File Title
1 'Dr. Google' doesn't know best--search engine self-diagnosis and 'cyberchondria'
2 'Freezing a bullet' to find clues to ribosome assembly process
3 How our view of what makes us happy has changed in 80 years
4 'Fuzzy thinking' in depression & bipolar disorder: New research finds effect is real
5 New technique shows shale-drilling additives in drinking-water taps near leak
6 Enhancing emergency medical care for seniors could reduce hospital admissions
7 Study shows dietary supplements are good for coral health
8 Real stereotypes continue to exist in virtual worlds
9 Scientists find new link between diabetes and Alzheimer's
10 INFORMS journal study finds double-digit growth for firms creating own online communities
11 New climate projections paint bleak future for tropical coral reefs
12 Chicxulub and the Deccan eruptions: Just a coincidence?
13 Recurrence of prostate cancer detected earlier with innovative PSMA-ligand PET/CT
14 UNC team uses cellular bubbles to deliver Parkinson's meds directly to brain
15 Combining computer vision and brain computer interface for faster mine detection
16 Puget Sound's clingfish could inspire better medical devices, whale tags
17 Pitch for support, in Spanish and offering recognition, scores for nonprofit
18 3-D printed trachea among key Mount Sinai research presented at AATS meeting
19 Detecting knee-cushion problems early could lead to better treatments
20 Moderate exercise may make cancer treatments more effective, kinesiologist finds
21 Discovery could help reverse glucocorticoid resistance in some young leukemia patients
22 Green tea extract and exercise hinder progress of Alzheimer's disease in mice
23 Scientists dramatically improve method for finding common genetic alterations in tumors
24 Youth just as likely to try e-cigarettes as smoking
25 Personal cues can have a strong effect on craving in individuals with addiction
26 Weight loss may increase risk of premature death in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
27 Study identifies desire and arousal as the main players in women's sexual health
28 Lab test commonly used to assess water toxicity
29 Juvenile shale gas in Sweden
30 UTMB study shows cost-effective expert recommended asthma test underutilized by physicians
31 Odd histone helps suppress jumping genes in stem cells, study says
32 Nanoparticles in consumer products can significantly alter normal gut microbiome
33 Dulaglutide in type 2 diabetes: Hint of added benefit with short-acting insulin
34 Why are avocados so awesome? (video)
35 Pollen and clouds: April flowers bring May showers?
36 Rumors have it
37 Nature paper describes revolutionary method of making RNAs
38 Identifying species imperiled by the wildlife trade may require a trip to the market
39 Mutations in 2 genes linked to familial pulmonary fibrosis and telomere shortening
40 Comprehensive Swedish research study reveals family, neighborhood impact on mental health
41 Researchers hope to improve dental health by changing caregiver's behavior
42 UH researchers create lens to turn smartphone into microscope
43 Proteomics identifies DNA repair toolbox
44 The random raman laser: A new light source for the microcosmos
45 Established a psychological technique to helps smokers quite tobacco
46 Ocean currents disturb methane-eating bacteria
47 N/A
48 Discovered the sixth DNA base?
49 Insight into how we protect ourselves from certain bacteria and fungi
50 'Performance enhancing' drugs decrease performance
51 Warm oceans caused hottest Dust Bowl years in 1934/36
52 Fjords are 'hotspots' in global carbon cycling
53 Researchers get a closer look at how the Huntington's gene works
54 From brittle to plastic in 1 breath
55 Exposure to air pollution in the first year of life increases risk for allergies
56 Rheumatoid arthritis patients at increased risk of surprise heart attack
57 Disney Research algorithm combines videos from unstructured camera arrays into panoramas
58 Multiple types of resistance to new lung cancer drug identified
59 Fungi enhances crop roots and could be a future 'bio-fertilizer'
60 Study points to possible treatment for lethal pediatric brain cancer
61 Scientists identify tissue-degrading enzyme in white-nose syndrome
62 Virginia Tech researcher shines light on origin of bioluminescence
63 Pitt team follows zinc to uncover pathway that fine-tunes brain signaling
64 Are scare tactics off the table for public health campaigns targeting HIV?
65 Hot under the collar: The untold dangers firefighters face in the line of duty
66 Emergency department opioid prescribing
67 Defects in atomically thin semiconductor emit single photons
68 Study finds inhibitor for COPD lung destruction
69 Clean air and health benefits of clean power plan hinge on key policy decisions
70 Joining the genomic dots
71 Digoxin increases the risk of death in patients with heart problems
72 Premature birth alters brain connections
73 Decoding DNA's phonebook
74 A new finding on cell movement dynamics sheds light on cancer therapy
75 Study IDs collagen-damaging protein in White Nose syndrome
76 As the river rises: Cahokia's emergence and decline linked to Mississippi River flooding
77 How oxidizing a heart 'brake' causes heart damage
78 Racial differences in male breast cancer outcomes
79 India drift
80 Patients with AIDS at increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration
81 Study reveals how a Rab protein controls HIV-1 replication
82 Malarial parasites dodge the kill
83 School competitive food policies appears tied to neighborhood socioeconomics
84 Study examines incidence of concussion in youth, high school, college football
85 Kids likely to sleepwalk if parents have history of nocturnal strolls
86 Off-label use of device to prevent stroke in a-fib patients is prevalent, potentially dangerous
87 New screening technique could pick up twice as many women with ovarian cancer
88 Primary care visits available to most uninsured, but at a high price
89 Electronic health records may not improve outcomes in ischemic stroke patients
90 Scientists reconcile three unrelated theories of schizophrenia
91 Researchers 'un-can' the HIV virus
92 Keeping legalized marijuana out of hands of kids
93 An unexpected role for calcium in controlling inflammation during chronic lung infection
94 New study suggests prominent role for pharmacies in reducing asthma-related illness
95 Bystander CPR helps cardiac arrest survivors return to work
96 Duke study uncovers foundations of heart regeneration
97 Carrying a little extra weight decreases mortality from type 2 diabetes
98 Gigantic whales have stretchy 'bungee cord' nerves
99 These gigantic whales have nerves like bungee cords
100 Bacteria research opens way for new antibiotics
101 A hot start to the origin of life?
102 New form of DNA modification may carry inheritable information
103 WSU researchers produce jet fuel compounds from fungus
104 Ethanol refining may release more of some pollutants than previously thought
105 Thoughts drive dieting plans but feelings drive dieting behavior, study finds
106 Research charts a course for increasing edamame acreage in the Midwest
107 Popular electric brain stimulation method detrimental to IQ scores
108 3-D models of neuronal networks reveal organizational principles of sensory cortex
109 Molecular link found between high glucose, metabolic disease
110 ASTRO issues guideline on definitive and adjuvant RT for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer