File Title
1 'Home-brew' morphine from brewer's yeast now possible: study
2 Why do men exist? Scientific study offers an explanation
3 U.S. science leaders to tackle ethics of gene-editing technology
4 How to build the universe from Lego, over a pint of beer
5 Eye-tracking tech makes virtual reality hands-free
6 Bullied kids have higher risk of adult obesity and heart disease
7 Amputees control bionic legs with their thoughts
8 U.S. Air Force mini shuttle back in orbit for secret mission
9 Human ancestors made stone tools earlier than previously known
10 Washington state finds first dinosaur fossil, T. rex relative bone
11 'Top 10' new species includes cartwheeling spider, 'chicken from hell'
12 Bowwow wow! Dog domestication much older than previously known
13 Bluebird's gene therapy continues to show promise in early study
14 Mind-controlled prosthetic limbs allow precise, smooth movement
15 Lockheed-Boeing rocket venture needs commercial orders to survive
16 Scientists want you to know plankton is not just whale food
17 SpaceX capsule splashes down in Pacific with space station cargo
18 Spring-Loaded Jaws Help Ants Escape from Death Pits
19 Where Is the Safest Place to Sit on a Train?
20 Lingering Depression May Double Stroke Risk
21 Antarctica's Swirling Currents Revealed in Stunning Image
22 Weekend Drug Use Tends to Become Daily
23 Reference: Albuterol: Dosage & Side Effects
24 Reference: What is Darwin's Theory of Evolution?
25 Reference: What is the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics?
26 Reference: Eggs: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
27 How Do You Learn the Sex Secrets of Birds? Send in the Fembot
28 Brain Training Exercise Gives Athletes 'Super Vision'
29 Death in Your State: Map Shows 'Most Distinctive' Causes
30 Cinnamon Supplements May Be Risky for People Taking Statins
31 Illuminating Tweets: Northern Lights Tracked via Twitter
32 Self-Driving Cars: 5 Problems that Need Solutions
33 First Warm-Blooded Fish Found
34 A Hidden Summer Hazard: Norovirus Threatens Swimmers
35 Science of 'the Dress': Why We Confuse White & Gold with Blue & Black
36 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise Helps Men Live Longer
