File Title
1 Holy agility! Keen sense of touch guides nimble bat flight
2 The language of invention: Most innovations are rephrasings of past technologies
3 How some beetles produce a scalding defensive spray
4 Pulsar with widest orbit ever detected
5 International team discovers elusive new bird in China
6 Long-term galactic cosmic ray exposure leads to dementia-like cognitive impairments
7 Pulsing light may indicate supermassive black hole merger
8 Hubble finds phantom objects near dead quasars
9 NOAA, Tulane identify second possible specimen of 'pocket shark' ever found
10 Food allergies can be transmitted from blood products to children in rare cases
11 Sexing Stegosaurus
12 Researchers test smartphones for earthquake warning
13 Bizarre 'platypus' dinosaur discovered
14 Dark Energy Survey creates detailed guide to spotting dark matter
15 Unique field study shows that pesticide harms wild bees
16 Vampire squid discovery shows how little we know of the deep sea
17 'Pull my finger!' say scientists who solve knuckle-cracking riddle
18 Mountain gorillas enter the genomic age
19 UT research uncovers lakes, signs of life under Antarctica's dry valleys
20 Complex organic molecules discovered in infant star system
21 Contaminants also a threat to polar bears
22 Scientists see deeper Yellowstone magma
23 ORNL researchers probe chemistry, topography and mechanics with one instrument
24 The trillion-frame-per-second camera
25 Model uncovers malaria parasite causes red blood cell changes
26 Diabetes drug found in freshwater is a potential cause of intersex fish
27 LVADs may lead to declines in health, cognitive thinking in some heart failure patients
28 High-pitched sounds cause seizures in old cats
29 NASA pushes back against proposal to slash climate budget
30 General Dynamics Integrates NASA's SGSS Infrastructure
31 Ramping Up for Johnson's Chamber A Test
32 Air Scrubber Plus Brings Space Age Technology Down to Earth
33 NASA Announces New Partnerships with Industry for Deep-Space Skills
34 Small Staff has Big Impact Showing How NASA Can Engage Students
35 Diamantino Sforza--Gentleman Farmer of Prince George's County
36 Sensors Detect Icing Conditions to Help Protect Airplanes
37 Northrop Grumman provides 1,000th F-35 DAR sensor system
38 Raytheon helping to enhance P-8A Poseidon capabilities
39 BAE Systems supplying mission planning system for Wildcat helos
40 Egypt ends US arms 'monopoly' with French jet fighter deal
41 France clinches first foreign sale of Rafale jets with Egypt contract
42 Navy taps Raytheon for V-22 Osprey support
43 Telenor satellite begins post-launch maneuvers according to plan
44 TurkmenAlem52E MonacoSAT telecom satellite in orbit
45 Turkmenistan hails 'landmark' launch of first satellite
46 Strong Evidence for Coronal Heating by Nanoflares
47 Solar telescope peers into Sun to track the origins of space weather
48 Arianespace at the EU-Japan Business Round Table
49 Russia to Create World's First Rocket Engine Manufacturing Holding
50 NASA brings in small business to develop hypervelocity vehicles
51 Cameras at SLS Booster Test to provide critical data for first flight
52 NASA 3-D Prints First Full-Scale Copper Rocket Engine Part
53 Brazil Abandons Joint Satellite Launch System Project with Ukraine
54 US Space Company Unveils New Rocket
55 Boeing-Lockheed team for Vulcan rocket with reusable engine
56 NASA Selects Companies to Develop Super-Fast Deep Space Engine
57 ESA's spaceplane back on dry land
58 Falcon 9 Evolves
59 Lockheed Martin buys high-speed wind tunnel
60 Sierra Nevada Corporation Unveils New Dream Chaser Cargo System
61 Technologies enable ambitious MMS mission
62 ADS to build first Franco-German Earth observation satellite MERLIN
63 Seeing Stars Through the Cloud
64 Reducing big data using quantum theory
65 IBM earnings dip as sales fall again
66 Intel lifted by data centers, as PC market flounders
67 Engineers speed up simulations in computational grand challenge
68 An explanation for the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam system problem
69 New optical materials break digital connectivity barriers
70 Data structures influence speed of quantum search in unexpected ways
71 Nano piano's lullaby could mean storage breakthrough
72 A new way to control information by mixing light and sound
73 Taiwan snubs Alibaba funding pledge
74 New filter could advance terahertz data transmission
75 Japan's NTT to buy German data centre operator: report
76 Building trustworthy big data algorithms
77 Chemists control structure to unlock magnetization and polarization simultaneously
78 Lawsuit accuses Apple of storage sleight of hand
79 World's first computer dates to 205 BCE, earlier than thought
80 Supercomputing progress slows
81 'Cloud' lifts Microsoft earnings above expectations
82 'Data smashing' could unshackle automated discovery
83 New frontier in error-correcting codes
84 First proton collisions should start in early June
85 ORNL reports method that takes quantum sensing to new level
86 Quantum model reveals surface structure of water
87 MIT physicists develop new tabletop particle detector
88 Physics community to discuss latest results of the AMS experiment
89 Combined effort for structural determination
90 Tunneling across a tiny gap
91 Particle smasher starts up again, says CERN
92 Super sensitive measurement of magnetic fields
93 Science: Theory of the strong interaction verified
94 Physicists solve low-temperature magnetic mystery
95 Turkish firm joins NATO BMD support effort
96 Poland speeding up Patriot system buy
97 Romania 'Agression Platform' Against Russia with US Missile Defense Systems
98 David's Sling successsfully intercepts targets
99 Raytheon modernizing South Korean Patriot system
100 Russia warns US against sending missile defense system to South Korea
101 Denmark could face nuclear attack if joins missile shield
102 US official dismisses China's concern over missile defence
103 Russia's SMF Ready to Repel a 'Lightning-Speed' Nuclear Strike
104 Three rockets launched near-simultaneously in Aegis test
105 GaN-based AESA technology available for Patriot system users
106 Tidal tugs on Teflon faults drive slow-slipping earthquakes
107 Quake-prone Nepal: key questions and answers
108 Magma intrusion is likely source of Columbia-Ecuador border quake swarms
109 Fragment of continental crust found under south east Iceland
110 Ferromanganese crusts record past climates