File Title
1 National Zoo Welcomes Shipment of Panda Semen from China in Time for Breeding Season
2 Cosmic Tsunami Wakes Up Comatose Galaxies Thought to Be 'Red and Dead'
3 Hubble 25: NASA Unveils Official Image of HST's 25th Anniversary, 'Celestial Fireworks' (SEE IT)
4 Hubble Space Telescope: The Wonder Machine that Almost Wasn't
5 Runaway Galaxies: Astronomers Have Discovered 11 Galaxies 'Flung Out of Their Homes'
6 Mystery Disk, Star Formation: Puzzle of Galactic Thick-Thin Disk Solved, Researchers Say
7 Too Many Mosquito Bites? Study Says You Can Blame it on Your Genes
8 Giant Reservoir of Magma Found Beneath Yellowstone Supervolcano, Can Fill Up to 11 Grand Canyon
9 Woolly Mammoth Genome Finally Completed; Are Humans Close to Cloning Extinct Species?
10 Fertility Tracking App Now Available for Men
11 Asteroid Attacks and Other Near-Earth Objects: An Imminent Threat? Harvard Scientist Says We Are Not Prepared, the World Needs Nuclear Bombs (HNGN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)
12 Yahoo Invents Way to Turn Any Touch-Sensitive Phone into Biometric Scanner for Security Authentication
13 N/A
14 SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch to International Space Station: Turkmenistan Has Hopes for Payload (LIVE STREAM)
15 N/A
16 Identical Twin DNA No Longer a Mystery to Police: Scientists Discovered How to Tell Twins Apart
17 Climate Change and Global Warming: Despite Perceived Warming Hiatus, Long-Term Effects Disastrous, Study Suggests
18 3-D Printing: Foodies, How Do You Feel About Printed Cuisine?
19 Autism and Prodigy: Genetic Marker Could Be Common Thread Between the Two, Study Suggests
20 Fat-Shaming Celebrities: A Psychologically Dangerous, Trollish Game...for Us and Them
21 Cosmic Rays Trigger Lightning, Study Finds
22 Tiny Robots Can Carry Objects More than 100 Times Their Weight (SEE IT)
23 Coyote Sighting in New York City: Animal Runs Wild Through Concrete Jungle Until Caught by Officials (VIDEO)
24 'Iron Man' Glove Replica Fires Lasers, Metal Slugs (VIDEO)
25 Liquid Nanoscale Laser with Exceptional Color-Changing Ability Created for First Time
26 Stephen Hawking and Zayn Malik: Scientist Says Pop Star Can Rejoin One Direction in Alternate Universe
27 Tinnitus: Ringing in the Ears is from Multiple Areas of the Brain
28 Liquid Mercury Found in Teotihuacan Pyramid Could Lead to Royal Tomb
29 The Universe Is a Hologram? Study Suggests the Cosmos Are 2-Dimensional
30 Global Warming Can Release Huge Amounts of Carbon Stored in Arctic Frozen Soil
31 Embryo Turns Itself Inside-Out in Amazing Time-Lapse Video (WATCH)
32 Bees Could Be 'Addicted' to Common Nicotine-Like Pesticide
33 Breakthrough Magnetic Alloy Could Lead to Cheaper Cars, Wind Turbines
34 'Platypus' Dinosaur that Was Related to T. Rex Shows Theropod Vegetarianism Occured Earlier than We Thought
