File Title
1 Disposable wipes are costing sewage systems millions of dollars
2 How used coffee grounds could make some food more healthful
3 Caution urged in using measures of students' 'non-cognitive' skills for teacher evaluation, school accountability, or student diagnosis
4 A SMARTer approach to stroke care
5 Potential obesity treatment targets the 2 sides of appetite: Hunger and feeling full
6 No link found between PTSD and cancer risk
7 Astrology and celebrity: Seasons really do influence personality
8 Recreational drug use on weekends often morphs into daily use, BU study finds
9 'Supercool' material glows when you write on it
10 Dartmouth study shows that playing games can shift attitudes
11 Research suggests average-sized models could sell more fashion
12 Game intelligence can be learned
13 Novel biomarkers may provide guide to personalized hepatitis C therapy
14 A bucketful of new Eugenia plant species from Madagascar
15 Which is most valuable: Gold, cocaine or rhino horn?
16 Antibody's unusual abilities might inspire vaccine strategies
17 ORNL demonstrates first large-scale graphene fabrication
18 Hazing remains a concern in college marching bands, new study shows
19 Diabetes drug may reduce heart attack risk in HIV patients
20 Study in INFORMS journal: Offline TV ads prompt online purchases by multitaskers
21 Genome-wide DNA study shows lasting impact of malnutrition in early pregnancy
22 Study implicates new gene in multiple sclerosis disease activity
23 Campaign increases mouth and throat cancer screenings among low-income rural Floridians
24 Earthquakes reveal deep secrets beneath East Asia
25 Findings reveal clues to functioning of mysterious 'mimivirus'
26 Love your Mother Earth
27 Revealing kidney cancer's secret
28 UGA research finds geckos resistant to antibiotics, may pose risk to pet owners
29 Genomics laboratory capability in Liberia supports Ebola virus outbreak response
30 CLAIRE brings electron microscopy to soft materials
31 Real and false-color images of Siberia
32 Growing interest
33 Researchers hone technique for finding signs of life on the Red Planet
34 AU's Investigative Reporting Workshop reveals extreme use of assault on officer charge in DC
35 Further assessment needed of dispersants used in response to oil spills
36 Georgia State research paves way for early detection of liver cancer
37 New trigger for volcanic eruptions discovered using jelly and lasers
38 Perspective-taking difficulties diminished when autistic and psychosis tendencies balance
39 Computerized vital signs analysis may help prevent trauma patients from bleeding to death
40 How healthcare is organized may affect how well blood pressure is controlled
41 Unemployment linked to rise in prostate cancer deaths
42 A 'graduation' from poverty
43 EARTH: Amber-encased specimen could be oldest known grass
44 Medicaid patients need support to use primary care rather than emergency rooms
45 Smoking induces early signs of cancer in cheek swabs
46 New analytics model predicts readmission of congestive heart failure patients
47 Study finds those who believe in pure evil support more harsh criminal punishments
48 New research suggests afterlife belief preserves hope when thinking about death
49 University of Houston researchers: Climate change helped to reduce ozone levels
50 Experimental immunotherapy shows high response rate in advanced lung cancer
51 New findings support University bid for bandages to enter the electronic age
52 Retirement in the suburbs
53 Contraceptive and cholesterol-lowering drugs used to treat cancer
54 Geneticists clock genetic differences between 'larks' and 'owls'
55 Recommended levels of activity rarely achieved in busy workplace environment
56 PharmaMarch announces new advances in oncology at ASCO 2015 for compounds YONDELIS and PM
57 PolyU develops novel computer intelligence system for acute stroke detection
58 Frontline immune cells can travel for help
59 Children's views should shape how research is conducted, says ethics body
60 Definitive tests for irritable bowel syndrome developed at Cedars-Sinai
61 Breakthrough opens door to safer lupus drugs
62 Educating the immune system to prevent allergies
63 'Hydrogels' boost ability of stem cells to restore eyesight and heal brains
64 Climate scientists find elusive tropospheric hot spot
65 Bees follow separate but similar paths in social evolution
66 New release of Glioblastoma Atlas sheds light on deadly disease
67 Why modern hunter-gatherers live with so few kin
68 Deep-water fish has a warm heart
69 Program brings lasting progress for world's poorest
70 Germination can make buckwheat more nutritious
71 Minimal residual disease alone not predictive in T-cell leukemia
72 Bullying: What we know based on 40 years of research
73 Do fruit flies have emotions?
74 Safety switch preserves beneficial effects of cell therapy
75 Revealing the ocean's hidden fertilizer
76 Study investigates the quality of organs from potential donors with HIV
77 Mayo Clinic: New mouse model for ALS and frontotemporal dementia gene
78 Link between vitamin E and exposure to air pollution
79 New form of inherited blindness discovered
80 New age of genome editing could lead to cure for sickle cell anemia
81 Scientists discover how a promising anti-leukemia drug harms cancer cells
82 Study: Valuable Massachusetts ecosystems shrinking, doing more with less
83 Study validates effectiveness of genomic test for lung cancer detection
84 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Depression and diabetes series media alert
85 Newer method of oxygen delivery for patients at risk of respiratory failure after surgery
86 Groundbreaking treatment for patients with cystic fibrosis
87 Curing hepatitis C could yield huge economic benefit
88 Live liquid bacteria reduces intestinal inflammation in ulcerative colitis
89 Regular aspirin use may slow progression of early emphysema
90 Evidence that electronic cigarettes are effective for smoking cessation long-term is lacking
91 Electronic cigarette flavorings alter lung function at the cellular level
92 Study suggests need for renal protective care in pediatric lung transplant patients
93 Shorter stature appears to lead to higher mortality rates, longer waiting times for lung transplant
94 Many children with asthma have reaction to peanuts, but do not know it
95 One exposure to e-cigarette use diminishes cough reflex sensitivity
96 Gel filled with nanosponges cleans up MRSA infections
97 Shift work can affect your health
98 Can Andromeda's vast halo of gas help explain how galaxies form?
99 Beyond the visible: How space photos get their color
100 NASA space probe unlocks mysteries of Mercury's magnetic field
101 NASA wants your ideas on how to keep Mars colonists safe
102 Did a telescope reveal a 'hole' in space?
103 Mother's Day snowstorm: Is it weird to get snow this late? (+video)
104 A blue sunset on the Red Planet (+animation)
105 Italian astronaut answers everyone's first question about spaceflight
106 How NASA technology found trapped Nepal earthquake survivors
107 Elusive Siberian tigers captured in spectacular photos
108 Computer fails to beat humans in Carnegie Mellon poker faceoff
109 Could your next pet be a robot?
110 How Inge Lehmann discovered the truth about the Earth's core (+video)