File Title
1 Iowa State, Ames Lab scientists describe protein pumps that allow bacteria to resist drugs
2 Happily ever after: Scientists arrange protein-nanoparticle marriage
3 Down to 3 wolves on Isle Royale
4 As US assumes Arctic Council chairmanship, new report emphasizes cooperation over conflict
5 Parent satisfaction with clinical trial on treating aggressive behavioral disorders
6 Use of radiotherapy after prostate cancer surgery declining, despite evidence of benefit
7 Long non-coding RNA modulates colorectal cancer metabolism
8 Carnegie Mellon, Disney researchers develop acoustically driven controls for smartphones
9 Drugs that activate brain stem cells may reverse multiple sclerosis
10 A somber anniversary: 100 years of chemical weapons (video)
11 Ocean currents impact methane consumption
12 Adjuvant Ipilimumab effects survival after high risk lymph node and melanoma resection
13 Higher-than-expected pediatric cancer rates identified in 2 Florida areas
14 New research gives clues as to why older people get more tendon injuries
15 Big butts aren't everything to male baboons
16 Advances in molecular electronics: Lights on--molecule on
17 Is there such a thing as 'pure' autism?
18 Detecting lung cancer at an early stage
19 Technology can transfer human emotions to your palm through air, say scientists
20 Darwin, Wallace, and the overlooked third man
21 Pruning of blood vessels: Cells can fuse with themselves
22 Listen to your heart: Why your brain may give away how well you know yourself
23 Cancer gene unintentionally ends the life of cancer cells, turns off life supporting genes
24 Throwing light on how to conduct a personalized pancreas cancer clinical trial
25 New breast cancer screening analysis confirms biennial interval optimal for average risk women
26 Pulsing light may indicate supermassive black hole merger
27 A 'cingular' strategy for attack and defense
28 Childhood syndrome combining lung disease, arthritis is identified
29 Statin use in elderly would prevent disease but could carry considerable side effects
30 DNA abnormalities found in children with chronic kidney disease
31 Most Americans say medical marijuana shouldn't be used by kids or in front of kids
32 Researchers produce first atlas of airborne microbes across United States
33 Genetic road map may bring about better cotton crops
34 Immune therapy tested in study of women with triple-negative breast cancer
35 Deep national history of immigration predicts wide cultural comfort displaying emotion
36 Guideline authored by University of Maryland neurologist advises when to treat a first seizure
37 Drugs stimulate body's own stem cells to replace brain cells lost in multiple sclerosis
38 Two different carotid artery stenting procedures show little difference in effectiveness
39 Is the amyloid hypothesis the right path to find a treatment for Alzheimer's disease?
40 New pathway reveals how immune system is regulated; gives hope for chronic diseases
41 Global pandemic of fake medicines poses urgent risk, scientists say
42 Study compares outcomes of 2 devices used in carotid artery stenting
43 New study suggests ways to avoid catching diseases from pets
44 UK doctors unlikely to be able to repay student loans
45 Dutch doctors withhold/withdraw treatment in many elderly patients
46 Oldest fossils controversy resolved
47 Disney Research creates method enabling dialogue replacement for automated video redubbing
48 New guideline on how to treat the 1 in 10 who experience a first seizure
49 Pancreatic cancer breakthrough: Scientists turn cancer cells into normal cells
50 NFCR-supported scientists discover key factor in brain cancer resistance
51 Reduction in opioid prescribing, overdoses associated with pharma industry changes
52 Middle-aged congenital heart disease survivors may need special care
53 South-Asian women more likely to be diagnosed with later stage breast cancer: Study
54 Falsified medicines taint global supply
55 Pancreatic cancer loses viral defenses when talking with supporting cells
56 Cancer-inflammation 'vicious cycle' detailed in new study
57 Obesity intervention program results in some improvement of kids' BMI
58 Two tested approaches to treating childhood obesity appear effective
59 Rates of opioid dispensing, overdose drop following market changes
60 Don't judge a book--or a plant--by its cover!
61 Imaging immunity
62 Study re-examines sports restrictions for children with heart rhythm disorder
63 Fake malaria drugs not as common as previously reported
64 New drug combination shows promise for breaking breast cancer resistance
65 Cancer drug shows promise as cure for hepatitis B
66 Astronomers probe inner region of young star and its planets
67 Oral milk thistle extract stops colorectal cancer stem cells from growing tumors
68 Genres in writing: A new path to English language learning
69 Cancer diagnosis leads to higher quit rates among smokers
70 Statins show promise as a prevention tool for adults 75 and older, OSU study shows
71 Electron transfer challenges a common fluorescence technique
72 Telling the time by color
73 Overnight fasting may reduce breast cancer risk in women
74 Reducing global tobacco use
75 Household pets can transmit infections to people
76 Tumor genome sequencing shows the most frequently altered gene in bladder cancer: Telomerase reverse transcriptase
77 Dietary supplements shown to increase cancer risk
78 ACP: Ban flavoring and advertising for e-cigarettes; more news
79 New quality improvement system significantly reduces CT misadministration
80 Ultrasound/MRI fusion biopsy detects more sonographically occult prostate cancers
81 Thin-cut coronary calcium quantification: Advantages compared with standard 3 mm slices
82 Vampire squid discovery shows how little we know of the deep sea
83 Dual-energy CT imaging improves pancreatic cancer assessment
84 Computational fluid dynamics in coronary plaques predict coronary artery disease
85 Advanced techniques improve success rate of IVC filter removal to more than 98 percent
86 3-T MRI advancing on ultrasound for imaging fetal abnormalities
87 A common nerve protein elevated in aggressive neuroblastomas
88 Early child care experiences play role in kids' future
89 Caltech researchers create 'comb' that detects terahertz waves with extreme precision
90 'Holey' graphene for energy storage
91 First case of rabies in over a decade: Lessons for health-care personnel
92 New perspectives on how ecological communities are assembled
93 UAlberta research reveals new possibilities for islet and stem cell transplantation
94 NREL releases report describing guidelines for PV manufacturer quality assurance
95 Parkinson's patient experiences symptom relief with new medication
96 UT Dallas study details how competitors should invest in capacity of supplier
97 Protein identified that serves as a 'brake' on inflammation
98 Failing to provide for kids leads to aggression and delinquency, according to new study
99 Mayo Clinic researchers identify methylated DNA markers--noninvasive cancer screen
100 Engineered softwood could transform pulp, paper and biofuel industries
101 New super-fast MRI technique demonstrated with song 'If I Only Had a Brain'
102 Calculating how the Pacific was settled
103 New tabletop detector 'sees' single electrons
104 Myth of tolerant dogs and aggressive wolves refuted
105 Certain interactive tools click with web users
106 Childhood cancer survivors more likely to claim social security support as adults
107 Scientists identify brain circuitry responsible for anxiety in smoking cessation
108 Likely cause of 2013-14 earthquakes: Combination of gas field fluid injection and removal
109 Surprising contributor to Rett syndrome identified
110 Sweet potato naturally 'genetically modified'