File Title
1 The retirement debate: Stay at the bench, or make way for the next generation
2 Pluto-bound craft hunts for hazardous moons
3 Fossil-fuel divestment campaign hits resistance
4 Scientists stumble across unknown stem-cell type
5 Mobile-phone microscope detects eye parasite
6 Five factors that will decide if Philae wakes
7 What the UK election results mean for science
8 Microwave oven blamed for radio-telescope signals
9 Why the polls got the UK election wrong
10 Liberia is declared Ebola free
11 Greek cash grab
12 Dirty money
13 Splice of life
14 Personalized medicine: Time for one-person trials
15 Policy: Climate advisers must maintain integrity
16 Diabetes drug metformin linked with intersex freshwater fish
17 Cosmic tsunamis can wake up comatose galaxies
18 Brains vs. AI: Computer faces poker pros in no-limit Texas Hold'em
19 Study: Electricity usage can predict stock market
20 General outlines threats to critical satellites
21 Is the universe 3-D? Or just a hologram?
22 New study connects extreme weather events and climate change
23 Could Earth host another supercontinent?
24 Isthmus of Panama likely formed earlier than thought
25 Astrophysicists build 3-D map of the universe
26 Russian space capsule spinning out of control
27 Salty groundwater found under dry Antarctic valleys
28 Monkey droppings help scientists study their diets
29 Study: Runway runoff degrades water quality
30 Scientists present evidence for coronal heating theory
31 Pillars of Creation mapped in 3-D
32 Scientists nearing affordable way to change blood types
33 Pig farmers more likely to carry drug-resistant staph bacteria
34 Researchers in Germany identify unique fish fossils
35 How bombardier beetles play defense with scalding spray
36 NASA's MESSENGER probe intentionally crashes into Mercury
37 Students develop electricity-producing leg brace
38 Sea-floor sensors detect possible volcanic eruption
39 Microsoft guesses your age with new website
40 New bird species discovered in China
41 NOAA scientists breed Arctic cod in the lab
42 High school students locate widest-ever pulsar orbit
43 Lice-infected sockeye salmon are less competitive in hunt for food
44 First test-flight of upcoming Blue Origin space tourism vehicle deemed success
45 Sixty percent of large herbivores are at risk of extinction
46 Scientists build battery entirely out of one material
47 NASA tests 10-engine electric airplane
48 Clingfish could inspire better medical devices, whale tags
49 New study details Atlantic Ocean 'dead zones'
50 Root-enhancing fungi could serve as future fertilizer
51 Study: Blue whales can't avoid barges, ocean liners
52 New images reveal lava lake on Jupiter's moon Io
53 Eta Aquarid meteor shower to hit its peak, debris from Halley's Comet viewable worldwide
54 Scientists turn onion cells into artificial muscles
55 Astrophysicists confirm HL Tau image shows forming planets
56 Dolphins form complex social networks
57 Carbon nanotube-coated spiders spin super strong silk
58 Great white shark Mary Lee tracked off the coast of Maryland and Virginia
59 Researchers map chemical bonds that made DNA possible
60 Researchers develop sensor that detects food spoilage
61 Doctors could soon freeze drugs near targeted tissue
62 Cambrian penis worm had throat full of teeth
63 Asteroid debris offers new clues to how water reached Earth
64 What's good for the fish isn't always good for the fisherman
65 New study considers how long intelligent life can be sustained
66 NASA telescope details lopsided star explosion
67 Genetically modified fish outcompeted in evolution experiment
68 Hubble telescope details halo surrounding Andromeda galaxy
69 Astronomers detect drastic atmospheric change in super Earth
70 Ancient fossilized brains highlight origins of the modern head
71 Engineers empower underwater robots to take on decision making
72 28 Percent Emission Cut, U.S. Says
73 Tiny songbird tracked across 1,700 miles of open ocean from northeastern US to Caribbean
74 What's next? Next-generation GMOs could be pink pineapples, purple tomatoes, healthier oils
75 TV's 'Aloha Vet' will take to sky or dive into sea to reach injured animals of every stripe
76 Researchers say polar bears unlikely to find food on land that will sustain their populations
77 These boots are made for walking easier: Motor-free device will put a spring in your step
78 Trinity Test site opening to face protest from some who say bomb hurt New Mexico families
79 Western governors tout sage grouse conservation efforts to avoid endangered species listing
80 Browner lawns, bigger water bills: Things to know about California's new mandatory water cuts
81 Governor signs new regulations for some Ohio farmers in plan to reduce Lake Erie algae
82 Protesters arrested blocking road to giant telescope construction site on Hawaii's Big Island
83 Clash in Hawaii Between Science and Sacred Land
84 At ancient Jordan cemetery, drone photography offers rare glimpse into looting of antiquities
85 Paltry Sierra Nevada snowpack forces skiers to higher ground amid California's severe drought
86 Brief total lunar eclipse dazzles skywatchers in western US and Canada; shortest 1 of century
87 World's biggest particle accelerator starts up again after 2-year shutdown and upgrade
88 Prime Minister Narendra Modi blames changing lifestyles for India's worsening air pollution
89 Greenpeace Activists Board Arctic Offshore Rig
90 Northern Arizona home of Pluto discovery dedicates year of events to the distant icy world
91 Storms pummel St. Louis region, with more possible severe weather on the horizon in middle US
92 Report: Staffing, attitudes aided rape-kit backlog, but Detroit's fix could be national model
93 Amid controversy and arrests, construction of giant telescope on Mauna Kea halted for a week
94 Talking turkey: Deadly bird flu strain keeps popping up on turkey farms in top turkey state
95 Jennie-O Turkey Farm Hit by Deadly Bird Flu
96 Scientists seek to pinpoint source of mysterious mass of methane hovering over Southwest
97 City government in southern China cancels waste incinerator after public protests
98 US Energy Department to spend $200 million on new supercomputer to be built in Chicago area
99 Congress group tours Yucca Mountain, stalled Nevada site of proposed nuclear waste dump
100 Don't Pitch Your Used Hotel Soap
101 Researchers say carbon release from thawing permafrost likely will be gradual, not sudden
102 Bird flu found at 4 more Minnesota turkey farms, 1st in ND; brings Midwest toll to almost 1.1M
103 Hawaii governor says timeout for construction of giant telescope extended for another week
104 Caffeine High: Space station getting Italian espresso maker, Italian astronaut can't wait
105 1st robot sent into melted Fukushima reactor stalls, but gets video, data for future use
106 International Whaling Commission panel says new Japanese Antarctic whaling plan not convincing
107 Bob Inglis to Get Profile in Courage Award
108 Study: More people could survive major Northwest tsunami if they walk faster to higher ground
109 Black bear family of 5 roams Alaska neighborhood near military base looking for food in trash
110 Space station grocery run stalled by storm clouds; SpaceX trying another rocket landing at sea