File Title
1 Claim: Hybrid vehicles more fuel efficient in India and China
2 Study: Warming climate may spread drying to a third of Earth
3 Understanding Earth's dynamic interior
4 NSIDC, NASA say Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming
5 A breakthrough in creating invisibility cloaks, stealth technology
6 Claim: Using more wood for construction can slash global reliance on fossil fuels
7 Wind energy: On the grid, off the checkerboard
8 Report: Methane-producing microbes may be responsible for mass extinction
9 Misleading mineral may have resulted in overestimate of water in moon
10 'Cosmic barometer' could reveal violent events in universe's past
11 Remotely operated aircraft successfully tested as tool for measuring changes in polar ice sheets
12 Knowledge transfer: Computers teach each other Pac-Man
13 Report: Americans using more energy
14 Why Arctic ice is disappearing more rapidly than expected
15 Claim: Coffee consumption reduces mortality risk from liver cirrhosis
16 Magnetic anomaly deep within Earth's crust reveals Africa in North America
17 Ancient volcanic explosions shed light on Mercury's origins
18 Never say never in the nano-world
19 NASA's OCO-2 brings sharp new focus on global carbon
20 New research finds 'geologic clock' to help determine moon's age
21 Energy breakthrough uses sun to create solar energy materials
22 Do poplars have biofuel potential?
23 Designing trees that make it easier to produce paper
24 Fermi data tantalizes with new clues to dark matter
25 NASA detects ocean inside Saturn moon
26 Report: Criticism of violent video games has decreased
27 Bacteria get new badge as planet's detoxifier
28 Scientists unmask the climate uncertainty monster
29 To bridge LEDs' green gap, scientists think small...really small
30 New algorithm supercharges robot navigation
31 Hubble sees a spiral home to exploding stars
32 Hubble sees a spiral home to exploding stars
33 NASA Mars Rover Curiosity scopes out new target
34 Why food quality will suffer with rising CO2
35 Report: Permafrost thawing could accelerate global warming
36 Slowdown of global warming fleeting
37 Organic solar cells more efficient with molecules face-to-face
38 New catalog brings NASA software down to Earth
39 Trees go high-tech: process turns cellulose into energy storage devices
40 Report: Social networking use linked to infidelity and divorce
41 These electronics dissolve when triggered
42 Green tea boosts your brain
43 Yes, memory accuracy and strength can be manipulated during sleep
44 Regolith of small asteroids formed by thermal fatigue
45 On the trail of a galactic serial killer
46 Micro-robots, smaller than a penny, could one day swarm to the rescue
47 Did life as we know it originate in deep sea vents?
48 Report: Movies synchronize minds
49 Scientists develop bacterial 'FM Radio'
50 How to make ethanol without corn or other plants
51 Growing crops on photovoltaic farms
52 Report: Gusev Crater on Mars once held a lake
53 Images from NASA Mars Rover include bright spots
54 NASA's LRO Mission and North America to experience total lunar eclipse
55 Sunlight generates hydrogen in new porous silicon
56 Into the abyss: Scientists explore one of Earth's deepest ocean trenches
57 SU plays key role in search for elusive dark matter
58 NASA's Hubble extends stellar tape measure 10x farther into space
59 Faraway moon or faint star? NASA says possible exomoon found
60 Construction to begin on NASA spacecraft set to visit asteroid in 2018
61 Researchers bolster development of programmable quantum computers
62 Odds that global warming is due to natural factors? Slim to none
63 Greenland ice cores show industrial record of acid rain
64 BOSS quasars track the expanding universe
65 Veggie experiment will expand fresh food production on Space Station
66 Testing boundaries of 'new physics' with discovery of 4-quark hadron
67 Bringing extinct plants to life
68 How the brain pays attention
69 Shiny quantum dots brighten future of solar cells
70 Does germ plasm accelerate evolution?
71 Report: Nutrient-rich forests absorb more carbon
72 A molecular approach to solar power
73 Scientists study genetically modified tobacco plants as an alternative for producing bioethanol
74 Saturn's hexagon: An amazing phenomenon
75 Achieving data transmission in the terabit range
76 Novel technique developed by NUS scientists opens door to better solar cells
77 Device turns flat surface into spherical antenna
78 'Problem wells' source of greenhouse gas at unexpected stage of natural gas production
79 Supercomputers study cosmic slurp
80 Observing circles on Saturn
81 Are we over the Starcraft gaming hill at 24?
82 ISEE-3: An old friend visits Earth
83 Improving electric vehicle range with supercharged batteries
84 Searching for dark energy with neutrons
85 Understanding how memories stick together
86 An Arctic ozone hole? Not quite
87 NASA Mars Orbiter spies rover near Martian Butte
88 Understanding the 'Water World' theory of life's origins
89 Could floating nuclear plants could ride out tsunamis?
90 Food shortages could be most critical world issue by mid-century
91 Clean air? Fewer sources for self-cleaning
92 Surprising material could play role in saving energy
93 Saturn's rings reveal how to make a moon
94 NASA Rover Opportunity's selfie shows clean machine
95 NASA's Kepler discovers first Earth-size planet in the 'habitable zone' of another star
96 Internet use can help ward off depression among elderly
97 Doubts surface over climate benefit of biofuels from corn residue
98 Controlling the weather with a dressed laser
99 Vitamin B3 might have been made in space, delivered to Earth by meteorites
100 Researchers find 3-million-year-old landscape beneath Greenland ice sheet
101 A cross-section of the universe
102 'Exotic' material is like a switch when super thin
103 Testing protocols in Internet of Things by a formal passive technique
104 Old tires become material for new and improved roads
105 Impact glass stores biodata for millions of years
106 Scientists successfully use krypton to accurately date ancient Antarctic ice
107 Progress made in developing nanoscale electronics
108 For an immune cell, microgravity mimics aging
109 A new key to unlocking the mysteries of physics? Quantum turbulence
110 From red Mars to green Earth