File Title
1 Electricity generating nano-wizards
2 Organic nanoparticles, more lethal to tumours
3 Used cigarette butts offer energy storage solution
4 Gel filled with nanosponges cleans up MRSA infections
5 Efficiency record for black silicon solar cells jumps to 22.1 percent
6 Wearables may get boost from boron-infused graphene
7 N/A
8 Holes in gold enhance molecular sensing
9 Porous, layered material can serve as a graphene analog
10 Breakthrough technology holds potential for treating brain disorders
11 Printing 3-D graphene structures for tissue engineering
12 Laser technique for low-cost self-assembly of nanostructures
13 Scientists print low cost radio frequency antenna with graphene ink
14 Nature inspires first artificial molecular pump
15 Tiny batteries made in nanopores manage ions and electrons for high power and extended life
16 New X-ray microscopy technology to 'see' both the chemical and physical aspects of materials
17 Carbon nanothreads from compressed benzene
18 Researchers find a way of tuning light waves by pairing two exotic 2-D materials
19 Researcher charts quantum signatures of electronic transport in graphene
20 Carbon nanotubes and inorganic nanoparticles enhance photosynthetic activity and stability
21 Development of gold nanoparticles that control osteogenic differentiation of stem cells
22 Simulations predict flat liquid
23 Researchers theoretically demonstrate the detection of a single nuclear spin at room temperature
24 How to make continuous rolls of graphene
25 Turn that defect upside down: Twin boundaries in lithium-ion batteries
26 New device may make converting waste heat to electricity industrially competitive
27 Particle physics discovery raises hope for a theory of everything
28 New research explores when quantum systems get critical
29 Quantum physics on tap: Nano-sized faucet offers experimental support for longstanding quantum theory
30 What happens when Newton's third law is broken?
31 Brain learning simulated via electronic replica memory
32 New options for spintronic devices: Switching magnetism between 1 and 0 with low voltage near room temperature
33 New way to cool micro-electronic devices
34 Researchers use beams of polarized light to carve intricate patterns on disks
35 Computing at the speed of light: Team takes big step toward much faster computers
36 Leidenfrost thermostat uses levitating water droplets to keep cool
37 Seashell strength inspires stress tests
38 Using electrochemistry, researchers create reconfigurable, voltage-controlled liquid metal antenna
39 Gamma ray camera may help with Fukushima decontamination
40 Amazing microdroplet structures may lead to new technologies
41 More sperm cells may be needed to overcome high mortality rate
42 Researchers first to measure thermoelectric behavior by 'tinkertoy' materials
43 New portable device could test how 'squishy' cancerous tumors are
44 Laser technology advances microchip production
45 Tiny grains of lithium dramatically improve performance of fusion plasma
46 Shedding new light on 175-year-old principle: New class of swelling magnets have the potential to energize the world
47 Physicists find ways to increase antihydrogen production
48 How supercooled water is prevented from turning into ice
49 First images of LHC collisions at 13 TeV
50 SLAC gears up for dark matter hunt with LUX-ZEPLIN
51 World's largest particle collider busts record
52 OSIRIS discovers balancing rock on 67P
53 Air Force mystery space plane poised for Wednesday launch
54 Giant spiraling molecular gas arms as cradles of dense, massive molecular cores
55 Engineering mechanical parts for space activity
56 NASA soil moisture mission begins science operations
57 The dreadful beauty of Medusa
58 Air Force launches hush-hush mini-shuttle into space
59 Supernova ignition surprises scientists
60 Signs of extensive groundwater system on Mars
61 Astronomers observe a supernova colliding with its companion star
62 Galaxy's snacking habits revealed
63 Failed launches cast shadow over Russian space program
64 NASA's CubeSaturday initiative aids in testing of technology for solar sails in space
65 SpaceX cargo ship begins journey back to Earth (Update)
66 Giant mirror presents a unique, oversize load
67 UK to host biggest ever Soviet space show outside Russia
68 Los Alamos' sky-scanning software gives insight on events of astrophysical origin
69 Impact crater or supervolcano caldera?
70 Naval Research Laboratory patents compact orbital debris sensor
71 SpaceX cargo ship returns to Earth in ocean splashdown
72 CareFirst says data breach affects about 1.1M people
73 With one false tweet, computer-based Hack Crash led to real panic
74 Hycopter stores energy in form of hydrogen, not air
75 Domestic surveillance fate unclear after lengthy Senate talk
76 Racist search term points to White House in Google Maps
77 Lenovo's annual revenue up 20% but profits miss target (Update)
78 Students learn first-hand about energy efficiency at school
79 New methods to study sound generated by wind power plants
80 How alternative currencies could catch on and cash in
81 An education for the 21st century means teaching coding in schools
82 Student helps model improved coolant flow inside the core of a nuclear reactor
83 Designing microwave devices from scratch using computer simulations
84 Researchers assess uniqueness, collectability, permanence of method for ERP biometrics
85 HP sells stake in China unit for $2.3bn
86 ICANN chief stepping down in early 2016
87 Toward noninvasive identification of objects' structural defects
88 Harvesting usable fuel from nuclear waste--and dealing with the last chemical troublemakers
89 Amazon adds one-hour store delivery in New York City
90 Engineers design car seat accessory to save children left in dangerously hot cars
91 Oculus Rift teams with researchers to produce ability to capture and display facial expressions
92 New 'deep learning' technique enables robot mastery of skills via trial and error
93 US State Dept. employee faces cyberstalking, hacking charges
94 Mission possible: This device will self-destruct when heated
95 NSA planned hack of Google app store
96 Ready for liquor bottles smart enough to talk smart phones?
97 Studying dynamics of ion channels
98 These new chemical catalysts are less expensive, more sustainable
99 New device successfully captures metastasis-associated circulating tumor cell clusters
100 Designing better medical implants
101 Scientists discover how microbes acquire electricity in making methane
102 Durable, washable and high-performance conductive textiles
103 Biomedical sensors for disease detection made simple
104 Artificial enzymes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
105 Researcher harnesses energy-efficient pulsed electric fields to preserve milk
106 Tilting of guanine crystal arrays is key to light-induced color change in the skin of the neon tetra fish
107 Scientists identify crucial step in helping to prevent Hepatitis C virus replicating
108 General principles to explain DNA brick self-assembly
109 Rubber is produced using renewable raw materials as an alternative to petroleum by-products
110 Energy-generating rubber combines flexibility and high-output