File Title
1 Messenger RNA-associated protein drives multiple paths in T-cell development
2 Electronic cigarettes are not a 'safe alternative' for young people
3 What happens when multiple sclerosis patients stop taking their medication?
4 Cannabis consumers show greater susceptibility to false memories
5 Global warming progressing at moderate rate, empirical data suggest
6 Sex matters...even for liver cells
7 UT Austin researchers inform development of Ebola vaccine trials
8 Rafts on the cell membrane
9 BMC develops protocol for preserving forensic evidence after a terrorist attack
10 Silk sponges that can help the body heal (video)
11 When genes are expressed in reverse: Discovered a regulatory mechanism of antisense DNA
12 Online discussion forums good for well-being, study shows
13 Regular consumption of yogurt does not improve health
14 'Call the Midwife' actor Stephen McGann describes authenticity in medical TV drama
15 More detailed findings confirm that coffee protects against breast cancer recurrence
16 Hurdles to US climate change action are in economics and politics, not divided science
17 Zip me up!
18 Why some neurons 'outsource' their cell body
19 Caring for blindness: A new protein in sight?
20 Fishing impacts on the Great Barrier Reef
21 Amazon rainforest losses impact on climate change, study shows
22 Type 2 diabetes: Understanding regulation of sugar levels for better treatment
23 Ability to identify 'killer' bees a boon to the honeybee industry
24 Phytoplankton, reducing greenhouse gases or amplifying Arctic warming?
25 Children at risk for type 1 diabetes show immune response when given oral insulin
26 Traffic emissions may pollute 1 in 3 Canadian homes
27 How to approach your boss about a treadmill desk
28 Extending climate predictability beyond El Nino
29 Incidence of serious diabetes complication increases in Colorado youth
30 Proteins for anxiety in humans and moulting in insects have common origin
31 Type 1 diabetes: First hurdle taken on the way to an insulin vaccine
32 Getting better all the time: JILA strontium atomic clock sets new records
33 The Lancet Psychiatry: Death rate from alcohol and drug misuse in former prisoners alarmingly high
34 Cost-efficiency of plug-in hybrids calculated a thousand times faster
35 New gene therapy success in a rare disease of the immune system
36 Trial shows benefit of 'BRCA-targeting' drug in prostate cancer
37 Stanford team makes biotechnology interactive with games and remote-control labs
38 Immune cells support good gut bacteria in fight against harmful bacteria
39 One in 3 young adults with autism disconnected from work and school
40 Breathless: How blood-oxygen levels regulate air intake
41 Whiteboards of the future: New electronic paper could make inexpensive electronic displays
42 Have we achieved the millennium development goals?
43 Concerns over UK government plan to increase participation in school rugby
44 Link between serotonin and depression is a myth, says top psychiatrist
45 Depression raises risk of poor outcomes for blacks with heart failure
46 High-level commission focuses on law's power to significantly improve world's health
47 Parent training can reduce serious behavioral problems in young children with autism
48 Printing silicon on paper, with lasers
49 Study shows feasibility of using gene therapy to treat rare immunodeficiency syndrome
50 Incidence of serious diabetes complication may be increasing among youth in US
51 Oral insulin shows potential for preventing type 1 diabetes in high-risk children
52 Parent training program helps reduce disruptive behavior of children with autism
53 Immune system protein regulates sensitivity to bitter taste
54 No association found between MMR vaccine and autism, even among children at higher risk
55 New research points to elderly as growing contributor to tuberculosis in China
56 Patients grapple with high cost of arthritis medications
57 Parent training significantly reduces disruptive behavior in children with autism
58 Labels on the front of food packaging can enable healthier choices, new research finds
59 Babies feel pain 'like adults'
60 Immune cells help 'good bacteria' triumph over 'bad bacteria' in the gut
61 A sex difference in competitiveness even among the fastest runners
62 Genetic variance explains poor response to common asthma medications
63 Maternal stress increases development of fetal neuroblastoma in animal model
64 Finding liver cancer early and reversing its course
65 More than 85 percent of surgeons disregard USPSTF breast screening recommendation
66 Nanotech-enabled moisturizer speeds healing of diabetic skin wounds
67 Children with ADHD at risk for binge eating, study shows
68 Study illuminates role of cancer drug decitabine in repairing damaged cells
69 Stem cells that prevent birth defect also repair facial injury
70 Researchers discover never-before-seen tick-borne disease
71 Flameproof falcons and hawks
72 Notre Dame paper examines the clinical potential of microvesicles
73 Study shows how breast milk protects against severe intestinal disease in preemies
74 Birds show surprising resilience in the face of natural stresses
75 Backyard birds enhance life in urban neighborhoods
76 Better social media techniques increase fan interest, engagement
77 Sugary drinks boost risk factors for heart disease, study shows
78 Nondestructive 3-D imaging of biological cells with sound
79 New class of 3-D-printed aerogels improve energy storage
80 DNA of bacteria crucial to ecosystem defies explanation
81 Tau Ceti: The next Earth? Probably not
82 Computer-assisted diagnosis tool helps physicians assess skin conditions
83 Montreal discovery could impact the study of chronic pain conditions
84 Toxic mushroom-based drug may help battle colorectal cancer
85 Phonons, arise!
86 From metal to insulator and back again
87 Study: This is your teen's brain behind the wheel
88 UNH researchers discover new method to detect most common bacteria contaminating oysters
89 Vehicle cost, lack of consumer information hinder purchases of plug-in electric vehicles
90 Missing genetic link found in a challenging immune disease
91 How foreign animals affect Newfoundland's food chain
92 Protein Adseverin identified as key factor driving bone loss in osteoinflammatory disease
93 Autism and prodigy share a common genetic link
94 Quit smoking at age 60: Lower risk for heart attack and stroke within the first five years
95 Personalizing bipolar disorder treatment
96 Quantum 'paparazzi' film photons in the act of pairing up
97 Drexel materials scientists putting a new spin on computing memory
98 New genetic test will improve biosecurity of honey bees around the globe
99 High mountains warming faster than expected
100 Backache--a matter of mechanics
101 Desert plant could bolster world's supply of natural rubber
102 Cloud security reaches silicon
103 Flame retardants could contribute to hyperthyroidism in older cats
104 Decoding the cell's genetic filing system
105 Soy: It's good for eating, baking--and cleaning up crude oil spills
106 Nanoparticle drug reverses Parkinson's-like symptoms in rats
107 Researchers discover new drugs to combat the root cause of multiple sclerosis
108 Study examines long-term adverse health effects of Ebola survivors
109 Cirrhosis deaths drop 41 percent from 2002 to 2012
110 Unique field study shows that pesticide harms wild bees