File Title
1 At last, a way to tell male and female stegosauruses apart
2 Citing neuroscience, a Grandmaster says men are better at chess. Smart move?
3 Are bees getting hooked on nicotine-laced pesticides?
4 Why did Google choose those animals for its Earth Day quiz?
5 For Earth Day, 10 places to visit before it's too late
6 New atomic clock accurate for next 15 billion years
7 Vampire squid lurks in dark waters, lives longer than we thought
8 Earth Day quiz for space fans: What makes our planet unique?
9 In search of Loch Ness monster, Google maps Scottish lake
10 The largest structure in the universe is a whole lot of nothing, astronomers say
11 Why does Africa have so many languages?
12 Loch Ness Monster photo: A case of plesiosaur pareidolia?
13 High-tech mesh separates oil from water, could help with oil spills
14 NASA probe prepares for final plunge into Mercury (+video)
15 NASA space probe snaps images of Ceres' north pole (+video)
16 Did dinosaur-killing asteroid trigger largest lava flows on Earth?
17 How some beetles produce a scalding defensive spray
18 Brain scan reveals out-of-body illusion
19 Keen sense of touch allows bats to fly with breathtaking precision
20 Noroviruses spread several meters by air: Viruses responsible for 50 percent of gastroenteritis
21 Pesticides alter bees' brains, making them unable to live and reproduce adequately
22 'Dead zones' found in Atlantic open waters: Moving west, could lead to mass fish kills
23 Eagle Nebula: The Pillars of Creation revealed in 3-D
24 Unique fish fossils shed light on evolution of bony fishes
25 Living to 100: Lifestyle advice for would-be centenarians
26 Challenging work tasks may have an upside for the brain
27 Rare whale fossil found in Panama clarifies evolution of sperm whale
28 How babies' lives were saved by 3-D printing
29 200-year lag between climate events in Greenland, Antarctica: Ocean involved
30 Brain circuitry for positive vs. negative memories discovered in mice
31 The trillion-frame-per-second camera
32 Multifractals suggest the existence of an unknown physical mechanism on the Sun
33 Oil and gas development transforms landscapes
34 Robotically discovering Earth's nearest neighbors: 54 light-years away
35 Beijing Olympics 'natural study' links pollution to lower birth weight
36 Replacing one serving of sugary drink per day by water or unsweetened tea or coffee cuts risk of type 2 diabetes, study shows
37 Frequent aspirin use reduces risk of cervical cancer by nearly half
38 Keep it long: Most science writing advice flops, analysis finds
39 Short-term debt, depressive symptoms may go hand-in-hand
40 Study questions quality of U.S. health data
41 Walking an extra two minutes each hour may offset hazards of sitting too long
42 Higher levels of inattention at age seven linked with lower final high school exam grades
43 Internet as new frontier in collecting data on the mind
44 Waking proteins up from deep sleep to study their motions
45 Worm index closely associated with a nation's human development index
46 Scientists discover key driver of human aging: May lead to slowing or reversing aging process
47 Settling an old debate: Researchers solve a lingering mystery of cancer cell biology
48 Boosting the body's natural ability to fight urinary tract infections
49 Study results promising for hepatitis C patients awaiting or completing liver transplant
50 Vitamin D toxicity rare in people who take supplements, researchers report
51 UV radiations: NONO helps to mend the damage
52 How aspirin fights colorectal cancer
53 Percentage of Texans without health insurance drops dramatically
54 Busy Americans can reap health benefits by balancing protein intake throughout the day
55 First embryonic stem cell therapy safety trial in Asian patients
56 See flower cells in 3-D: No electron microscopy required
57 Study questions quality of U.S. health data
58 MarkerMiner 1.0: An easy-to-use bioinformatics platform for DNA analysis in angiosperms
59 Internet as new frontier in collecting data on the mind
60 Engineering a better solar cell: Defects in popular perovskites pinpointed
61 Metal contamination makes gasoline production inefficient
62 Physicists find long sought-after Efimov state in helium trimer
63 Waking proteins up from deep sleep to study their motions
64 Quantum-mechanical monopoles experimentally identified
65 No Hogwarts invitation required: Invisibility cloaks move into the real-life classroom
66 Compact synchrotron makes tumors visible
67 3-D help for needy and creative entrepreneurs
68 Hacked Kinect controller game changer for Parkinson's
69 Tracking tiny songbirds across continents
70 Tax cuts for middle, lower income Americans boost economy while tax breaks for the rich do little to help
71 Research seeks alternatives for reducing bacteria in fresh produce using nanoengineering
72 Researchers closer to being able to change blood types
73 England set for 'substantial increase' in record-breaking warm years
74 Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster
75 Dull forest glow yields orbital tracking of photosynthesis
76 Listening for whales and fish in the Northwest Atlantic ocean
77 New origin theory for cells that gave rise to vertebrates
78 Dam removal study reveals river resiliency
79 Tropical marine ecosystems most at threat from human impact
80 Sustainability progress should precede seafood market access, researchers urge
81 Mysterious case of the disappearing honey bee: New clues about decline
82 Mammals not the only animals to feed embryo during gestation
83 Rupture along the Himalayan Front
84 Compound kills various human pathogenic fungi, may improve human health
85 First global review of Arctic marine mammals
86 Dwindling productivity in Congress linked to vanishing cooperation
87 California's 4.8 million low-wage workers now earn less than in 1979
88 Are we exterminating one African elephant by not recognizing two?
89 Bottleneck analysis can improve care for mothers and newborns in poor settings
90 Big Data reveals classical music creation secrets
91 Babies born with drug withdrawal symptoms on the rise, study shows
92 People will live longer than official estimates predict, UK study shows
93 Calling 911 in rural areas leads to faster heart attack care
94 High costs of dental care leave many with too little money for basic necessities
95 Medical education risks becoming two-tiered unless strong research focus is preserved, argue medical leaders
96 The regulating hand in ribosome formation
97 Light--not pain-killing drugs--used to activate brain's opioid receptors
98 Vital step in stem cell growth revealed
99 Role of telomeres in plant stem cells discovered
100 Wild bearded capuchin monkeys really know how to crack a nut
101 Swine farming a risk factor for drug-resistant staph infections, study finds
102 New tool can switch behavior--such as voracious eating--'on' and 'off'
103 Recycling aluminium, one can at a time
104 Spinal cord axon injury location determines neuron's regenerative fate
105 Impaired sleep linked to lower pain tolerance
106 Traumatic events, financial struggles may threaten women's heart health
107 Novel approach blocks amyloid production in Alzheimer's mouse model
108 Toxic combination of air pollution and poverty lowers child IQ
109 Low health literacy linked to heart failure deaths after hospitalization
110 Neural circuit involved in combining multiple senses
111 Parents describe arduous journey to pediatric epileptic surgery when their child's disease becomes resistant to anti-seizure meds
112 Increase in types, brands of same food items could contribute to overconsumption
113 ACP releases advice for the proper time, test, and interval for cervical cancer screening
114 Fat grafting for buttocks augmentation: Combined technique gives good results
115 Three secrets to healthier eating
116 Energy consumption rises with automated bill payment
117 Investment fears: How does the need for closure increase risk?
118 Twist on evolutionary theory could help explain racism and other forms of prejudice