File Title
1 Call him isthmia: Moby Dick's new cousin
2 Meet T. rex's vegetarian cousin: Chilesaurus
3 The strange twists of evolution shown in conifer pollination
4 Paleolithic Europeans didn't settle America first, study says
5 The West isn't declining, research says
6 Perfume from the scent of your dearly departed: It's now possible
7 Chronic lower back pain? You may have chimp-like vertebrae
8 First-ever 3D image of embryo turning itself inside out
9 Universe could be a hologram, study says
10 How to sex a stegosaurus
11 Bees are 'addicted' to pesticides
12 Are ever-growing molars in rodents' futures?
13 Found in 14th century manuscript, Yoda was
14 Why animals fight members of other species
15 Invasive lionfish may have had multiple points-of-origin in Caribbean
16 Birds impress mates by walking on water
17 Rare pocket shark specimen found off Louisiana
18 Massive magma reservoir discovered beneath Yellowstone
19 Cryptozoology 101: Ediacaran life
20 Fins to legs to fins: What do land animals returning to sea tell us about evolution? Part II
21 Mammoth genome sequence completed; time to clone?
22 Goodbye MESSENGER; it's been a good 10 years
23 Officials have 'lost control' of Russian spacecraft
24 NASA's new non-stick wings to save money and bugs
25 Eta Aquarids meteor shower visible next two weeks
26 Cosmic Yarns: Warping past the cosmic speed limit
27 Here's the most comprehensive map of the universe ever produced
28 Cosmic Yarns: Science fiction and the speed of light
29 New Horizons to study spider-like patterns on Pluto
30 Coming soon: Live HD video from the ISS
31 Tau Ceti system unlikely to contain Earth 2.0
32 Using sound to detect earthquakes on Venus
33 Astronomers discover 11 'homeless' galaxies
34 Engineers develop furniture for moon, Mars
35 redOrbit MIT exclusive: Why CubeSats are cool
36 Happy 25th birthday Hubble Space Telescope!
37 What is dark energy?
38 NASA 3D prints first-ever full scale copper rocket engine part
39 New NASA coalition dedicated to search for alien life
40 WTF is dark matter?!
41 Is NASA looking to create permanent settlements on Venus?
42 Probing the inner regions of a young star and its planet
43 Sour Apple: Samsung regains top spot in smartphone sales
44 What 'Transformers' tells us about Gen. X leadership
45 Stephen Hawking: Zayn may still be in One Direction in alternate universe
46 Lightweight membrane could make air travel less noisy
47 Audi develops synthetic diesel out of water, CO2
48 Cerium-based magnets bring cheaper cars, turbines
49 Researchers develop first liquid nanolaser
50 Navy makes transparent, bulletproof material out of clay
51 Graphene brings 3-D holograms clearer and closer
52 VIDEO: 3D print your dinner in the future
53 Watch e-sports live on ESPN2 today
54 6 month old babies use tablets and smartphones
55 The army is testing handheld ray guns
56 Forget 3D printing--Australian team has gone 4D!
57 Robot barista makes a fine cup of coffee
58 Wrinkled graphene helps mimic real life cell growth
59 Jay Z's Tidal streaming service is floundering
60 Amazon wants to put junk in your trunk...kinda
61 Google unveils first mobile network: Project Fi
62 FBI issues inflight WiFi security warning
63 New computer chips could defend against memory-access attacks
64 Cell phone use during surgery may be the new anesthetic
65 EXCLUSIVE: How belief in hell shaped America
66 The science behind the Kylie Jenner Challenge
67 Why cancer patients experience 'chemo brain'
68 Hate dieting? Blame these neurons
69 Treating sleep apnea could help prevent diabetes
70 Does dog saliva really heal wounds?
71 Shrooms on caterpillars potential painkiller for arthritis
72 Researchers fix cystic fibrosis mutation
73 Experts: Diet, not exercise, most important to health
74 'Evil twin' cause of woman's brain tumor
75 Chinese team genetically modifies first human embryo
76 Ringing in your ears? Here's why it's hard to quiet
77 Emoticons help kids make healthier choices
78 How women evolved for childbirth
79 We think better on our feet, literally
80 And the happiest countries are...
81 Funky neon cells may help prevent blindness
82 MIT developing cancer-diagnosis AI software
83 Shetland ponies may hold the cure to allergies
84 How memories are formed in the brain
85 Why we should spend more time with our parents
86 Educational Program Helps Students Thrive in a Digital World
87 NASA to crash spaceship into Mercury
88 Careening out of control, unmanned Russian spacecraft declared a loss
89 What does Pluto really look like? We'll soon find out.
90 New bat-like dinosaur had wings. Scientists don't know why.
91 Smartphones distract parents too, studies show
92 Scientists discover source of Antarctica's mysterious Blood Falls
93 Climate change deniers take aim at Pope Francis
94 What Nepal can teach about improving earthquake resilience in developing world (+video)
95 Scientists in #savetheguac campaign employ drones and dogs
96 T. rex had a weird vegetarian relative, say scientists
97 How technology is helping us map earthquakes faster than ever
98 Scientists track global warming heat spikes and rising rainfall
99 SpaceX capsule to undergo key safety test (+video)
100 Did Anonymous stage a cyberattack against a telescope? Why? (+video)
101 What's next for the Hubble telescope? (+video)
102 Quest for Earth-like planets becoming more sophisticated
103 Hubble at 25: The iconic space telescope's greatest discoveries
104 Chihuahua of the sea? Scientists find rare 'pocket shark'
105 Chinese researchers alter embryo DNA: Do results cross ethical tripwires?
106 Scientists find huge magma reservoir in Yellowstone 'supervolcano' (+video)
107 After 25 years of service, how will the Hubble die?
108 What will the English language look like in 100 years?
109 What happens to people when they think they're invisible?
110 25 years later: Who got the Hubble telescope off the ground?