File Title
1 Claim: Antarctic region once as hot as California, Florida
2 Claim: Wildlife response to climate change is likely underestimated
3 Cloaked DNA nanodevices survive pilot mission
4 A new "APEX" in plant studies aboard the International Space Station (ISS)
5 'Upside-down planet' reveals new method for studying binary star systems
6 Claim: Mantis shrimp are stronger than airplanes
7 Mysteries of a nearby planetary system's dynamics now are solved
8 Fast, furious, and soon to be electric
9 Scientists study halving hydrogen
10 Fiction prepares us for a world changed by global warming
11 Report: CyberBuddy is better than no buddy
12 Spiders in space weave a web of scientific inspiration for Spider-Man fans
13 Weightless plants fly on a dragon
14 Superconducting qubit array points the way to quantum computers
15 Study finds accelerated soil carbon loss, increasing the rate of climate change
16 'Double-duty' electrolyte enables new chemistry for longer-lived batteries
17 When things get glassy, molecules go fractal
18 Following NASA's human path to Mars
19 NASA tests Orion's parachute performance over Arizona while work progresses in Florida
20 Scientists develop a 3D printed microscope for $2
21 Making graphene work for real-world devices
22 3D printing cancer cells
23 What would the ancient Maya have thought about Facebook?
24 Reconstructed ancient ocean reveals secrets about the origin of life
25 NASA's Spitzer and WISE telescopes find close, cold neighbor of the Sun
26 Traces of recent water on Mars
27 Astronomical forensics spot planetary disks in NASA's Hubble archive
28 Researcher develops smart components that assemble themselves
29 Report: Ozone levels drop 20 percent with switch from ethanol to gasoline
30 Claim: Wetlands likely to blame for greenhouse gas increases
31 Multilayer, microscale solar cells enable ultrahigh efficiency power generation
32 NASA analyzes ozone's ups and downs
33 NASA honors William Shatner (AKA Captain Kirk)
34 Stanford bioengineers create circuit board modeled on the human brain
35 Research shows smartphone sensors leave trackable fingerprints
36 Climate change: don't wait until you can feel it
37 Star is discovered to be a close neighbor of the Sun and the coldest of its kind
38 A laser-powered farewell to moon mission
39 Report: Graphene not all good
40 This system detects global trends in social networks two months in advance
41 Brewing up sustainability
42 Report: Apple's new A7 mobile SoC is "desktop class"
43 Chromebook adoption gains traction
44 Novena laptop goes open source with Bunnie Huang
45 Quantum cryptography for mobile phones
46 Intel's Android 4.4 (KitKat) for 64-bit chips goes live
47 Claim: Personal touch signature makes mobile devices more secure
48 This eReader has a camera and OCR software
49 Researchers measure smartphone malware infection rates
50 Report: Lenovo prepping new high-end ThinkPad tablet
51 Asus Transformer Pad TF103C gets detailed
52 Apple's 2014 roadmap gets outlined
53 Amazon's smartphone ready for 2014
54 Rockchip touts ARM Cortex-A17 for Android and Chrome
55 Toshiba's 4K Ultrabook has a $1500 price tag
56 Report: Samsung preps high-end Tizen phones
57 Intel's Bay Trail NUC is fanless
58 MSI launches barebones ProBox23
59 Sony's waterproof tablet washes ashore for $500
60 Gigabyte preps Haswell BRIX mini-PC with Nvidia GeForce graphics
61 3840 x 2160 pixel tablet display debuts
62 Lenovo's Yoga 10 HD+ Android tablet claims 18 hour battery life
63 TCL T2 is a quad-core Android game console
64 Acer teases wearable smartband, new Chromebook
65 Warming 'increases heatwaves and heavy rain'
66 Meet T.rex's 'bizarre' vegetarian cousin
67 High-pitched noises can trigger seizures in older cats
68 Himalayan rivers and snow from the space station
69 Lapita colonised Tonga within two generations
70 Briny water under Antarctica's surface could host life
71 Mysterious X-rays could mark stellar graveyard
72 Bizarre bat-winged dinosaur once soared over China
73 NASA spacecraft New Horizons spots possible ice cap on Pluto
74 An electric car made from spinifex?...and more
75 Extinctions to accelerate as planet warms
76 Monkeys are cracking good at cracking nuts
77 Messenger's final image before crashing
78 Treasure trove at the altar of star birth
79 Zombie bacteria may help heal wounds
80 Heat stress costs Australian economy billions
81 Feeding wild birds ruffles species balance
82 Parkes telescope scientists discover 'strange signals' from kitchen microwave
83 Early bird winds back the avian clock
84 Hunting not to blame for pygmy blue whales' tiny gene pool
85 Our beautiful planet: the blue marble in 2015
86 Mathematics charts the rise of hip-hop
87 New microorganism may be missing link in evolution of life
88 Drought-struck sheep provide clues on fatal liver disease
89 Astronomers find most distant galaxy ever
90 Mercury was magnetic four billion years ago
91 Ancient brain shows how animals evolved heads
92 Antibiotic could help cure phobias...and more
93 Can noxious beetle bursts make better engines? (+video)
94 There may be a volcano erupting off the coast of Oregon: Is it a threat? (+video)
95 How much do scientists know about the latest bird flu virus?
96 When and where do quake aftershocks happen?
97 A 4.2-magnitude Michigan earthquake: How did that happen? (+video)
98 Underwater volcano spewing lava off Oregon coast (+video)
99 NASA crashes spacecraft into Mercury
100 How fjords are helping curb global warming
101 Can rockets have an eject button? SpaceX to take on key safety test (+video)
102 Astronomers identify most distant galaxy yet discovered
103 SpaceX to test rocket ejection system with dummy
104 I'll take my latte Zero-G. Science lessons from coffee in space
105 Sun unleashes biggest solar flare of the year so far
106 SpaceX successfully ejects crew capsule: Did space flight just get safer? (+video)
107 Are you ready to share the road with a self-piloting big rig? (+video)
108 How social media can make sharks seem less scary
109 Are those geysers on Saturn's moon an illusion? (+video)
110 Out-of-control Russian spaceship: Where will it crash?
111 What if spiders could fly? In Chicago, perhaps they do.