File Title
1 Brain abnormalities found among those experiencing blast-related mild traumatic brain injury
2 Scientists X-ray anti-inflammatory drug candidates
3 Invasion of the earthworms, mapped and analyzed
4 Updates in liver disease research: Do you want the good or bad news?
5 Electron spin brings order to high entropy alloys
6 Verbal therapy could block consolidation of fear memories in trauma victims
7 Millimeter-sized stones formed our planet
8 Demanding jobs may increase survival in frontotemporal dementia
9 The right programs can help college students suffering from depression, anxiety and stress
10 Global hepatitis B epidemic can be treated for $36 (24 pounds) per person per year
11 User creativity made YouTube the world's biggest music service
12 Nature: Low-reflection wings make butterflies nearly invisible
13 New therapeutic target for a type of colorectal cancer with poor prognosis has been identified
14 Mindfulness-based therapy rather than antidepressants to prevent depression relapse?
15 Natural reparative capacity of teeth elucidated
16 New finding could help develop test for kidney disease
17 Large heads, narrow pelvises and difficult childbirth in humans
18 Surface matters: Huge reduction of heat conduction observed in flat silicon channels
19 More cars--more traffic jams? Not for ants!
20 Clinical studies show 'CHORI-bar' results in broad scale health improvements
21 Scientists watch living taste cells in action
22 'Exciting discovery' could aid frontline spinal injury treatment
23 Boosting the malaria battle-line
24 First invasive lionfish discovered in Brazil
25 Cloth masks--dangerous to your health?
26 Drug research enhanced by fragment screening libraries
27 Iowa State researchers test brain activity to identify cybersecurity threats
28 Study: Polarization in Congress is worsening, and it stifles policy innovation
29 Preventing deformed limbs: New link found between physical forces and limb development
30 Researchers see promise in treatment to reduce incidence of dementia after TBI
31 Testosterone key to new bird bang theory
32 To predict disease researchers ask if plant neighbors are relatives
33 Penn researcher advises translational med hubs best place for clinical phenotyping efforts
34 Majorities in Arctic nations favor cooperation with Russia despite Ukraine; conflict worries rise
35 Papers identify effective and cost-effective treatments for complex wounds
36 Personalized cancer treatment
37 Innovation allows pregnant women with diabetes to achieve round-the-clock glucose control
38 Arctic beetles may be ideal marker of climate change
39 Stressed-out parasites: Overcoming drug-resistant malaria
40 Cancer scan could remove need for radiotherapy for cured patients
41 Scientists discover asthma's potential root cause and a novel treatment
42 Exploding stars help to understand thunderclouds on Earth
43 Serious violence in England and Wales drops 10 percent in 2014
44 Microinjection platform tests multiple cancer drugs in tumors, predicts systemic response
45 Sugar and carbs, not physical inactivity, behind surge in obesity, say experts
46 Penn Vet, Montreal and McGill researchers show how blood-brain barrier is maintained
47 Alcoholic hepatitis treatments fail to keep patients alive
48 Twins experiment reveals genetic link with mosquito bites
49 Evolution makes invading species spread even faster
50 N/A
51 N/A
52 Evolution makes invading species spread even faster
53 First exoplanet visible light spectrum
54 A promising step forward toward a new treatment against cancer
55 A recipe for long-lasting livers
56 Look mom, no eardrums!
57 Spread of pathogens between species is predictable, study finds
58 NEJM perspective: 'Patient CARE Act' Medicaid block grant likely unconstitutional
59 Engineering the P450 enzyme to perform new reactions
60 Treating patients with dignity--but what about hands-on care?
61 Sexing Stegosaurus
62 UTMB researchers develop Ebola treatment effective 3 days after infection
63 Twins experiment reveals genetic link with mosquito bites
64 Stegosaurus plates may have differed between male, female
65 Invisible inks could help foil counterfeiters of all kinds
66 Patient-doctor ethnic differences thwart end-of-life conversations
67 FACC-29 gathers authenticated canine cancer cell lines for research and drug development
68 Humans' ancestors had tentacles
69 Triple negative breast cancer in African-American women has distinct difference
70 More Americans at risk from strong earthquakes, says new report
71 Magma intrusion is likely source of Columbia-Ecuador border quake swarms
72 Earthquake 'super-cycle' patterns on the Garlock fault
73 Earthquake potential where there is no earthquake history
74 Breast arterial calcification strong predictor of coronary artery calcification
75 Picture this: Graphene brings 3-D holograms clearer and closer
76 Significant increase in major depression reported during recent recession
77 Map shows content and origins of the nation's geologic basement
78 An improvement to the global software standard for analyzing fusion plasmas
79 How 'time is money' thinking can hurt the environment: UBC research
80 Can a parent's concerns predict autism?
81 UGA chemists' synthesis of silicon oxides opens 'new world in a grain of sand'
82 NOAA, Tulane identify second possible specimen of 'pocket shark' ever found
83 Warming climate may release vast amounts of carbon from long-frozen Arctic soils
84 Earth Day: Disease spread among species is predictable
85 Rise in spring allergens linked to increased dry eye cases
86 UTMB investigates use of oxygen therapy among COPD patients
87 A silver lining
88 Many Dry Tortugas loggerheads actually Bahamas residents
89 Genetics provides new clues about lionfish invasion
90 Why do animals fight members of other species?
91 CCNY researchers use novel polarization to increase data speeds
92 New strategy for mapping regulatory networks associated with multi-gene diseases
93 Going with the flow?
94 Chance and circumstance tip immune control of cancer
95 Astronomers find runaway galaxies
96 ORNL reports method that takes quantum sensing to new level
97 Researchers add a new wrinkle to cell culture
98 Zeroing in on a silent killer
99 'Humanized' mice will lead to better testing of cancer immunotherapies
100 The past, present and future of pancreatic cancer research and treatment
101 New approaches to identify and treat suicidal adolescents focus of JCAP special section
102 Exploring treatment options for women with fibroids
103 Penn study identifies molecular link between DNA damage and premature aging
104 University of Oregon team glimpses how the brain transforms sound
105 An end to cancer pain?
106 Dolphins use extra energy to communicate in noisy waters
107 Taming polluters: Ratings have spillover effects, leading to reduced toxic emissions
108 For lower-grade brain blood vessel malformations, surgery has 'excellent clinical outcomes'
109 Boiling down viscous flow
110 Resilience, not abstinence, may help teens battle online risk