File Title
1 Human-inspired robot takes a brisk walk in the grass
2 Chemists cook up three atom-thick electronic sheets
3 The language of invention: Most innovations are rephrasings of past inventions
4 What happens when populations hit the borders of expansion?
5 Slowdown after Ice Age sounds a warning for Great Barrier Reef's future
6 'Silver bullet' kills phytophthora, a fungus that affects more than 400 plants and trees
7 Just like humans, dolphins have complex social networks
8 How do salmon change from freshwater to saltwater fish?
9 Dietary supplements are good for coral health, study shows
10 Bat disease: Scientists identify tissue-degrading enzyme in white-nose syndrome
11 Biologists shines light on origin of bioluminescence
12 New climate projections paint bleak future for tropical coral reefs
13 Puget Sound's clingfish could inspire better medical devices, whale tags
14 Snow and avalanche research: Remote assessment of avalanche risk
15 Can biodiesel damage your car in colder climates?
16 Shale-drilling additives in drinking-water taps near leak, new technique shows
17 As the river rises: Cahokia's emergence and decline linked to Mississippi River flooding
18 Chicxulub and the deccan eruptions: Just a coincidence?
19 Fjords are 'hotspots' in global carbon cycling
20 Mystery of India's rapid move toward Eurasia 80 million years ago explained
21 Juvenile shale gas in Sweden
22 Pollen and clouds: April flowers bring May showers?
23 Ocean currents disturb methane-eating bacteria
24 Heritage destruction in conflict zones provides archaeological opportunities
25 Did dinosaur-killing asteroid trigger largest lava flows on Earth?
26 New origin theory for cells that gave rise to vertebrates
27 Tropical marine ecosystems most at threat from human impact
28 Geological foundations for smart cities: Comparing early Rome and Naples
29 Unique fish fossils shed light on evolution of bony fishes
30 Evolution: The secrets of the brachiopod shell
31 Challenge to the view that Neolithic societies were egalitarian
32 Can skull shape and function determine what kind of food was on prehistoric plates?
33 Rare whale fossil found in Panama clarifies evolution of sperm whale
34 Are scare tactics off the table for public health campaigns targeting HIV?
35 Cost-effective expert recommended asthma test underutilized by physicians, study shows
36 Sports: 'Performance enhancing' drugs decrease performance
37 Tough laws to stop the trade of endangered wildlife 'not enough'
38 US clinics avoiding government oversight of 'stem cell' treatments
39 Online voting a step closer thanks to breakthrough in security technology
40 Short-term debt, depressive symptoms may go hand-in-hand
41 Dam removal study reveals river resiliency
42 Sustainability progress should precede seafood market access, researchers urge
43 Increase in types, brands of same food items could contribute to overconsumption
44 Halving of alcohol-fueled car crashes since mid-1980s boosted US economy by $20 billion
45 Investment fears: How does the need for closure increase risk?
46 A 'forest instead of the trees' viewpoint may motivate change after negative feedback
47 Taming polluting companies: Ratings have spillover effects, leading to reduced toxic emissions
48 Higher-level occupations may increase survival in patients with a common form of early-onset dementia
49 How to approach your boss about a treadmill desk
50 Ten more years of real money?
51 Self-affirmations may calm jitters, boost performance
52 Firearm-related hospitalizations linked to U.S. stock market performance
53 Patents forecast technological change
54 Lens turns smartphone into a microscope: Costs only 3 cents
55 Higher levels of inattention at age seven linked with lower final high school exam grades
56 No Hogwarts invitation required: Invisibility cloaks move into the real-life classroom
57 Lack of safety at school, poverty linked to childhood obesity
58 Switching on one-shot learning in the brain
59 Childhood bullying: Worse long-term mental health than maltreatment by adult
60 Sexual risk reduction intervention more effective for adolescent boys than girls, new research shows
61 Babies as young as six months using mobile media
62 MRI shows association between reading to young children and brain activity
63 We think better on our feet, literally
64 Scientists discover key driver of human aging: May lead to slowing or reversing aging process
65 Cocaine changes brain, makes relapse more common in addicts
66 Diet swap has dramatic effects on colon cancer risk for Americans and Africans
67 Is the universe a hologram?
68 Robotically discovering Earth's nearest neighbors: 54 light-years away
69 Sixth DNA base discovered?
70 Alternate theory of inhabitation of North America disproven
71 Bizarre 'platypus' dinosaur: Vegetarian relative of T. rex
72 Gigantic whales have stretchy 'bungee cord' nerves
73 Flowing against the stream: Inanimate beads behave in lifelike ways
74 Fresh whole blood for pediatric heart surgery 'may reduce risk of transfusion-related illnesses'
75 Complex medical information after acute heart failure can lead to death
76 Maternal overweight and obesity increases risk of type 1 diabetes in children when neither parent has diabetes
77 'Motion-tracking' MRIs reveal harbingers of stroke in people with heart rhythm disorder
78 Model uncovers malaria parasite causes red blood cell changes
79 Study links insomnia to impaired work performance in night shift workers
80 Study finds cardiorespiratory fitness contributes to successful brain aging
81 Yale scientists use gene editing to correct mutation in cystic fibrosis
82 Claims about the decline of the West are 'exaggerated'
83 Saturated fatty acids might directly damage heart
84 'Chemo brain' is real, say UBC researchers
85 Olga Troyanskaya brings order to big data of human biology
86 UC Davis makes breakthrough in understanding Canavan disease
87 Time to move Lyme Disease Awareness Month to April?
88 Study finds no health drawbacks to veterans' dual use of VA, Medicare Advantage
89 Most women don't know female-specific stroke signs
90 UTMB study shows that augmenting a gas naturally in our bodies fights RSV infection
91 Brain balances perception and action when caught in an illusion
92 New UW app can detect sleep apnea events via smartphone
93 Heroin use spikes among whites who abuse prescription painkillers
94 AGS unveils revised Choosing Wisely list of topics to talk about with older adults
95 Stopping HIV in its tracks
96 Keeping food visible throughout the house is linked to obesity
97 Women's heart health endangered by traumatic life events and financial struggles
98 Mayo Clinic-led research team identifies master switch for cancer-causing HER2 protein
99 Locusts provide insight into brain response to stimuli, senses
100 A CRISPR antiviral tool
101 Children's eye injuries from nonpowder guns on the rise
102 Patient portals could widen health disparities
103 Peanut-allergic children are more at risk of exposure at home than at school
104 Studies yield mixed findings on high-dose flu vaccine for elders
105 Researchers develop new computer-based vision screening test for young children
106 Living liver donors report lower sexual function in early months post-surgery
107 Cell-assisted lipotransfer: Safety not demonstrated
108 Childhood obesity--1 epidemic or 2?
109 New material for creating artificial blood vessels
110 Improving the effect of HIV drugs by the use of a vaccine