File Title
1 New method increases accuracy of ovarian cancer prognosis and diagnosis
2 Mentally stepping back from problems helps youth deal with negative emotions
3 Children who understand others' perspectives found to be more popular among peers
4 Infants born prematurely: 2 studies identify routes to better outcomes
5 Children with disabilities can make competent witnesses
6 High rate of healthcare visits before suicide attempts
7 UCLA demographer produces best estimate yet of Cambodia's death toll under Pol Pot
8 Cardiorespiratory fitness reduces disease risk among smokers
9 Greenland darkening to continue, predicts CCNY expert Marco Tedesco
10 Engineer improves rechargeable batteries with MoS2 nano 'sandwich'
11 New genomics tool could help predict tumor aggressiveness, treatment outcomes
12 SLU researchers show that A3 adenosine receptor can activate 'off signals' for pain
13 Today is [Insert Health Issue Here] Awareness Day--is that making us healthier?
14 Facebook users' wishful thinking: Cyberbullying, depression won't happen to me
15 Ophthalmologists uncover autoimmune process that causes rejection of secondary corneal transplants
16 Research finds no correlation between regulatory T cells and survival in glioblastoma
17 Patient's own fat cells transplanted to treat osteoarthritis may be effective
18 ORNL researchers contribute to major UN bioenergy and sustainability report
19 Study finds that maize roots have evolved to be more nitrogen efficient
20 Thumbnail track pad
21 Zinc deficiency linked to activation of Hedgehog signaling pathway
22 New review recognizes the importance of counselling in those affected by infertility
23 Survey shows half of older adults in US now taking aspirin
24 Model offers more ease, precision for managing invasive Asian carp
25 Major advance in artificial photosynthesis poses win/win for the environment
26 Study finds major vascular anomalies in the brains of people with Huntington's disease
27 Genetics overlap found between Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular risk factors
28 Could maple syrup help cut use of antibiotics?
29 Socioeconomic factors affect odds of death after a lung cancer operation
30 Housework keeps older adults more physically and emotionally fit, CWRU researcher finds
31 Red Journal's May issue focuses on the vital role of RT in modern lymphoma treatment
32 Fish type, body size can help predict nutrient recycling rates
33 More individuals discussing end-of-life wishes with loved ones
34 Revised guidelines on reducing risk, treatment options for thromboembolic disease in pregnancy
35 Rare monkey photographed in Congo's newest national park, Ntokou-Pikounda
36 Astronomers reveal supermassive black hole's intense magnetic field
37 New approach to muscle regeneration restores function after traumatic injury without need for donor tissue
38 Adverse childhood events appear to increase the risk of being a hypertensive adult
39 New transitional stem cells discovered
40 The CNIO links telomeres to the origins of liver diseases such as chronic hepatitis And cirrhosis
41 Research identifies barriers in tracking meals and what foodies want
42 The phthalate DEHP undermines female fertility in mice
43 Expanding rubber plantations 'catastrophic' for endangered species in Southeast Asia
44 Bacterial 'memory' targets invading viruses
45 Keep moving, studies advise cancer survivors
46 Mapping language in the brain
47 Scientists use brain stimulation to boost creativity, set stage to treat depression
48 Nanotubes with 2 walls have singular qualities
49 Inducing labor at full term not associated with higher C-section rates
50 Watch where you're going--new study reveals how people avoid bumping into each other
51 A new mouse model for the study of neurofibromatosis
52 An electronic micropump to deliver treatments deep within the brain
53 Important study of how climate affects biodiversity
54 Novel online bioinformatics tool significantly reduces time of multiple genome analysis
55 New method helps establish South-Asian perceptions of dementia
56 Novel plasma diagnostics method
57 Rainforest protection akin to speed limit control
58 Novel neurodegenerative disease and gene identified with the help of man's best friend
59 Detector at the South Pole explores the mysterious neutrinos
60 Flourishing faster: How to make trees grow bigger and quicker
61 Victorian baby teeth could help predict future health of children today
62 Professional golfers live a lonely life in the midst of rivalries on a meager income
63 Angiogenesis inhibitors undermined by immune cells, says study
64 Subsidies key in improving sanitation, new study finds
65 SwRI-led team studies meteorites from asteroids to date moon-forming impact
66 Poll: Mass. police chiefs favor discretion in issuing concealed gun permits
67 Osteoporosis diagnosis contributes to hearing loss risk
68 Sugar-sweetened beverages suppress the body's stress response
69 Faculty in doctoral programs more responsive to white male prospective students, research finds
70 New assay helps determine lymphoma subtypes simply, quickly, and inexpensively
71 A sniff of happiness: Chemicals in sweat may convey positive emotion
72 Systems-wide genetic study of blood pressure regulation in the Framingham Heart Study
73 After prostate cancer, start walking
74 Death of giant galaxies spreads from the core
75 New research agenda provides roadmap to improve care for hospitalized older adults
76 Giant galaxies die from the inside out
77 Discovery changes how scientists examine rarest elements of periodic table
78 Local physician recommends World Health Organization retire the term opioid substitution therapy
79 Teaching children in schools about sexual abuse may help them report abuse
80 With biosimilar drug development on the rise, researchers explore efficacy
81 Scientists discover protein that boosts immunity to viruses and cancer
82 Playing a wind instrument could help lower the risk of sleep apnea
83 A novel mechanism involved in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
84 Molecular spies sabotage a protein's activities in specific cellular compartments
85 Breath taking
86 Obesity significantly increases prostate cancer risk in African-American men, study finds
87 Obesity associated with prostate cancer risk in African-American men
88 Smokers who use e-cigarettes less likely to quit
89 160 people die of rabies every day, says major new study
90 9/11 leaves legacy of chronic ill health among emergency medical services workers
91 ALMA reveals intense magnetic field close to supermassive black hole
92 Men donate competitively on women's fundraising webpages
93 Virtual reality may be effective tool for evaluating balance control in glaucoma patients
94 Study reveals possible new avenues for breast cancer therapy
95 Study: Breastfeeding may prevent postpartum smoking relapse
96 A scientific look at the art of teacher talk
97 Repeated marine predator evolution tracks changes in ancient and Anthropocene oceans
98 Increasing evidence points to inflammation as source of nervous system manifestations of Lyme disease
99 First steps in basic biological process that could be harnessed to make therapeutic cells
100 Cell type responsible for scarring, skin-cancer growth identified by Stanford scientists
101 Dating the moon-forming impact event with meteorites
102 The connection between mouth bacteria and inflammation in heart disease
103 Diversity is key to stability, grassland study finds
104 How do we hear time within sound?
105 Family history increases the risk of cardiac arrest in patients on dialysis
106 Encountering a wall corrects 'GPS' in mouse brains, Stanford study finds
107 Epilepsy drug may preserve eyesight for people with MS
108 Western lifestyle may limit the diversity of bacteria in the gut
109 Keck Medicine of USC-led study finds genetic predisposition for noise-induced hearing loss
110 Video: Octopuses have unique way to control their 'odd' forms