File Title
1 Insight into the Ebola virus nucleocapsid assembly mechanism
2 Study finds foreclosures fueled racial segregation in US
3 New commentary in Women's Health Issues: Trauma-informed primary care
4 Blood markers could help predict outcome of infant heart surgery
5 Scientists X-ray chocolate
6 Supercycles in subduction zones
7 Magic spin put on protein to tease out its 1st dance with tempo set by temperature
8 System model for calculating mine profitability
9 New method detects more breast cancer in screening
10 Attosecond physics: A new gateway to the microcosmos
11 Flower find provides real-time insight into evolution
12 Inkjet printing process for kesterite solar cells
13 Space debris from satellite explosion increases collision risk for space craft
14 Children's sleep and mental health are related
15 QUT new study calls for changes to childcare 'mandatory' sleep rules
16 UCSF team proposes new clinical model
17 We all want high social status
18 New stem cell may overcome hurdles for regenerative medicine
19 The Lancet: New developments in personalized medicine could save billions of dollars in improved health
20 New species of diving beetle--Capelatus prykei--discovered in isolation in South Africa
21 New clues into how stem cells get their identity
22 Compiling a 'dentist's handbook' for penis worms
23 Non-Euclidean geometries for grid cells
24 A healthy lifestyle before bowel cancer diagnosis could help improve survival
25 Springing into action: The Wyss Institute introduces its new biosafety process
26 16.9 million Americans gained health coverage under Affordable Care Act, study finds
27 Mobile phone microscope rapidly detects parasite levels in blood
28 The use of canes and other mobility devices is on the rise among older adults
29 Survival rates in trauma patients after Massachusetts health insurance reform
30 What the penis worm's teeth looked like
31 Researchers reverse bacterial resistance to antibiotics
32 Researchers discover missing link in the evolution of complex cells
33 Mobile phone video microscope automates detection of parasites in blood
34 Plant toxin causes biliary atresia in animal model
35 Snakes' dining habits shaped by ancestry, relationships moreso than ecology
36 Genetically isolated sloth bears rely on habitat corridors to connect populations
37 In late post-surgical colon 'leaks,' finger points to microbes
38 Expanded hospice improves care but raises Medicare costs
39 Comprehensive stroke centers may improve bleeding stroke survival
40 Extreme excavation: Fire ant style
41 Fishermen, communities need more than healthy fish stocks
42 When bosses 'serve' their employees, everything improves
43 New report: Forests could be the trump card in efforts to end global hunger
44 Gene required for plant growth at warmer temperatures discovered
45 It doesn't take a brain injury to have headache, dizziness and cognitive impairment
46 Populated Puget Sound sees stark shifts in marine fish species
47 Self-harm, suicide ideation tightly linked in Iraq, Afghanistan veterans
48 Penn researchers develop custom artificial membranes with programmable surfaces
49 Thirty-day wait before tubal sterilization is unjust, say ob/gyn experts
50 Penn and UC Merced researchers match physical and virtual atomic friction experiments
51 Research shows sleep loss impedes decision making in crisis
52 Soil security
53 New intervention pioneered at UC Davis helps mothers address depression
54 Alzheimer protein's structure may explain its toxicity
55 WSU ecologist warns of bamboo fueling spread of hantavirus
56 CRISPR genome editing tools are transforming research in medicine, nutrition, and agriculture
57 'Fracture' prints, not fingerprints, help solve child abuse cases
58 The opioid epidemic and its impact on orthopaedic care
59 Little flies in the big city: What you find depends on how you look
60 Dissecting the ocean's unseen waves to learn where the heat, energy and nutrients go
61 UW researchers hack a teleoperated surgical robot to reveal security flaws
62 Rockefeller scientists resolve debate over how many bacteria fight off invaders
63 Strong statin-diabetes link seen in large study of Tricare patients
64 Fragments of tRNA suggest a novel mechanism for cancer progression
65 If you want change, tell a relevant story--not just facts
66 Large landslides lie low: Himalaya-Karakoram ranges
67 Evolution in action: Mate competition weeds out GM fish from population
68 How your brain reacts to emotional information is influenced by your genes
69 Biting back: Scientists aim to forecast West Nile outbreaks
70 Plugging up leaky graphene
71 Baiting the hook
72 Cancer drugs approved quickly but not to patient's benefit: York University researcher
73 Plugging in your vision's autostabilization feature
74 Research: Buyers' readiness to take risk is top cause for volatility in US house prices
75 New GTEx findings show how DNA differences influence gene activity, disease susceptibility
76 Naturally occurring amino acid could improve oral health
77 Potential new painkiller provides longer lasting effects
78 Over 80 percent of the Flemish people consider themselves European
79 Electrons corralled using new quantum tool
80 Brandeis researchers identify potential cause of schizophrenic symptoms
81 International Tree Nut Council supports study on nut consumption and colorectal cancer
82 Fish born in larger groups develop more social skills and a different brain 'architecture'
83 New care approach to colorectal operations speeds patients' recovery times
84 Snoring keeping you up at night?
85 Could mobile phone data help bring electricity to the developing world?
86 Gene expression is key to understanding differences between individuals and disease susceptibility
87 IRF5, a new player in the occurrence of obesity complications
88 Study shows that children sleep better when they have a nightly bedtime routine
89 ALMA discovers proto super star cluster--a cosmic 'dinosaur egg' about to hatch
90 The hairy past
91 Nuclear medicine scan could identify who might benefit from aromatase inhibitor treatment
92 Role of obesity and depression in excessive daytime sleepiness
93 Rice scientists use light to probe acoustic tuning in gold nanodisks
94 Putting a new spin on plasmonics
95 Journal Maturitas position statement: Non-hormonal management of menopausal vasomotor symptoms
96 Antioxidant effects of coffee by-products 500 times greater than vitamin C
97 Surprise from the deep ocean
98 Researchers sound out scaffolds for eardrum replacement
99 Scandinavian trade 'triggered' the Viking Age
100 Potential for a more personalized approach to womb cancer
101 Evidence of efficacy of gene therapy in rodents affected by a rare genetic liver disease, Crigler-Najjar syndrome
102 Employers and workers can join forces to keep diabetes under control
103 Popular media influences choice of childbirth
104 A deadly shadow: Measles may weaken immune system up to 3 years
105 I'll have what she's having
106 Healthcare spending for privately insured children with diabetes rises sharply, 2011-2013
107 Photoactive dye could prevent infection during bone-repair surgery
108 When the baby comes, working couples no longer share housework equally
109 Female cystic fibrosis patients need more contraceptive guidance, study finds
110 Study reveals why almost half of patients opt out of comprehensive cancer testing