35 Decline in Science Spending Threatens U.S.'s Future, According to MIT Report
36 Nepal Earthquake Follows 700-Year-Old Pattern, Geologists Say
37 Chemotherapy Impairs Cognitive Ability, Cancer Survivors Left with 'Chemo Brain,' Study Says
38 Strange Supernova is 'Missing Link' in Gamma-Ray Burst Mystery
39 Alien Planets Need Names! IAU NameExoWorlds Contest Hitting Stage Two
40 Asteroid? Near-Earth Object? A Second Moon? Minor Planet Center Got Psyched Out (PHOTOS)
41 Mercury: NASA's MESSENGER Unlocks Secrets of Planet in Dazzling Image (SEE IT HERE)
42 High Cholesterol May Be Cured with PCSK9 Antibodies, Say Researchers
43 Galaxy Supercluster 3-D Map Is Most Comprehensive to Date, Could Reveal Dark Matter Secrets
44 Superconductivity Boosts Radiation Pressure a Million Fold
45 Burmese Pythons' Florida Habitat Encroaching on Native Species, Exhaustive Study Finds
46 Apple Watch's Sapphire Glass Screen Is Given Diamond Test--Does It Pass?
47 Water May Have Been Flowing Through the Universe Much Earlier than We Thought
48 Nanoflares Might Explain Wild Temperature Difference Between Sun's Corona and Atmosphere, Scientists Say
49 Alien Hunt, Mars Mission: NASA Invented Warp Drive? EmDrive Could be Producing Warp Bubbles
50 Mercury: NASA MESSENGER's Impending Impact, Six Things You Should Know (INCLUDES VIDEO)
51 Progress 59: Russian Cargo Spacecraft Lost in Space? (NASA TV LIVE STREAM)
52 New York to Turn Off Bright Lights to Help Migrating Birds
53 Apple Watch Faces the Ultimate Test: Will it Survive a Blender?
54 Antarctica's 'Blood Falls' Could Reveal Secrets of Life on Mars
55 Microsoft Shows Off HoloLens Apps at Build Conference
56 Climate Change: California Governor Brown Sets Higher Standards on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 40 Percent Reduction by 2030
57 Hot Ocean Vents May Have Created Building Blocks of Life on Earth
58 New Solar Telescope Captures Stunning Images that Could Shed Light on Space Weather
59 NASA's New Horizons Spots Pluto's Surface Features, Potential Polar Ice Cap
60 DNA Analysis Reveals All Arctic Eskimos Migrated from Alaska's North Slope
61 Climate Changes in Arctic and Antarctic Linked for the First Time
62 Mercury Mission: NASA's MESSENGER Scheduled Impact with Mercury (LIVE STREAM)
63 'Walking Dead' Has Gone Cosmic? NASA's NuSTAR Captures Possible 'Screams' from Zombie Stars, Astronomers Say
64 Hubble Space Telescope's 'Pillars of Creation' Go 3-D Thanks to MUSE Instrument (SEE IT)
65 Weird Art: Man Pours Molten Aluminum into a Watermelon, Something Unexpected Happens (VIDEO)
66 Jupiter's Io: Volcano Loki Detailed for First Time by Large Binocular Telescope, Hot Spot is 'Active Lava Lake'
67 Quantum Computing Closer to Reality After IBM Announces 2 'Critical' Breakthroughs
68 Coral Reefs Getting Brutally Smothered by Sea Sponges, and Overfishing May Be to Blame
69 Bats' Super Precise Flying Abilities Linked to Tiny Hairs and Sensors that Could Inspire Maneuverable Aircrafts (VIDEO)
70 CDC and Plague: First Dog-To-Human Transmission of Deadly Plague Bacteria Reported, CDC Says
71 Climate Change and Asthma: Global Warming Causing More Asthma Diagnoses, Study Says
72 Asteroid that Killed the Dinosaurs Probably Triggered Volcanic Eruptions, Magnifying the Destruction, Scientists Say
73 Mysterious Black Holes: Hungry Black Holes Gobble Up Matter and Shed Some Light on Mysteries of the Early Universe, Study Says
74 Double Chins in Adults Now Curable Thanks to FDA-Approved Drug
75 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's Space Tourism Company Blue Origins Secretly Launches Rocket
76 Robotic Chimp Could Help Us Explore the Moon (MUST WATCH)
77 Climate Change Could Wipe Out 16 Percent of Species
78 Scientists Discover Antibiotic Resistance Genes in South American Tribe
79 Experts Tried Champagne Two Centuries Old and it Tasted...Cheesy?
80 Study: Public Remains Cluelessly Optimistic about Environmental Problems
81 Stegosaurus' Bony Plates May Determine Sex
82 Scientists Create the Invisible Man?
83 Scientists Map First Complete Genome of Extinct Woolly Mammoth
84 Massive Magma Reservoir Discovered Under Yellowstone Supervolcano
85 Species vs. Species: Males Fight for Female Attention
86 Bizarre New Dinosaur Lineage Discovered in Chile
87 Hot Ocean Vents Possible Source of Life on Earth
88 Two 'Happy' Hormone Regulators May Cause Intense Rage
89 Scientists Disprove 'Ice Bridge' Theory of Human Migration
90 Human Innovation/Weapons Didn't Bully Neanderthals into Extinction
91 Hawaiian Hot Spots Not to Blame for Underwater Volcanoes
92 Why is Antarctica Hemorrhaging 'Blood'? Experts Claim Unknown Life
93 Scientists Solve Mystery of Collapse of Ancient Tibetan Civilization
94 Prehistoric Cockroaches Were Mantis-Like Monstrosities
95 Multifractals suggest the existence of an unknown physical mechanism on the Sun
96 Researchers find 200-year lag between climate events in Greenland, Antarctica
97 'Dead zones' found in Atlantic open waters
98 New fossil rattles Moby Dick's family tree
99 Compact synchrotron makes tumors visible
100 No Hogwarts invitation required: Invisibility cloaks move into the real-life classroom
101 Wild bearded capuchin monkeys really know how to crack a nut
102 Evolution: The secrets of the brachiopod shell
103 Engineering a better solar cell: UW research pinpoints defects in popular perovskites
104 Role of telomeres in plant stem cells discovered
105 Dull forest glow yields orbital tracking of photosynthesis
106 Palaeontology: Unique fish fossils identified
107 Sustainability progress should precede seafood market access, researchers urge
108 Vital step in stem cell growth revealed
109 The Pillars of Creation revealed in 3-D
110 Robotically discovering Earth's nearest neighbors