File Title
1 Lopsided star explosion holds the key to other supernova mysteries
2 TSRI researchers connect haywire protein to breast cancer, leukemia
3 Scientists show the mammary gland 'remembers' prior pregnancy, spurring milk production
4 UTMB researchers devise vaccine that provides long-term protection against Chagas disease
5 Statin drugs can delay prostate cancer progression in patients, study shows
6 Genetic changes to basic developmental processes evolve more frequently than thought
7 The Lancet: Can the Ebola outbreak rejuvenate global health security?
8 How climate science denial affects the scientific community
9 Light in sight: a step towards a potential therapy for acquired blindness
10 Frequent users of emergency care more than twice as likely to die or be admitted
11 Switching to public transport or cycling/walking to get to work might help shed the pounds
12 As life slips by: Why eye movement doesn't blur the picture
13 Locating the brain's SAD center
14 Study finds metabolic link between bacterial 'biofilms' and colon cancer
15 Human security at risk as depletion of soil accelerates, scientists warn
16 Statins associated with longer prostate cancer time to progression during ADT
17 Impact of post-treatment surveillance in head and neck squamous cell cancer
18 Malaria parasite's essential doorway into red blood cells illuminated
19 Cells amplify messenger RNA levels to set protein levels
20 Fresh evidence for how water reached Earth found in asteroid debris
21 Near-atomic resolution of protein structure by electron microscopy holds promise
22 Clues contained in ancient brain point to the origin of heads in early animals
23 Patient cancer cells help to test treatments
24 Epilepsy drug could help treat Alzheimer's disease
25 MESSENGER reveals Mercury's magnetic field secrets
26 How to build a new global health framework
27 A new mechanism of blood pressure regulation by a stress-sensitive gatekeeper
28 3-D 'organoids' grown from patient tumors could personalize drug screening
29 Mobile tracking application may help users meet vitamin D requirements
30 Hip strengthening might ease pain of clogged leg arteries
31 Dexamethasone may help prevent severe kidney injury following heart surgery
32 Using a shopping list may aid food desert residents
33 Chagas disease vaccine shows long-term protection in mice
34 New method developed to assess cancer risk of pollutants
35 What would Optimus Prime do? New research taps Transformers to shed light on business leadership
36 Dartmouth chemists create new pathway to potential medicines
37 New study analyzes 'thinspiration' images of women on social media sites
38 New index reveals unexpected leaders in water, sanitation progress
39 NuSTAR provides explosive evidence for supernova asymmetry
40 Food and fuel: A model for bioenergy feedstock/vegetable double-cropping systems
41 New combination treatment strategy to 'checkmate' glioblastoma
42 When do mothers need others?
43 Tracking defects caused by brain tumor mutation yields insight to advance targeted therapy
44 UM biologist advances cancer research with new data analysis techniques
45 Object recognition for free
46 Altering genes with the aid of light
47 Master orchestrator of the genome is discovered, UB stem cell scientists report
48 MIT engineers hand 'cognitive' control to underwater robots
49 Engineering bacteria to design vaccines
50 River sediments, a dynamic reserve of pollutants
51 Traces of flowers placed on a Palaeolithic tomb are found
52 Carnegie Mellon researchers find more sex doesn't lead to increased happiness
53 Regenerative Medicine highlights the immunological challenges that lie ahead for RegenMed
54 Diagnostics of quality of graphene and spatial imaging of reactivity centers on carbon surface
55 Scientists at LSTM look at links between HAP and lung infections
56 'Make like a bat': Study finds high frequencies help us find objects using echoes
57 Will Mexico's aging population see cancer care as a priority?
58 Protein aggregates save cells during aging
59 TSRI scientists find hyped new recreational drug 'flakka' is as addictive as bath salts
60 Chemistry student in sun harvest breakthrough
61 Environmental exposure to hormones used in animal agriculture greater than expected
62 Moffitt researchers work to determine why some prostate cancer patients experience more hot flashes
63 Danish discovery accelerates targeted cancer treatment
64 Changes in placenta's protective ability during pregnancy linked to transporter proteins
65 Food industry achieved only baby steps to improve nutritional quality of foods advertised to kids
66 Enhanced dating site photos have mixed results for men and women
67 Post-traumatic stress disorder linked to accelerated aging
68 Moving to a depressed neighborhood linked to weight gain
69 World first survey uncovers widespread homophobia at UK sports events
70 Dine with a light eater if you want to consume less
71 Damming and damning hemorrhagic diseases
72 Children exposed to multiple languages may be better natural communicators
73 Out with heavy metal
74 More severe weather in store for middle states in US
75 New study assesses risks of extreme weather to North Texas roads, runways
76 Certain immigrants, refugees at higher risk of psychotic disorders
77 TSRI researchers investigate an enzyme important for nervous system health
78 An important step in artificial intelligence
79 Vineyard habitats help butterflies return
80 Photosynthesis has unique isotopic signature, UCLA researchers report
81 Yale Journal examines advances in complex adaptive systems and industrial ecology
82 Group B Streptococcus breaches the blood-brain-barrier
83 New device could greatly improve speech and image recognition
84 ORNL superhydrophobic glass coating offers clear benefits
85 Tortoise approach works best--even for evolution
86 A fine-tuned approach improves platelet generation from stem cells
87 TSRI scientists link brain protein to binge-drinking behavior
88 Combined radiation and hormonal therapy improves survival in node-positive prostate cancer
89 'Not just a flavoring:' Menthol and nicotine, combined, desensitize airway receptors
90 80 percent of cervical cancers found to be preventable with latest 9-valent HPV vaccine
91 First cancer-promoting oncogenes discovered in rare brain tumor of children and adults
92 Childhood cancer treatment and age influence obesity risk for childhood cancer survivors
93 Study: World population-food supply balance is becoming increasingly unstable
94 Dying cells can protect their stem cells from destruction
95 Healing plants inspire new compounds for psychiatric drugs
96 Gene found that is essential to maintaining breast and cancer stem cells
97 Magic wavelengths
98 School segregation still impacts African-Americans' minds decades later
99 Public health approach to reducing traumatic brain injury--Update from CDC
100 New Harvard research finds walnuts may help slow colon cancer growth
101 For children with autism, trips to the dentist just got easier
102 For the first time, scientists tag a loggerhead sea turtle off US West Coast
103 Gulf of Maine red tide bloom expected to be similar to past 3 years
104 Carbon emissions from peatlands may be less than expected
105 Brain cells capable of 'early-career' switch
106 Research aims to restore riparian corridors and an iconic tree
107 Congress approval rating tanking over poor choice of words
108 MDC and Charite researchers identify gene responsible for hypertension and brachydactyly
109 Solving corrosive ocean mystery reveals future climate
110 High-performance 3-D microbattery suitable for large-scale on-chip integration