File Title
1 In search of Loch Ness monster, Google maps Scottish lake
2 Loch Ness Sea Monster Fossil a Hoax, Say Scientists
3 Photo in the News: Loch Ness Monster Was an Elephant
4 The very weirdest theories about the Loch Ness Monster
5 Elephant theory in Nessie search
6 The Loch Ness...elephant?
7 Loch Ness monster actually circus elephant
8 Elephantine Theory Stirs Misty Waters of Loch Ness
9 Loch Ness Monster: the strangest theories and sightings
10 New Theory on Loch Ness Monster
11 4,600 year-old tomb of Pharaoh unearthed in Delta
12 Ruins of Egypt's most ancient capital of Memphis unearthed
13 Ancient Hangover Cure Discovered in Greek Texts
14 Ancient Teeth in Italy and Arrival of Modern Humans in Europe
15 History Museum in Bulgaria's Sliven Receives Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Austrian Coins Seized from Treasure Hunters
16 Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover More of 'Luxury' Ancient Roman Road Station in Fresh Excavations
17 The very personal side of a world famous UC archaeologist
18 Hunt for ancient royal tomb in Mexico takes mercurial twist
19 Depression-era CCC unearthed in Madison; workers known as 'Roosevelt's tree army'
20 170-Year-Old Champagne Recovered (and Tasted) from a Baltic Shipwreck
21 The Viking age began in Denmark
22 Ancient fishing leister found together with its spearing point
23 An extra molar is identified for the first time in an Atapuerca hominid
24 Study finds ancient clam beaches not so natural
25 Calculating how the Pacific was settled
26 Humanitarian decision makers and archaeologists should collaborate
27 Did Neanderthals Die Off Because They Couldn't Harness Fire?
28 Ohoidertaun rock paintings discovered in Kei islands
29 DNA suggests all early eskimos migrated from Alaska's North Slope
30 Archaeologists have unearthed a number of items in a newly discovered archaeological site in Sharjah's Al Dhaid. Wam
31 Closing the case on an ancient archeological mystery
32 Site of Deadliest Native American Massacre Identified in Idaho
33 Archaeologists Discover Main Aqueduct of Ancient Odessos during Rescue Excavations in Bulgaria's Varna
34 Early Urban Planning: Ancient Mayan City Built on Grid
35 Giant Easter Island 'Hats' Rolled into Place, Study Says
36 Alternate theory of inhabitation of North America challenged
37 Controversy erupts over ancient 'theatre' in Alexandria
38 Archaeologists dig into nitty-gritty of Gallipoli
39 From the frontline: stalking a feral predator
40 Breakthrough for quantum computers
41 Why do we have a chin?
42 Kathmandu earthquake nightmare not yet over
43 Invisible mending for the human body
44 Are gut bacteria manipulating your mood?
45 The search for planets beyond Pluto
46 Blue light to replace a little blue pill?
47 Nanorobots made from DNA
48 Comets paint Mercury black
49 How a dottyback catches his damsel
50 An ultrasound cure for Alzheimer's?
51 A better way to capture carbon
52 How a fish slobbered its way to dry land
53 The secret signal in a peacock's tail
54 Navy Looking to Combat Enemy Drones with Truck-Mounted Lasers
55 White Dwarf May Have Ripped Passing Planet to Pieces at Edge of Milky Way
56 NASA's New Telescope Using Glitter to See the Stars with 'Orbiting Rainbows,' According to JPL
57 Disney Reveals 3-D Printer Prototype that Can Print Out Huggable Plush Objects (VIDEO)
58 Robotic Arms Created to Cook Meals like a Professional Chef
59 Happy Sweat: Your Body's Odor Can Spread Your Good Mood, Study Finds
60 Biological Clock Depends on Color of the Light, Not Brightness of the Hour
61 CryoSaturday, Measures Arctic Ice Thickness with Impressive Speed, Accuracy
62 Alien Exoplanet Hunt Helped by Large Binocular Telescope, HR 8799 Directly Imaged
63 Mysterious Cosmic Cold Spot Explained? Supervoid and Cold Spot Locations Not Coincidental, Data Suggests
64 Asteroid & Planet Formation: Earth, like Asteroids, Formed by 'Small Glassy Beads,' Study Says (INCLUDES VIDEO)
65 SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Explains Why the Falcon 9 Landing Wasn't a Failure (INCLUDES TEST FLIGHT VIDEO)
