File Title
1 Robot masters new skills through trial and error
2 Lowly 'new girl' chimps form stronger female bonds
3 Savannahs slow climate change, experts say
4 Partly human yeast show a common ancestor's lasting legacy
5 Modern alchemy: Chemists devise synthesis of valuable exotic compounds
6 New insights into global ocean microbe-virus interactions, drivers of Earth's ecosystems
7 Sudden onset of ice loss in Antarctica so large it affects Earth's gravity field
8 Intuitive control of robotic arm using thoughts alone
9 Most luminous galaxy in universe discovered
10 One-of-a-kind star discovered, nicknamed 'Nasty'
11 Faster heart rate linked to diabetes risk
12 Subconscious learning shapes pain responses
13 New mechanism for Alzheimer's disease confirmed
14 Microfluidic cell-squeezing device opens new possibilities for cell-based vaccines
15 Mood instability common to mental health disorders, associated with poor outcomes
16 Smoking, drug abuse could more than triple annual ER visits
17 Obese teens' brains unusually susceptible to food commercials, study finds
18 New chemical technology boosts potency of targeted cancer therapy
19 Epstein-Barr virus co-infection may boost malaria mortality in childhood
20 Can a viral co-infection impair immunity against Plasmodium and turn malaria lethal?
21 Anticipating temptation may reduce unethical behavior, research finds
22 Depressed people may have difficulty following emotional speech
23 Mental 'map' and 'compass' are two separate systems, researchers say
24 Proteins may slow memory loss in people with Alzheimer's
25 Experts map surgical approaches for auditory brainstem implantation
26 Cholesterol drugs associated with 30 percent lower stroke risk in healthy older adults
27 Memories influence choice of food
28 Workplace intervention improves sleep of employees' children
29 Fine particulate air pollution linked to risk of childhood autism
30 California suicide prevention program demonstrates promise, studies find
31 Why you need one vaccine for measles and many for the flu
32 Pliability, elasticity of skin increase following wrinkle treatment with Botox
33 Snacking on protein can improve appetite control, diet quality in teens
34 Injury rates from wearing high-heeled shoes have doubled
35 Hiding your true colors may make you feel morally tainted
36 Development of face perception earlier in Japanese children than Western children
37 Personality does matter, researchers say
38 Endocrine disrupting chemicals in baby teethers
39 Study questions beneficial effects of a Nordic diet on cardiovascular events
40 Drinking chamomile decreases risk of death in older Mexican American women
41 Protein seen 'quaking' after chemical bond breaks
42 Precision nanobatteries by the billions
43 Imaging technique identifies early metastasis in lymph nodes
44 Biomedical sensors for disease detection made simple
45 Cutting e-waste: Device will self-destruct when heated
46 Flexible electronics harvest energy from natural motions of human body
47 Shape-shifting plastic developed
48 Safe long-term storage of large amounts of carbon dioxide in saline aquifers?
49 Designing microwave devices from scratch using computer simulations
50 Shining light on the fleeting interactions of single molecules
51 Is there life out there? Distant moons may provide the answer
52 Galaxy's snacking habits revealed
53 Supernova ignition surprises scientists
54 Supernova collides with its companion star
55 Asteroid research benefits from Gaia satellite mission
56 Astronomy: The dreadful beauty of Medusa
57 Cubesat: Small-satellite technology to observe physical phenomena far from Earth
58 How will astronauts keep in shape for extended periods?
59 Mapping lunar landscapes in panorama
60 Maybe dark matter is not made up of heavy particles after all
61 Social structure 'helps birds avoid a collision course'
62 Simulations predict flat liquid
63 With one false tweet, computer-based hack crash led to real panic
64 Smarter algorithms ensure more secure chip cards
65 Drought-induced tree mortality accelerating in forests
66 Energy harvesting? Measuring thermoelectric behavior by 'tinkertoy' materials
67 How video gamers will be able to play in the cloud without guzzling gigabytes
68 Mobile phone bans lead to rise in student test scores
69 Amazing microdroplet structures may lead to new technologies
70 New technology could fundamentally change future wireless communications
71 Symbiosis turns messy in 13-year cicadas
72 Mosquito sex-determining gene could help fight dengue fever
73 Tara Oceans expedition yields treasure trove of plankton data
74 For pollock surveys in Alaska, things are looking up
75 New model predicts fish population response to dams, other ecological factors
76 Thunder god vine used in traditional Chinese medicine is a potential obesity treatment
77 Genetic maps help conservation managers maintain healthy bears
78 Bacteria cooperate to repair damaged siblings
79 Fossil of 425-million-year-old parasite with host discovered in England
80 Our bond with dogs may go back more than 27,000 years
81 The winners and the losers of the California water crisis
82 Signs of ancient earthquakes may raise risks for New Zealand
83 Field study shows how a GM crop can have diminishing success at fighting off insect pest
84 Rapid action necessary to protect Malaysia's sea cows and their habitat
85 Storms and microbes are behind the mystery of the wandering stones
86 Birds of the Ice Age give clues how today's birds will adapt
87 What would it take to limit climate change to 1.5íC by 2100?
88 Cold weather kills far more people than hot weather
89 Surviving harsh environments becomes a death-trap for specialist corals
90 Peat moss, a necessary bane
91 The Bronze Age Egtved Girl was not from Denmark
92 First dinosaur fossil discovered in Washington state
93 World's oldest stone tools challenge ideas about first toolmakers
94 Who left the dogs out? No trace of ancient colonizers' canines in Madagascar
95 What did the first snakes look like?
96 Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers
97 Size of domestic animals has increased over time
98 Agriculture, declining mobility drove humans' shift to lighter bones
99 'Eternal flames' of ancient times could spark interest of modern geologists
100 Unique social structure of hunter-gatherers explained
101 Study pinpoints the likeliest rodent sources of future human infectious diseases
102 New approach to curbing college drinking
103 Do you see 'the self' in your brain or your heart? Decision-making differs
104 Statistical study of first-year college rape
105 People with similar views closely mirror each other's speech patterns
106 Smokers don't vote: 11,626-person study shows marginalization of tobacco users
107 Anti-smoking commercials burn out over time
108 Treating infants of mothers with opioid dependence: Rising rates, rising costs
109 Osteoporosis screening is too common for low-risk women and too uncommon for higher-risk women
110 Extreme sports to hairstyles: Brain study explains risk-taking, fads