File Title
1 Report: Brain-injured patients need therapies based on cognitive neuroscience
2 A phone with the ultimate macro feature
3 Pancreatic cancer risk linked to weak sunlight
4 Epilepsy alters organization of brain networks and functional efficiency
5 Toxic combination of air pollution and poverty lowers child IQ
6 Parents describe arduous journey from diagnosis to pediatric epileptic surgery
7 Three secrets to healthier eating
8 Prevent type 2 diabetes blood-sugar spikes by eating more protein for breakfast
9 Uncovering new functions of a gene implicated in cancer growth opens new therapeutic possibilities
10 Incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome almost doubles in 4 years
11 Mentally challenging work could protect the mind in old age
12 Pharmaceutical industry regulation undermines NICE drugs appraisal work
13 Research seeks alternatives for reducing bacteria in fresh produce using nanoengineering
14 'Light was as rewarding as morphine' in mice with new opioid receptors
15 New method enables drug target validation for COPD treatment
16 Research unlocks critical early nutrient supply for embryos
17 Pre-existing inflammation may promote the spread of cancer
18 Increase in types and brands of same food items could contribute to overconsumption
19 A new cellular response to radiation exposure: Must we reconsider the risks of low doses?
20 Drug that can prevent the onset of diabetes is rarely used
21 Busy Americans can reap health benefits by balancing protein intake throughout the day
22 Study finds swine farming is a risk factor for drug-resistant staph infections
23 Alberta's older injured workers at disadvantage in returning to jobs
24 Screening for bacteriuria in pregnant women: Benefit unclear
25 Impaired sleep linked to lower pain tolerance
26 ACP releases advice for the proper time, test, and interval for cervical cancer screening
27 UTHealth researchers use 'knockout humans' to connect genes to disease risk
28 N/A
29 Fat grafting for butt augmentation--combined technique gives good results
30 Souped-up remote control switches behaviors on-and-off in mice
31 Boosting the body's natural ability to fight urinary tract infections
32 Study questions quality of US health data
33 How can hip-hop help the mentally ill?
34 Walking an extra two minutes each hour may offset hazards of sitting too long
35 Protein in metabolic reprogramming restrains senescent cells from becoming cancerous
36 Scientists discover key driver of human aging
37 Spinal cord axon injury location determines neuron's regenerative fate
38 Vital step in stem cell growth revealed
39 Vitamin D toxicity rare in people who take supplements, Mayo Clinic researchers report
40 Chapman University research on the yoga market from 1980 to the present
41 First embryonic stem cell therapy safety trial in Asian patients
42 Role of telomeres in plant stem cells discovered
43 Obesity linked to increased health care costs after plastic surgery
44 Compact synchrotron makes tumors visible
45 New survey: Percentage of Texans without health insurance drops dramatically
46 New origin theory for cells that gave rise to vertebrates
47 Moffitt researchers discover new mechanism controlling cell response to DNA damage
48 Viruses responsible for 50 percent of gastroenteritis cases can spread by air
49 Integrative medicine has positive impact on patient activation, chronic pain, depression
50 Study results promising for hepatitis C patients awaiting or completing liver transplant
51 U.S. clinics avoiding government oversight of "stem cell" treatments
52 New research uncovers disconnect in pain-related communications between prescribers of pain medications and patients
53 Frequent aspirin use reduces risk of cervical cancer by nearly half
54 FDA approves treatment for fat below the chin
55 Young people think friends are more at risk of cyberbullying
56 Cataract "blitzes" don't fix long-term problems
57 Australian guidelines for evaluation of chest pain need another look
58 MRIs may be solution to prostate screening conundrum
59 FDA issues proposed rule to address data gaps for certain active ingredients in health care antiseptics
60 New report highlights the risks to human health from climate change, Australia
61 More than two dozen organizations join call by internists and others for policies to reduce firearm injuries and deaths in U.S.
62 Carrying a little extra weight decreases mortality from type 2 diabetes
63 Daily low-molecular-weight heparin injections not recommended for reducing recurrent miscarriage
64 Fecal transplant safe and effective for recurrent Clostridium difficile infection
65 Free online educational asthma resource to support anyone who works with children, UK
66 Acute asthma: women more likely to be hospitalized than men
67 U of M institute discovers how aspirin fights cancer
68 Lymphatic pump treatment enhances antibiotic effectiveness for treating pneumonia
69 Study identifies genetic risk for childhood sleepwalking
70 Long-term galactic cosmic ray exposure leads to dementia-like cognitive impairments
71 Mechanisms for continually producing sperm
72 How your sex life may influence endometriosis
73 Majority of older adults willing to be screened by telephone for dementia
74 New gene editing tools force renewed debate over therapeutic germline alteration
75 Beyond chicken fingers & fries: New evidence in favor of healthier kids' menus
76 Use wipes in the kitchen to reduce risk of food poisoning by 99 percent
77 A practical gel that simply 'clicks' for biomedical applications
78 UNC researchers create DNA repair map of the entire human genome
79 The ER docs said 'stop smoking,' and they did!
80 Study finds guidance improves food safety practices at school, community gardens
81 Mixing energy drinks, alcohol tied to abusive drinking in teens
82 TGen-UCSF study in Neuro-Oncology provides comprehensive look at brain cancer treatments
83 Patients with gastrointestinal tumors at higher risk of other cancers
84 How to reset a diseased cell
85 First-year undergrad identifies method to potentially save money in health care
86 New ovarian cancer screening technique could double detection rates
87 Study illustrates how chickenpox virus can cause a stroke in an HIV patient
88 Low-allergen soybean could have high impact
89 New test predicts sudden cardiac death in hemodialysis patients
90 Gene therapy efficacy for LCA: Improvement is followed by decline in vision
91 An unexpected role for calcium in controlling inflammation during chronic lung infection
92 New study suggests prominent role for pharmacies in reducing asthma-related illness
93 Bystander CPR helps cardiac arrest survivors return to work
94 Duke study uncovers foundations of heart regeneration
95 Study: Generic transplant drugs as good as brand name
96 N/A
97 Better documentation of adverse drug reactions needed for new Bill C-17 to improve drug safety
98 Canada should ban asbestos use in Canada and globally
99 Heel pain, common and debilitating, often misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis--use of diagnostic ultrasound leads to more accurate diagnosis
100 New report on the reality of person-centered care
101 FDA approves Raplixa to help control bleeding during surgery
102 'Blue Light' Infoline launched in England to help emergency services personnel, friends and family
103 Digoxin increases the risk of death in patients with heart problems, according to the largest study of the evidence so far
104 'Higher risk' of other cancers in people with gastrointestinal stromal tumors
105 Two-minute walk every hour may reduce hazard of prolonged sitting
106 Preterm birth alters brain connections linked to cognitive functioning, study finds
107 'Can opener' molecule makes HIV vulnerable to attack
108 Brain scans confirm 'fuzzy thinking' as symptom of depression and bipolar disorder