File Title
1 siRNA-toting nanoparticles inhibit breast cancer metastasis
2 Plant breeder boosts soybean diversity, develops soybean rust-resistant plant
3 Cause of regression in individuals with Down syndrome identified
4 The weakest magnetic field in the solar system
5 Rethinking the rebound: Unexpected effects of rejection
6 Survival from rare bone cancer remains low
7 Seven in 10 take early pension payout
8 Bacteria the newest tool in detecting environmental damage
9 New device provides chikungunya test results in an hour
10 Focus on the regional impact of climate change
11 French researchers develop new device to collect bed bugs
12 Nerve cells in the fast lane
13 Ants' movements hide mathematical patterns
14 Psychotic hallucinations, delusions rarely precede violence
15 Scientists unravel the mystery of the tubulin code
16 Inconsistent Medicaid expansion would widen disparities in screenings for women's cancers
17 How the presence of conservation researchers affects wildlife
18 U-M researchers take step toward bringing precision medicine to all cancer patients
19 Exogenous microRNAs in maternal food pass through placenta, regulate fetal gene expression
20 E-skin and pocket-sized diagnostic machines give patients the power back
21 Mining pollution alters fish genetics in southwest England
22 Bragging: Researchers find self-promotion often backfires
23 A helping paw for a sinking rat
24 Alcohol treatment programs prove effective in cutting reoffending, study shows
25 Significant progress made towards individualized cancer immunotherapy
26 Six times more expensive to travel by car than by bicycle: Study
27 Malaria testing yet to reach its potential
28 A gap year does not weaken study success
29 Quantum 'gruyeres' for spintronics of the future
30 Wearing red can make you appear angry and dominant
31 Gender difference in vital cell count of HIV patients
32 Aclidinium bromide/formoterol in COPD: Added benefit for certain patient groups
33 A trigger that likely unleashes autoimmune disease
34 Family genetics study reveals new clues to autism risk
35 CU Anschutz researchers create microscope allowing deep brain exploration
36 New research will help forecast bad ozone days over the western US
37 Study shows role of disease-fighting cells in HIV-related neurological damage
38 Bacteria shown to suppress their antibiotic-resistant cousins
39 Baby talk: Babies prefer listening to their own kind
40 Study finds repetitive brain injuries may accelerate aging, dementia risk
41 Challenges of developing obstetric medicines discussed in scientific opinion paper
42 No lotions needed: Many animal species produce their own sunscreen
43 Controlling swarms of robots with a finger
44 Tweaking the beak: Retracing the bird's beak to its dinosaur origins, in the laboratory
45 Baboons prefer to spend time with others of the same age, status and even personality
46 New national database of coastal flooding launched
47 Climate change attitudes are reflected on social networks
48 Can diet and exercise prevent muscle loss in old age?
49 Many fixed-dose drug combinations in India lack central regulatory approval
50 Nothing fishy about new way to produce sunscreen pill and lotion
51 Deciphering the neural code that links food to aging
52 New study shows Antarctic ice shelf is thinning from above and below
53 Seasonal immunity: Activity of thousands of genes differs from winter to summer
54 UNSW researchers discover how the brain balances hearing between our ears
55 Probing the secrets of the universe inside a metal box
56 Finding should enhance treatments that stop immune system attack
57 Study shows how E. coli thrive in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
58 Brazilian beef industry moves to reduce its destruction of rain forests
59 Campaign to reduce the harms of too much medicine comes to the UK
60 Men benefit from vaccinating girls against HPV but remain at risk of some cancers
61 Medical journals should not avoid political issues that have a bearing on health
62 Debate: Is the long term use of psychiatric drugs harmful?
63 Unraveling the mystery of a-synuclein in neurodegenerative disease and reversing its course
64 Delta Cephei's hidden companion
65 New insights into the male bias of autism
66 Public health advisories linked with reduction of codeine dispensing to postpartum women
67 Research finds differences in the brains and behavior of girls and boys with autism
68 Smoking and angioplasty: Not a good combination
69 Shifting winds: An early warning for reduced energy
70 Political talk on Facebook mirrors political talk offline
71 Many fixed-dose drug combinations in India lack central regulatory approval
72 Kissing cousins, arranged marriages and genetic diversity
73 MRI shows potential to improve breast cancer risk prediction
74 The mighty seed
75 New cancer treatment and prevention studies signal major advances for children and adults
76 Comet Wild 2: A window into the birth of the solar system?
77 Kent State researchers identify positive, negative effects of smartphone use and exercise
78 TGen study matches infant stiff-joint syndromes to possible genetic origins
79 New insight into inflammatory bowel disease may lead to better treatments
80 UM study uncovers why songbirds vary in time devoted to warming eggs
81 Tumor sequencing study highlights benefits of profiling healthy tissue as well
82 GTEx--How our fenetic code regulates gene expression
83 Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy achieves better overall survival than surgery for early lung cancer
84 Variations in liver cancer attributable to hepatitis virus variations
85 Saving critical time diagnosing stroke patients with MRI by borrowing 'lean' principles
86 Syracuse physicists aid in discovery of subatomic process
87 Additional benefits of measles vaccination revealed
88 Facebook users the main filter of content
89 No laughing matter: Some perfectionists have a dark side
90 Two Large Hadron Collider experiments first to observe rare subatomic process
91 When it comes to testosterone, more isn't always better
92 Satellite mapping reveals agricultural slowdown in Latin America: UBC study
93 Research shows how antibodies produce vaccine-like effect against tumors
94 New shortcut to solar cells
95 Researchers discover 'swing-dancing' pairs of electrons
96 When flying, taste buds prefer savory tomato
97 Infant antibiotic use linked to adult diseases
98 Protein FGL2 may have potential as therapy target for brain cancer
99 Researchers build new fermion microscope
100 National study finds lower depression, better mental health during the Great Recession
101 Cybersecurity and the artificial pancreas--what are the risks?
102 Economic burden of cancer extends into survivorship
103 New nanomaterials inspired by bird feathers play with light to create color
104 Every bite you take, every move you make, astrocytes will be watching you
105 New study on acupuncture to reduce pain and inflammation in children with acute appendicitis
106 Asthma app helps control asthma: Alerts allergists when sufferers need assistance
107 Water was plentiful in the early universe
108 Memory and the hippocampus
109 Highly competitive geographic areas have a higher annual number of liver transplants
110 Depression intensifies anger in veterans with PTSD