66 Taiwan Rocked with 6.4 Earthquake, Tsunami Warnings Issued in Japan
67 Glassfrog with Visible Organs Discovered in Costa Rica (VIDEO)
68 FBI Admits Forensic Evidence Errors; Report Says Faulty Testimony Contributed to Wrongful Convictions and Executions
69 Supermassive Black Hole Merger Proven by Flickering Light
70 African Penguins Get 'Honeymoon Suites' at New England Aquarium
71 Honduras Is Environmental Activist Murder Capital of World, Report Finds
72 Multiple Sclerosis Could Be Reversed with Athlete's Foot Cream?
73 Baboons Don't Prefer Mates with Larger Bottoms After All
74 Vampire Squids Have Unique Sex Lives
75 NASA & Boeing Flight Experiments for Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757: More Tests, More Technology
76 Ceres: Bright Spots Back in View, NASA's Dawn Sent Images (SEE THEM HERE)
77 Extinction Could Be Thwarted with DNA Testing on Placentas, Study Suggests
78 Mars Mission & JAXA: Japan's Space Agency Joins in with First Step, an Unmanned Lunar Probe
79 Animal Rights: Chimpanzees Hercules and Leo Recognized as 'Legal Persons,' Could Be Freed from Biomedical Lab
80 PayPal Developer Wants to Implant a Password Inside of You
81 N/A
82 Battery Imaging Technique Could Lead to Improved Renewable Energy
83 Thor's Helmet Nebula Captured in Chaotic Image
84 Loch Ness Monster and Google Street View: Was 'Nessie' Spotted?
85 Dinosaurs: 43 Fossilized Eggs Discovered by Chinese Construction Workers
86 Tabletop Particle Detector Could Lead to Coveted Neutrino Mass Measurement
87 N/A
88 Global Warming Progressing at 'Moderate' Rate, Study Finds
89 Big Bang Theory: Cosmological 'Dark Ages' Ended with the Birth of These Stars, Researchers Say
90 Black Hole Sagittarius A*: Milky Way's Black Hole to be Examined by Earth-Sized Telescope (PHOTOS)
91 International Space Station: ISS Progress 57 Departs, ISS Progress 59 Arrives (LIVE STREAM ACCESS)
92 Alien Life: NASA Creates 'All-Star Titan Team' to Hunt for Exoplanets that Could Sustain Life
93 Endangered Humpback Whales: Humpback Whales Removed from Endangered List? Conservation Efforts Paying Off
94 Alien Planet 51 Pegasi b: Exoplanet Reflects Visible Light, Detected by Astronomers for First Time Ever (PHOTOS)
95 Shipwreck Champagne, 170 Years Old, Recovered in 'Perfect' Condition Off Finland
96 Bees Put in Serious Danger by Common Pesticides, Honeybees Aren't the Only Victims
97 Graphene Imperfections Embraced to Improve Storage Abilities of Capacitors
98 Earth Day Study Could Uncover Aquatic Ecosystem 'Tipping Point' Warning Signs by Looking at Carnivorous Plants
99 Climate Change Effects Could Be Measured by Looking at Hungry Arctic Beetles
100 Stegosaurus Males and Females Had Different Shaped Plates; Finding Could Provide Insight into Ancient Dino Behavior
101 International Space Station One-Year Mission: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Kicks off Geography Trivia Game on Twitter (SEE IT, PLAY IT)
102 Alien Life on Tau Ceti? If You're a 'Star Trek' Fan, You Might Be Disappointed
103 Human Embryo Genome Cut-and-Paste Technique CRISPR: 'Designer Babies' Only a Decade Away? (INCLUDES VIDEO)
104 Most Precise Atomic Clock Won't Gain or Lose a Second in 15 Billion Years
105 N/A
106 Amazon Rainforest Deforestation: 10 Percent Caused by Human Activity, Study Finds
107 Obama: Climate Change Presents 'One of the Greatest Economic Opportunities of the Century'
108 Roman-Era Grave Discovered in U.K. by Amateur Treasure Hunter
109 Doctors Testing Balloon Designed to Help Obese People Lose Weight
110 Dog Chasing Tail: Scientists Study Strange Canine Phenomenon