File Title
1 For men, online generosity is a competition
2 Cancer-related PTS linked to very limited cognitive impairment among newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
3 Discovery of gene that determines cocoa butter melting point to have far-reaching effects
4 LGBT-competent physicians are scarce at US academic medical practices, UCLA study finds
5 Kids with ADHD must squirm to learn, study says
6 Researchers make key malarial drug-resistence finding
7 New Notre Dame paper opens the door to the study of a new class of materials
8 Studying how species evolve
9 Artificial blood vessel lets researchers better assess clot removal devices
10 Tel Aviv University says violent anti-Semitic attacks spiked in 2014
11 Journal tackles aging policy issues raised by White House
12 Mount Sinai scientists find unprecedented microbial diversity in isolated Amazonian tribe
13 Key to better sex ed: Focus on gender & power
14 New lab technique reveals structure and function of proteins critical in DNA repair
15 Mouth, as well as gut, could hold key to liver disease flare-ups
16 Study shows 2 drugs reduce teacher-rated anxiety, in addition to ADHD, aggression
17 New genetic mutation could signal start of malaria drug resistance in Africa
18 SLU research finds text messages a good way to support mothers with postpartum depression
19 Study links brain anatomy, academic achievement, and family income
20 Beyond the lithium ion--a significant step toward a better performing battery
21 NYU researchers find diabetes perceptions vary according to risk factors
22 Invasive parasitic fly on Galapagos Islands probably came from mainland Ecuador
23 Droperidol is safe for agitated ER patients, despite black box warning
24 Fruit fly studies shed light on adaptability of nerve cells
25 New research finds smoking and mother's genetics combine to increase likelihood of twins
26 Cancer and chemobrain: Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive function
27 Optical resonance-based biosensors designed for medical applications
28 Stomach ulcers in cattle
29 Telling the time of day by color
30 Cognitive problems are common after cardiac arrest
31 A blueprint for clearing the skies of space debris
32 Evolution puts checks on virgin births
33 Disney researchers use passive UHF RFID tags to detect how people interact with objects
34 Disney researchers show soft sides with layered fabric 3-D printer
35 Should they stay or go? Study finds no harm when hospitals allow familes to observe CPR
36 NEJM editorial: New studies about endovascular therapy for stroke represent paradigm shift
37 Effectiveness of new stroke treatment confirmed
38 Trial co-led by Pitt expert shows better function after stroke if clots removed
39 A game-changer for stroke treatment
40 Young women objectify themselves more browsing Facebook and magazines than media types
41 Bacterial flora of remote tribespeople carries antibiotic resistance genes
42 One in 4 advanced lung cancer patients started on firstline treatment before EGFR test results available
43 How to maximize the superconducting critical temperature in a molecular superconductor
44 New research shows how to tackle obesity
45 Smokers underestimate risks of a few cigarettes
46 DNA blood test detects lung cancer mutations
47 Evidence grows that melanoma drugs benefit some lung cancer patients
48 Devices or divisive: Mobile technology in the classroom
49 Protecting students from homophobic bullying
50 Forming school networks to educate 'the new mainstream'
51 Unprecedented microbial diversity reported in remote Amazonian tribe
52 Self-affirmations may calm jitters and boost performance, research finds
53 Potential migraine therapy to be presented April 22 by Achelios Therapeutics
54 NYU study evaluates the influence of college experiences on career outcomes
55 College rankings go under the microscope
56 A call to US educators: Learn from Canada
57 Yale-NUS, NUS and UT Austin researchers establish theoretical framework for graphene physics
58 New subsets of lung cancer with KRAS gene mutations identified
59 Seeking new targets for ovarian cancer treatment
60 Penn Medicine: Immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab shows promise for mesothelioma patients
61 Broccoli sprout extract promising for head and neck cancer prevention
62 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Leading doctors warn that sepsis deaths will not be curbed without radical rethink of research strategy
63 New combo of immunotherapy drugs is safe, shrinks tumors in metastatic melanoma patients
64 For many US teachers, the classroom is a lonely place
65 Literacy app improves school readiness in at-risk preschoolers
66 Gene signatures predict doxorubicin response in K9 osteosarcoma
67 Driver of non-small cell lung cancer, FGFR1, also in 23 percent of small cell lung cancer
68 Animal study shows why long-time consumption of soyfoods reduces breast cancer recurrence
69 Getting foster youth through college will take structured support, study concludes
70 Schools must track academic progress of homeless students, researchers argue
71 NASA's ATLAS thermal testing: You're hot, then you're cold
72 Study shows new technology may improve management of leading causes of blindness
73 A bad buzz: Men with HIV need fewer drinks to feel effects
74 Living life in the third person
75 Better battery imaging paves way for renewable energy future
76 Notre Dame researchers detecting low quality antimalarial drugs with a lab-on-paper
77 New guidelines inform clinicians how to treat a first seizure
78 New signaling pathway discovered in HER2-positive breast cancer, and 2 powerful drug targets
79 MD Anderson study points to potential new lung cancer therapy
80 New study unravels why common blood pressure medicine can fail
81 Two recent Notre Dame papers shed light on how breast cancer cells avoid death
82 Necessity at the roots of innovation: The scramble for nutrients intensifies as soils age
83 In utero exposure to extreme morning sickness may cause developmental deficits in children
84 Atrial fibrillation recurrence lower with sleep apnea treatment
85 Study sheds new light on a crucial enzyme for the immune response
86 Providing universal donor plasma to massively bleeding trauma patients is feasible and can save lives
87 PTSD common in ICU survivors
88 Interventions developed at Johns Hopkins reduce bloodstream infections in Abu Dhabi
89 Addressing the needs of young women with disorders of sex development
90 Vitamin D deficiency common in patients with lung disease
91 What's the life expectancy of patients when they begin treatment for osteoporosis?
92 Study: Soil nutrients may limit ability of plants to slow climate change
93 Smoking may affect some women's likelihood of giving birth to twins
94 Research highlights the importance of 'self-DNA' for maintaining diversity among species
95 Extending natalizumab up to 8 weeks shown safe and effective in patients with MS
96 Expert offers advice on how to 'pitch' a good research idea
97 Darwin convinced the world, but was he the first to describe evolution?
98 Decreasing biodiversity affects productivity of remaining plants
99 Dartmouth-led black hole hunters tackle a cosmic conundrum
100 Changes in cancer epigenome implicated in chemotherapy resistance and lymphoma relapse
101 Let it snow
102 Breast tumor stiffness and metastasis risk linked by molecule's movement
103 OSU innovation boosts Wi-Fi bandwidth tenfold
104 Chemists create modular system for placing proteins on membranes
105 A better grasp of primate grip
106 Study shows early environment has a lasting impact on stress response systems
107 Clemson, international team crack genetic code of Upland cotton
108 Uranium isotopes carry the fingerprint of ancient bacterial activity
109 MD Anderson study seeks earlier ovarian cancer detection
110 Decreased red blood cell clearance predicts development and worsening of serious diseases