File Title
1 Who benefits from a catheter--and who doesn't? New guide aims to protect patients
2 Stanford researchers observe the moment when a mind is changed
3 Redesigned systems may increase access to MRI for patients with implanted medical devices
4 Companies' bottom lines benefit when former politicians join leadership teams
5 Childhood maltreatment linked to sleep problems among adult Canadians
6 Study finds positive effects of job corps participation
7 U of T astrophysicists offer proof that famous image shows forming planets
8 Improving organic transistors that drive flexible and conformable electronics
9 Hepatitis C common among HIV-positive patients in sub-Saharan Africa
10 How noise changes the way the brain gets information
11 Nail biters, beware: Teeth grinding is next
12 A model approach for sustainable phosphorus recovery from wastewater
13 Anaerobic co-digestion of farm-based manure & food waste, are there benefits vs. landfilling?
14 Late-night snacking: It it your brain's fault?
15 Just like humans, dolphins have social networks
16 Enzyme responsible for obesity-related high blood pressure identified
17 Ontario adults who reported a TBI also reported more road rage than people who did not have a TBI
18 Say what? How the brain separates our ability to talk and write
19 Online training can teach psychotherapists evidence-based treatments, study finds
20 Study reveals how relaxation response may help treat 2 gastrointestinal disorders
21 A neural network model predicts whether a bank can go bust
22 Simulating seasons
23 Connecting uninsured patients to primary care could reduce emergency department use
24 How do neural cells respond to ischemia?
25 Astronomers unveil the farthest galaxy
26 Breast cancer vaccines may work better with silicon microparticles
27 Field-effect transistors on hybrid perovskites fabricated for first time
28 Volcano Loki observed from Earth
29 The dark side of cannabis
30 Treating gum disease reduces prostate symptoms, CWRU researchers find
31 Toward a squishier robot
32 America's best teachers get creative
33 'Tangles' trigger early-stage Alzheimer's abnormalities in neocortical networks
34 Aarhus scientists look through the mirror to reveal the secrets of a new drug
35 'Microcombing' creates stronger, more conductive carbon nanotube films
36 Snow and avalanche research: Remote assessment of avalanche risk
37 New methods for realistic surface rendering in computer games
38 First extensive description of the human secreted miRNome
39 Profiling approach to enable right lung cancer treatment match
40 Hitting the borders of expansion
41 Gene variant determines early or late onset of Huntington's disease
42 Shedding light on rods
43 Nerves move to avoid damage
44 Slowdown after Ice Age sounds a warning for Great Barrier Reef's future
45 Nonstop shopping
46 Proteomics provides new leads into nerve regeneration
47 Strategy found for safely prescribing antidepressants to children and adolescents
48 Changing attitudes about sex
49 SwRI reveals the first 'images' of thunder
50 New centimeter-accurate GPS system could transform virtual reality and mobile devices
51 The media is the message: How stem cells grow depends on what they grow up in
52 New chip architecture may provide foundation for quantum computer
53 Accelerated brain aging in type 1 diabetes related to cognitive complications
54 Doctors should not be allowed to do both private and NHS work
55 Loyola shows oral spores of harmless C. difficile prevents repeat infection
56 Bringing high-energy particle detection in from the cold
57 First evolutionary history of 50 years of music charts using big data analysis of sounds
58 Treatment reduces risk of recurrence of C. difficile infection
59 Studies show effectiveness of combo treatment for HCV patients with, without cirrhosis
60 Interferon-free therapy clears hepatitis C in 93 percent of patients in trial
61 Artificial muscles created from gold-plated onion cells
62 Women hospitalized 60 percent more than men after emergency asthma treatment
63 Women in high-income medical education positions still paid less than men
64 Analysis compares California exchange, commercial health insurance hospital networks
65 Ulcer-causing bacteria induces stomach stem cell growth in mice, Stanford researchers find
66 Underappreciated cause of bowel obstruction should be included in surgical assessments
67 NIH study solves ovarian cell mystery, shedding new light on reproductive disorders
68 Not so cold-blooded creatures
69 UW mapping app turns art into a sharable walking route
70 Local media helps communities to cope after traumatic events
71 Age matters in health messages
72 Parents often misperceive their obese children as 'about the right weight'
73 Employers prefer male managerial potential to female proven track record
74 Perception of US care for the dying worsens
75 Viewing violent news on social media can cause trauma
76 Using fresh whole blood lowers patients' exposure risk in child heart surgery
77 What drives the evolution of bird nest structures?
78 Customers will pay more today if there's payback later, shows equal billing study
79 Child behavior is worse when dads feel unsupported
80 Vulnerable grassland birds abandon mating sites near wind turbines
81 Psychologists aim to help Dr. Google
82 How managers and colleagues can help staff who witness workplace aggression
83 Sea lion strandings--the view from the rookery
84 Molecular homing beacon redirects human antibodies to fight pathogenic bacteria
85 Securing the supply of sea scallops for today and tomorrow
86 When mom gains too much weight during pregnancy, her child is more likely to be obese
87 Channeling valleytronics in graphene
88 Tiny silicone spheres come out of the mist
89 Solomon Islands dolphin hunts cast spotlight on small cetacean survival
90 Fecal microbiota transplant cures C. diff, blocks multi-drug resistant pathogens
91 A better way to build DNA scaffolds
92 Explosive volcanoes fueled by water, say Oregon researchers
93 Brain chemical may offer new clues in treating chronic pain
94 Conservationists 'on the fence' about barriers to protect wildlife in drylands
95 Educational app or digital candy? Helping parents choose quality apps for kids
96 Geochemical process on Saturn's moon linked to life's origin
97 Carrot or stick? Punishments may guide behavior more effectively than rewards
98 An airflow model to reduce time on the tarmac
99 Is diet or exercise the best way to reduce diabetes risk?
100 Scientists go high-tech to study fragile cold-water reefs
101 A 'super-cool' way to deliver drugs
102 Supreme Court to decide fate of EPA mercury rule with billions at stake
103 Are parents oblivious to obesity in their children?
104 Study discovers negative regulator of natural killer cell maturation
105 The next step in DNA computing: GPS mapping?
106 Thermometer-like device could help diagnose heart attacks
107 A step toward avoiding the dreaded chocolate 'bloom'
108 From the depths of a microscopic world, spontaneous cooperation
109 Social network experiments create a tipping point to improve public health
110 Building scaffolds in the cell's power stations