File Title
1 Certain Knee Cartilage Changes Over Time Predict Replacement Need
2 ASCO: Chemo-ADT Combo Still Winning in Prostate Cancer
3 Price Transparency: A Rosetta Stone
4 Crowd-Sourcing Healthcare Costs
5 Op-Ed: An American Obligation to Public Health and the NIH
6 MRI-Detected Damage Shows Up 2 years Before Knee OA Dx
7 AACE to Offer New Obesity Guidelines, Tools
8 CDC: Progress, Obstacles in Fight Against Foodborne Illness
9 Nurse Educators Improve Diabetes Outcomes
10 Stroke Rounds: Depression Doubles Stroke Risk After 50
11 Chandra Reveals Black Holes Gorging at Excessive Rates
12 Fingerprinting Chips to Aid in Fight Against Counterfeiting
13 How Bombardier Beetles Produce an Explosive Chemical Jet
14 Cassini Views "The Great Eye" of Saturn's Moon Mimas
15 New Pathway for Passing Genetic Messages between Cells
16 The Mystery of India's Rapid Move toward Eurasia 80 Million Years Ago
17 Astrophysicists Show Water Could Have Been Abundant in the early Universe
18 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Moves Closer to the Lunar Surface
19 Deep Dielectric Charging May Alter Evolution of Lunar Soil
20 MIT Energy Initiative Report Highlights the Future of Solar Energy
21 Scientists Find Evidence of Briny Water at Gale Crater
22 New ESO Image of a Dark Molecular Cloud
23 Astronomers Discover the Farthest Galaxy to Date
24 Rice Engineers Develop Real-Time 3D Radar System
25 Brown Researchers Reveal Inhibitor for COPD Lung Destruction
26 Astrophysicists Examine the Possibility of Planets Forming around HL Tauri
27 NIAC Program Working on Ideas for an Ecosystem on Mars
28 Activity on Enceladus Could Be 'Curtain Eruptions'
29 Video: Memory T Cells and Long-Term Immunity
30 Biologists Reverse Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics
31 ALMA Discovers a Globular Cluster about to be Born
32 NASA's NuSTAR Finds Evidence of a Lopsided Star Explosion
33 Halo Around the Andromeda Galaxy is Larger than Previously Thought
34 Vitamin A Receptor Helps Protect Lungs from Smoke Exposure and Viral Infections
35 Neuroscientists Pinpoint Neurons that Help Tell Faces Apart
36 Hubble Views Elliptical Galaxy NGC 3923
37 New Images by NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Show Mysterious Bright Spots on Ceres
38 Serene Saturn--Cassini Image of Saturn and Mimas
39 Yale Research Shows How Renalase Protects Kidney and Heart from Injury
40 The Changing Frequency of Galaxy Collisions
41 Physicists Corral Electrons Using a New Quantum Tool
42 The Owens Valley Long Wavelength Array Searches the Entire Sky 24/7
43 Scientists Replicate the Molecular Processes that Led from Dinosaur Snouts to Bird Beaks
44 Suspended Microchannel Resonator Measures Nanoparticles as They Flow
45 LBT Reveals Lava Lake on Jupiter's Moon Io
46 New Horizons Photographs Pluto's Faintest Known Moons for the First Time
47 Study Shows Europa's Mystery Dark Material Could Be Sea Salt
48 TEMPO Space-Based Pollution Monitoring Instrument Passes NASA Review
49 Kepler Finds Evidence of Daily Weather Cycles on Exoplanets
50 Larsen C Ice Shelf is Thinning from Above and Below
51 Physicists Build a Quantum-Gas Microscope for Fermionic Atoms
52 New Shortcut Simplifies the Production of Solar Cells
53 Galactic Cosmic Rays Can Cause Dementia-Like Symptoms During Extended Space Travel
54 A New Study Links Infant Antibiotic Use to Adult Diseases
55 Strangulation is the Primary Mechanism for Star Formation Shut Down
56 Hubble Reveals Diffusion of Stars Through the Core of the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae
57 Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf Will Disintegrate Before the End of the Decade
58 Kepler Observes Neptune and Its Moons Triton and Nereid
59 Gene Expression Evolves Best Under a House-of-Cards Model
60 New Mathematical Model Helps Predicts Optimal Use of Antibiotics
61 A Promising New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
62 Fiery end for MESSENGER mission
63 UK beats Italy to host SKA headquarters
64 Highly charged ions could measure changes in fine-structure constant
65 New state of matter found in crystal made from buckyballs
66 Silicon 'nanoneedles' deliver nanodots and nucleic acids
67 Clap your eyes on the first 'images' of thunder
68 IceCube neutrinos do come in three flavours after all
69 Swirling light beams carve intricate patterns
70 Atomic gas puts the brakes on light in optical fibres
71 Electron pairing without superconductivity seen at long last
72 Polariton refrigerator could chill tiny semiconductor devices
73 Skype's Real-Time Translator Now Open to All
74 Robotic Space Eel May One Day Explore Europa's Seas
75 Virtual Flood Washes Over Amsterdam Square
76 Artificial Octopus Arm Performs Surgery
77 Override Tech Could Have Prevented Amtrak
78 Man Embeds Chip in His Hand, Hacks Phones with It
79 New Horizons Mission Spies Pluto's Entire Moon Family
80 Exoplanet Forecast: Cloudy Morning. Outlook: Horrific Heat
81 Kepler's 'Superflare' Stars Sport Huge, Angry Starspots
82 Galactic Strangulation Behind Cosmic Murder Mystery
83 Mysterious New Type of Star Cluster Carries Extra Baggage
84 Singer Sarah Brightman Cancels Space Station Adventure
85 Surprise Quasar Quartet Defies Explanation
86 Cosmic 'Dinosaur Egg' Ready to Hatch
87 Seven Dead After Philadelphia Train Derailment
88 Brain Waves Can Tell if You're a Leader
89 What a Global Typhoid Outbreak Means for the U.S.
90 When More Sex Can Make You Less Happy
91 Blues Legend B.B. King Dies, Aged 89
92 Norovirus Could Threaten Swimmers this Summer
93 Can Shell Drill Safely in the Arctic?
94 Nepal Aftershock: Landslides Pose New Threat
95 Could Warming Make Hurricane Season Longer?
96 Glaciers Split, Leave Behind Stretch Marks
97 End Is Near for 10,000-Year-Old Antarctic Ice Shelf
98 High Ozone Days in US Linked to La Nina Winters
99 Malaysian Plane Search Reveals Uncharted Shipwreck
100 Cannibalism: A History of People Who Eat People
101 'Roswell Alien' Photo Revealed as Mummified Boy
102 Gold-Filled Tomb Found at Construction Site in China
103 Mad Max: A Brief History of the Apocalypse
104 Ant Jumps Super Fast with Its Jaws: Video
105 Giant Panda at DC Zoo Might Have Another Cub
106 Flies Fear Swatters, May Have Other Emotions Too
107 First Warm-Blooded Fish Identified
108 Johnny Depp's Dogs: Why Quarantine Rules Are Strict
109 Common Bacterium Cures Bats' White-nose Syndrome
110 Doomed Antarctic Explorer's Last Photos for Sale
111 Everest Expeditions in Question After Nepal Quake
112 Dutch Polar Explorers Likely Drown in Arctic
113 Antarctic Sea Ice May Force Research Stations to Move