File Title
1 Fisheries managers halt upcoming West Coast sardine season amid population decline
2 Comet measurements show magnetism unlikely to be major force of attraction for space bodies
3 SpaceX Launches Cargo Capsule, Fails to Nail Rocket Landing
4 Elusive mountain lion captivates public from LA crawl space before quietly slipping away
5 High winds halt flights, close portion of major highway in Utah; 1 traffic death reported
6 Cats tell us they want to play, snuggle or get away with meows, blinks and roving whiskers
7 Plight of Glacier National Park stonefly that's imperiled by climate change draws lawsuit
8 Woman's Hospital of Texas says woman has given birth to all-girl set of quintuplets
9 Bird flu outbreak now spreading through Midwest poultry could head east with fall migration
10 Canine Flu Outbreak Sickens Hundreds of Dogs in Midwest
11 Federal fisheries regulators close West Coast sardine season to prevent overfishing
12 Villagers block traffic to protest pollution from power plant in central Vietnam
13 Removal of 50-foot sperm whale carcass started at beach south of San Francisco
14 Goose that lived with arrow piercing neck for a week dies after surgery in Southern California
15 Study makes scientists question whether western Pacific gray whales are a separate population
16 The power of puppy eyes: Dog gazes trigger bonding response in owner's brains, study says
17 Spacecraft circling Mercury will crash into planet April 30, create 52-foot crater
18 Investigators: Radiation release at nuclear waste dump could have been prevented
19 Intersex kids' surgeries spark move to more acceptance, less drastic treatments
20 Despite cold eastern US, world keeps setting heat records this year, weather service reports
21 California health authorities say large measles outbreak that began at Disneyland is over
22 USS Independence Found Off California Coast
23 Fish that hitched cross-Pacific ride in suspected tsunami debris boat are quarantined
24 Scientists say Isle Royale National Park gray wolf population down to 3 and may soon die out
25 Hawaii telescope builders again extend moratorium on construction at summit of sacred mountain
26 Living with nature: In Croatian village, people and 8 domesticated bears make easy neighbors
27 Washington Post reports DOJ, FBI acknowledge flawed testimony about hair from forensic unit
28 Swedish babies of Cold War crocodiles head for Cuba swamp on mission to aid endangered species
29 UW-Madison chemistry Ph.D. student illustrates her thesis in a comic book
30 Stanford, Harvard scientists to share $500,000 prize for work on new research technologies
31 Nuclear waste drums at US lab appear stable after signs of chemical reactions, officials say
32 Federal agency proposes removing most of world's humpback whales from endangered species list
33 Japan's maglev, fastest train in world, breaks own speed record at 603 kph (375 mph)
34 Sage Grouse Population Not Protected by Feds
35 Scientists see how gas drilling in Texas triggers swarm of small earthquakes, study says
36 Agency calls humpback whales' recovery a national success story, proposes lifting protections
37 Oklahoma Geological Society: 'Very likely' state's recent earthquakes caused by disposal wells
38 Federal agency moves forward with plan to kill invasive caribou on remote Alaska island
39 Hubble Space Telescope marks 25th anniversary in orbit this week, a crowning glory for NASA
40 Photo of 4 rainbows in New York is rare, but not quite the super unusual rainbows they seem
41 Preliminary test results: Mislabeled chemical container caused Texas State Aquarium fish kill
42 For pet owners worried sick over outbreak of canine flu, vets offer tips to protect those pups
43 PHOTO GALLERY: Hubble's turn to smile, space telescope marks quarter-century in orbit
44 After workers asked Putin for help getting paid, corruption uncovered at Russian cosmodrome
45 NYC mayor unveils environmental plan on Earth Day, aims to cut waste by 90 percent by 2030
46 With bird flu threat expected to linger, USDA begins working on potential vaccine
47 Study shows popular pesticide hurting health of wild bees--not honeybees--out in the field
48 Noble Energy agrees to settle Colorado pollution case; feds say it could cost up to $73.5M
49 Sea lion pup waddles quarter-mile from water, gets rescued and a ride from California deputies
50 Scientists: More than 143 million Americans in Lower 48 states live in quake-prone areas
51 Nicole Kidman returning to London stage in Michael Grandage-directed DNA play
52 NASA releases picture of starry fireworks to mark Hubble Space Telescope's 25th anniversary
53 Loose moose munching on leaves in Idaho park is captured after making 2nd appearance in city
54 Mammoth achievement: New DNA codes from the extinct beasts; will this help bring them back?
55 Does Drilling Cause Earthquakes?
56 You've heard of the pocket fisherman? Biologists find rare pocket shark and he's pretty cute
57 Blue Bell closing its 3 creameries in Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama for training, cleaning
58 US ag secretary to announce voluntary efforts to reduce emissions from farms, ranches, forests
59 Huge Magma Chamber Spied Under Yellowstone Supervolcano
60 Dallas Zoo's baby giraffe whose birth was shown through online video feed is named Kipenzi
61 Start of NASA's dwarf planet mission delayed after communication mix-up
62 Nepal Earthquake: Experts There a Week Ago to Plan for Earthquake
63 Late spring complicates already perilous amphibian migration in northern New England
64 Thailand seizes 3 tons of elephant tusks from Kenya in nation's 2nd-biggest bust
65 Human-caused global warming is responsible for 3 out of 4 super hot days, new study calculates
66 Advocacy groups seek SEC investigation of Shell regulatory filings on Arctic offshore drilling
67 U.N. Vatican Team Up for Climate Change Agenda
68 Problems delay docking of Russian cargo ship at International Space Station
69 No mercy at Mercury: NASA spacecraft to plunge from orbit and slam into planet Thursday
70 Norway's finance minister doubts global warming is man-made, still backs climate policies
71 California governor issues executive order to aggressively reduce greenhouse gases by 2030
72 Space Station Loses Food Supply
73 Feds reveal $4 million for projects in 4 states to protect land that's home to bird, ranching
74 Space station astronauts finally get big screen, watch space flick 'Gravity' on movie night
75 Tiny Chinese Dinosaur Sported Unusual Wings
76 Things to know about California's ambitious plan to cut down greenhouse gas emissions
77 Scientists using experimental putty treatment to contain Kauai coral black band disease
78 Angry Birds company joins campaign to help South Pacific birds threatened with extinction
79 Baked to death? Study projects global warming will kill off 7.9 percent of world's species
80 US Air Force tracks spinning space station supply capsule as it heads closer to re-entry
81 Doctor claims City Colleges of Chicago fired him after he found decomposed cadavers
82 Bezos' secretive space company launches unmanned capsule on test flight from Texas
83 Doomsday at Mercury: NASA spacecraft, Messenger, falls from orbit, slams into innermost planet
84 Federal researchers breed Arctic fish in Oregon lab as they study ocean warming
85 Sea lion pup spotted on San Francisco sidewalk rescued as stranded animals become more common
86 Environmentalists criticize changes to California delta project proposed by governor
87 T-rex documentary reignites interest in convicted paleontologist, leads to pardon request
88 SpaceX mile-high escape test of crew capsule next week will feature 'Buster' the dummy
89 SeaWorld San Diego cited for allegedly failing to train workers about hazards of killer whales
90 Tesla's billionaire CEO vows to jolt electricity market with expansion into home batteries
91 Swiss pilot anxious, excited to fly solar plane from China to Hawaii for 5 days, 5 nights
92 Espresso in Space
93 Starfish babies offer glimmer of hope for recovery amid spread of deadly disease in Pacific
94 Study confirms Obama Administration claim that cutting heat-trapping gases also saves lives
95 Q&A: A look at the big waves drawing surfers, spectators to Southern California beaches
96 There Is Drilling Fluid in Marcellus Shale Well
97 Big surf keeps rolling along Southern California coast, draws bodysurfers, crowds to beaches
98 Hawaii's Kilauea Expodes Due to Crater Collapse
99 Lava Explodes at Hawaii's Kilauea
100 Second Beached Whale Found South of San Francisco
101 EPA releases final plan for contaminated Montana town, says remaining asbestos can be managed
102 A galaxy that is really far, far away: Astronomers spot record distant but infant galaxy
103 Russia's failed cargo spacecraft to fall from orbit Friday, some fragments may hit Earth
104 Why Do Goldens Get Cancer?
105 United Arab Emirates names Mars probe 'Hope,' says it will study red planet's atmosphere
106 Global levels of heat-trapping carbon dioxide pass milestone that scientists call disturbing
107 SpaceX crew capsule soars with dummy in 1st major test of crew launch escape system
108 EPA recommends thresholds for warning public about dangerous algal toxins in drinking water
109 Scientists: Ship may have killed humpback whale found on San Francisco Bay Area beach
110 Greenpeace seeks dismissal of Shell lawsuit seeking safety zones around Arctic drill fleet
111 The debate over offshore Arctic drilling--what's at stake as protesters get ready in Seattle
112 UN climate chief says technological advances have changed politics since Copenhagen failure
113 Brown lawns loom this summer in California as tough water restrictions take hold amid drought
114 Seattle's 'kayaktivists,' mayor try to block Arctic drilling rigs from parking on waterfront
115 Twins Have Different Fathers
116 Blue Bell CEO says it will be at least several months before ice cream products back in stores
117 Belize offshore oil proposal has environmentalists worried about reefs, fisheries, tourism
118 Russian cargo spaceship falls over Pacific Ocean
119 With some Native Hawaiians fighting telescope, others see an opportunity for science education
120 Cornell institute named for the late Carl Sagan searches for life in the cosmos