37 Reference: Tonsil Stones: Causes, Removal & Prevention
38 'Gluten-Free' Probiotics Often Contain Gluten
39 Take a Planetary Vacation at Museum's 'Future of Travel' Exhibit
40 Braggers Gonna Brag, but It Usually Backfires
41 Octopus-Inspired Robotic Arms Can Multitask During Surgery
42 Antarctic Ice Shelf in Last Throes of Collapse
43 Massive 7-Foot-Long Eel Caught in UK Almost Breaks Record
44 Amtrak Derailment: How Technology Is Aiding Crash Investigation
45 Starbucks' New 'Mini' Frappuccino: Here's What Nutrition Experts Think
46 Cloudy with a Chance of Arachnids? 'Spider Rain' Explained
47 Cancer May Leave Early Warning Signs in Cheek Cells
48 Amazing Waves Discovered in Deep-Ocean Trench
49 Vikings Traded First (Then Plundered), Study Suggests
50 Animal Sex: How Sloths Do It
51 Children with Asthma May Have Peanut Allergies
52 Why Parents Shouldn't Ignore Their Kids' Behavioral Issues
53 Kitty Kickstarter: See the Microbes that Live in Your Cat
54 Aliens Will Be Bear-Size, According to Math
55 Concussions Linked to Brain Changes in Former NFL Players
56 Pocket-Size Drone Can Fold Up like Origami
57 Viruses Could Help Fight Deadly Superbugs
58 Climate Change May Put Power Grid at Risk in the West
59 Doctors' Group Offers Screening Advice for 5 Cancers
60 E-Cigs May Not Help People to Stop Smoking for Good
61 Reference: Sleep Paralysis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
62 Reference: Body Changes During Pregnancy
63 Making Liquid Metals Flow like Honey
64 Reference: Egg Whites: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
65 Reference: What Is the First Law of Thermodynamics?
66 Tiny 'Crystal Cushion' Drives Earthquakes
67 How an Artificial Intelligence Learned to 'Bluff' at Poker
68 Exercise Fuels Mental 'Time Travel'
69 'Healthy Brain, Happy Life' (US, 2015): Book Excerpt
70 Panda Poop Reveals They're Bad at Digesting Bamboo
71 Atheists Inspire Thoughts of Death in Many Americans
72 1 in 3 Adults Have Potentially Dangerous Medical Condition
73 Secondhand Pot Smoke Can Make You Fail a Drug Test
74 Dino-Chicken Gets One Step Closer
75 'Crazy Craters' Found in Swiss Lake
76 Statins May Lower Stroke Risk in Seniors
77 Where Were You When the Mountain Blew?
78 Reference: Oil Pulling: Benefits & Side Effects
79 Ancient Mourners May Have Left Flowers on 'Red Lady Grave'
80 Eating Disorders Are Deadly, but Who's to Blame? (Op-Ed)
81 Protect Your Teen from HPV, Prevent Deadly Cancers (Op-Ed)
82 Greased Lightning! NASA Drone Advances Unmanned Craft
83 Vaginal Delivery After C-Section Often Safe
84 Snake Ancestor Had Ankles and Toes
85 Many Female College Freshmen Report Sexual Assault, Rape
86 World's Oldest Stone Tools Predate Humans
87 Huge Dinosaur Thighbone Found on Washington Beach
88 US Air Force Launches X-37B Space Plane on 4th Mystery Mission
89 Depression Linked with Parkinson's Disease Risk
90 Hormones for Transgender Transition Can Cause Severe Acne
91 The Hidden Risks in Nail Polish
92 Remains of Bronze-Age Cultic Priestess Hold Surprise
93 Cartwheeling Spider, Corpse-Hoarding Wasp Among Bizarre New Species
94 Best Pedometers 2015--Devices for Fitness Motivation
95 Ancient Wolf DNA Could Solve Dog Origin Mystery
96 425-Million-Year-Old 'Tongue Worm' Fossilized Mid-Invasion
97 'Thunder God' Plant Could Help with Weight Loss
98 Underwater Breath-Holding Games Can Be Deadly
99 Best Beach of 2015 Is Off the Beaten Path
100 Sudden and Rapid Ice Loss Discovered in Antarctica
101 Bionic Arm Taps New Part of Brain for Natural Moves
102 Crazy Carnival of Dr. Seuss Creatures Hidden in the Oceans
103 El Nino Brings Wet Summer to Plains; Western Drought Continues
104 Retracted Study: Short Talk Can Change People's Views on Marriage of Same-Sex Couples
105 Testosterone Rules for Women Athletes Are Unfair, Researchers Argue
106 Reference: What Are Logarithms?
107 Reference: What is the Second Law of Thermodynamics?
108 Reference: What is the Third Law of Thermodynamics?
109 Jetpacks! Robots! 'Tomorrowland's' Awesome Vision of the Future
110 Ultra-Fast 'Hyperloop' Train Gets Test Track in California
111 Many Americans Support Equal Rights for Animals
112 Squid 'Sees' with Its Skin (No Eyes Needed)
113 Severe Infections Linked to Lower iQs
114 Record-Breaking Energy Unleashed in Largest Atom Smasher
115 Smoked Mummy Helps Villagers Connect with 'Ghost World'
116 How Does Salmonella Get into Sushi?
117 Amazing Animal Surgeries
118 Memorial Day Meals: Expert Tips for Packing a Healthy Picnic
119 2,000-Year-Old Water Supply System Uncovered in Jerusalem
120 Plastic Does Decay, Creating a Crisis for 20th-Century Art
121 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
122 Sudden Infant Deaths Linked to Elevation
123 Vegan Diet Eases Nerve Pain of Diabetes