File Title
1 Reducing school bus pollution improves children's health
2 Hundreds of cancer possibilities arise from common skin mole mutation
3 Are our fisheries laws working? Just ask about gag grouper
4 How oil damages fish hearts: Five years of research since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
5 A focus on flight
6 Thawing permafrost feeds climate change
7 World Happiness Report ranks Canada fifth happiest country in the world
8 New gel medication breakthrough delays release of drug to benefit the patient
9 Revolutionary discovery leads to invention of new 'building blocks'
10 Bold crickets have a shorter life
11 Crime scene discovery--separating the DNA of identical twins
12 Human tape worm drug shows promise against MRSA in lab
13 Better beer chemistry: It's all about the yeast (video)
14 Improving accuracy in genome editing
15 Celestial fireworks celebrate Hubble's 25th anniversary
16 Demanding jobs may extend survival in some with young-onset dementia
17 The creation of Shangri-La
18 Novel mechanism for Crohn's disease uncovered
19 When is a child too sick for daycare? Study explores parents' decision-making
20 The ISSCR has responded to the publication of gene editing research in human embryos
21 How experience may lead to misperception
22 Cures and curcumin--turmeric offers potential therapy for oral cancers
23 Ultra-sensitive sensor detects individual electrons
24 RegMedNet shines light on use of stem cells as a potential Huntington's disease treatment
25 Mechanical cloaks of invisibility--without complicated mathematics
26 Shetland pony midge study offers clues to curbing allergies
27 Pseudoparticles travel through photoactive material
28 Fast and accurate 3-D imaging technique to track optically trapped particles
29 Fat signals control energy levels in the brain
30 Extra sleep fixes memory problems in flies with Alzheimer's-like condition
31 Mountains warming faster, CU-Boulder, other scientists report
32 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: 3.5 million extra untreated cases of malaria
33 The Lancet: Scientists announce final trial results of the world's most advanced malaria vaccine
34 Baclofen shows promise in patients with alcohol-induced liver disease
35 Alginate-enriched bread shown to reduce fat digestion and absorption in patients with NAFLD
36 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease shown to affect the development of coronary artery calcification
37 Hepatitis C infection linked to increased risk of heart disease
38 Long-term therapy with ETV or TDF demonstrates positive 5-year survival in patients with chronic HBV
39 Rare mutation causes vitamin A deficiency and eye deformities
40 Chili peppers hold promise of preventing liver damage and progression
41 New device shows potential to enhance the viability of donor livers
42 Weight loss is associated with improvements in histological features of NASH
43 Novel immunotherapeutic, TG1050, shows early signs of potential for chronic hepatitis B cure
44 All-oral, DAA options for HCV effective and well tolerated in patients with decompensated cirrhosis
45 Delaying treatment for hepatitis C puts patients' lives at risk
46 Global expansion of hepatitis vaccination needed to progress hepatitis B elimination
47 Many European countries ill-prepared to prevent and control the spread of viral hepatitis
48 All-oral, direct-acting antivirals show promise for hep C and HIV co-infected, cirrhotic patients
49 Preliminary results show Civacir prevents recurrence of hepatitis C in liver transplants
50 Herbal remedy derived from milk thistle demonstrates efficacy in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
51 Pooled analysis confirms vitamin E as a treatment for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
52 New survey shows that half of people with hepatitis suffer from discrimination
53 Heavy drinking and binge drinking rise sharply in US counties
54 Investigational anti-diabetic may offer potential for management of non-alcoholic fatty liver
55 Genomic analyses point to the potential of personalised care for liver cancer patients
56 Combination therapy offers new hope for difficult-to-treat patients with chronic hepatitis C
57 Diabetes drug shows promise in the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
58 Daclatasvir-sofosbuvir combination highly effective and well tolerated in patients with hepatitis C
59 Oophorectomy associated with decrease in breast cancer death in women with cancer, BRCA1 mutation
60 Alternative providers of GP services perform worse than traditional practices
61 Link between proteins points to possibilities for future Alzheimer's treatments
62 Fat finding
63 Scientists create the sensation of invisibility
64 Is a small artificially composed virus fragment the key to a Chikungunya vaccine?
65 Finding new life for first-line antibiotics
66 Major pathway identified in nerve cell death offers hope for therapies
67 Expert panels successfully rate medical research proposals
68 Evolution of stem cells traced in study of fossilized rodent teeth
69 Rising antibiotic shortages raise concerns about patient care
70 Long-term exposure to air pollution may pose risk to brain structure, cognitive functions
71 X-ray study may aid in designing better blood pressure drugs
72 Blacks may not receive same health benefits from moderate alcohol drinking as whites
73 Eligible for breast conserving therapy, many still choose mastectomy
74 California residents face high levels of discrimination due to psychological stress, study finds
75 Study: Photosynthesis has unique isotopic signature
76 Dartmouth researchers find possible universal code of protein structure
77 Reducing big data using ideas from quantum theory makes it easier to interpret
78 BPA risk to newborns may be smaller than previously believed
79 Scientists use nanoscale building blocks and DNA 'glue' to shape 3-D superlattices
80 Mortality risks of cigar smoking similar to that of cigarette smoking
81 Bumblebee genomes give insights into threats to pollinators
82 Heat still on despite warming slowdown
83 Scientists pinpoint brain-swelling mechanism
84 How does the brain keep track of time?
85 Long-term exposure to air pollution may harm your brain
86 Connecting places causes mental maps to merge
87 Cell fusion 'eats up' the 'attractive cell' in flowering plants
88 Rare mutation causes vitamin A deficiency and eye deformities
89 Gene-editing technique offers hope for hereditary diseases
90 Fragile X syndrome: Building a case for an alternative treatment strategy
91 Scientists see deeper Yellowstone magma
92 Small victims of galactic threesomes can run away
93 Whooping cough: A small drop in vaccine protection can lead to a case upsurge
94 What does the public think about paying people to donate their organs?
95 Borderline personality disorder as debilitating as bipolar disorder
96 Brain tumor growth stimulated by nerve activity in the cortex, Stanford study finds
97 In search of tinnitus, that phantom ringing in the ears
98 Looking to fossils to predict tooth evolution in rodents
99 Woolly mammoth genomes offer insight into their history and extinction
100 Genome editing in mitochondria prevents inheritance of diseases
101 Major depression leaves a metabolic mark
102 The Achilles' heel of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
103 Study describes brain circuitry for selecting among sensations
104 Novel regulator inhibits toxic protein aggregates in Huntington's disease
105 Reporting Agatston scores with chest CT leads to cardiovascular risk reclassification
106 Enhancing earthquake early warning in the Pacific Northwest
107 Catalina Island's slow sink--and potential tsunami hazard
108 The 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake--felt from space
109 Can sound help us detect 'earthquakes' on Venus?
110 Mental disorders don't predict future violence