for 'Viagra for women' twice rejected by FDA
84 Researchers pinpoint epicenter of brain's predictive ability
85 Researchers describe regulatory protein controlling the patterning of the lymphatic system
86 New study on cerebral astrocytes in depression and suicide
87 Radioactive particles combined with chemotherapy slow advanced bowel cancer growth in the liver
88 73 percent of insomniacs cured after 1-hour therapy session
89 Clinical test validates precision medicine for cancer
90 Limiting genetic tests for breast cancer susceptibility
91 New research shows parental behaviour not affected by stress and anxiety of premature birth
92 Infant brains develop years faster than we thought
93 Kids' altruism linked with better physiological regulation, less family wealth
94 Teens turn to Internet to cope with health challenges
95 Bacteria may cause type 2 diabetes
96 Animal Sex: How Platypuses Do It
97 Lassa Fever Death in New Jersey: Risk to Public Called Low
98 Modern Human Leg Mummified Using Ancient Egyptian Methods
99 Even 'Mad Men' Can't Bring Cigarettes Back (Op-Ed)
100 Billions of Blue Jellyfish Setting Sail for Beaches
101 Blood Pressure Vaccine Moves One Step Closer
102 Alcohol Consumption Linked to Heart Damage in Elderly
103 Back to the Future! Real-Life Hoverboard Breaks Record
104 Most and Least Obese States: Full Rankings
105 Hawaii Named Skinniest State
106 Spring Colors Swirl in Picturesque North Atlantic
107 Sacrificed Humans Discovered Among Prehistoric Tombs
108 Devastating Floods in Texas, Oklahoma Driven by El Nino
109 India Heat Wave Death Toll May Be Vastly Underestimated
110 Mysterious Humanlike Species May Have Lived Alongside 'Lucy'