File Title
1 History of breastfeeding associated with reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence
2 Youths evaluated for sexual abuse at risk for revictimization online
3 Simple, active intervention program after major thoracic surgery reduces ER visits and saves money
4 Beijing Olympics study links pollution to lower birth weight
5 Cocaine changes the brain and makes relapse more common in addicts
6 What cause post-traumatic stress in combat?
7 What is the link between impulsivity and binges?
8 Racial disparities seen in initial access to blood flow for hemodialysis
9 High-dose sodium nitrite with citric acid creams better than placebo for anogenital warts
10 Report highlights pressures facing rheumatology services across the UK
11 Blood vessels moonlight as tissue engineers
12 Two-thirds of bowel cancer patients aren't advised to exercise despite health benefits
13 When older adults lose strength, the brain may be to blame
14 Watching cartoons helps children undergoing immunisation
15 Second generation 18F-labeled prostate-specific membrane antigen targeted imaging agent found to be highly sensitive in detecting prostate cancer
16 Study finds new clue to treating brain injury and abnormalities in premature infants
17 Camptothecin analog FL118 can overcome treatment resistance, outperform approved therapies
18 FDA approves first generic Abilify to treat mental illnesses
19 VivoSight October clinical study: Results demonstrate clinical value of October in basal cell carcinoma diagnosis
20 Surgery can help stop sleep-disordered breathing in children
21 Gene variants show potential in predicting rheumatoid arthritis disease outcomes
22 Toujeo approved in the European Union for the treatment of diabetes in adults
23 Study probing link between silica and lung cancer offers new clue
24 Alzheimer's amyloid protein development halted in mice
25 Breast cancer less likely to recur in women with history of breastfeeding
26 Clinical evaluation of new patient dedicated blood gas analyser published
27 WHO: most countries have no national plan to tackle drug resistance
28 The dangers of working in an office
29 Researchers find worm index closely associated with a nation's human development index
30 Optimizing treatment protocols when diagnostics are costly
31 Higher levels of inattention at age seven linked with lower GCSE grades
32 Friends and social networks valued by heart failure patients and health care providers
33 International research team discovers new mechanism behind malaria progression
34 Left ventricular assist devices may reduce health, cognitive function for some patients
35 Discovery of an unexpected function of a protein linked to neurodegenerative diseases
36 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease increases the risk of sudden cardiac death
37 New studies examine the significant risk of blood clots in post-surgical lung cancer patients
38 New IVF device may improve fertility treatment
39 Church-based diabetes education program leads to healthier lifestyles among Latino adults
40 New study links drinking behaviors with mortality
41 Genetic markers for fetal overgrowth syndrome discovered
42 Scientists find new mutation that may lead to better diabetes medications and prevention
43 Study: A minority of women seek health care after military sexual assault
44 Northwestern medicine researchers solve mystery of deadly transplant infection
45 University of Iowa team developing bioactive gel to treat knee injuries
46 Studies in Cell Transplantation show beneficial effects for variety of serious conditions
47 Boston Children's Hospital study reveals first 6 months best for stimulating heart growth
48 An apple a day brings more apples your way
49 Genital-only screening misses many cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia in women
50 C. difficile rates highest in Northeast region, spring season
51 Elevated upper body position improves respiratory safety in women following childbirth
52 Out-of-body experience triggered by researchers in a lab
53 Commercial out of hours GP services linked with poorer patient experience, UK
54 Joslin research finds gastric band and weight management therapies offer similar benefits
55 Gene mapping reveals soy's dynamic, differing roles in breast cancer
56 U-Michigan scientists observe deadly dance between nerves and cancer cells
57 Loyola study provides evidence that premature girls thrive more than premature boys
58 $20 billion boost to US economy from halving drunk car crashes
59 Brain tumor patients should be screened for depression
60 Combined chemotherapy and immunotherapy shows promise for advanced prostate cancers
61 Calling 911 in rural areas leads to faster heart attack care
62 Medical education risks becoming 2-tiered unless strong research focus is preserved
63 Scientists uncover surprising new details of potential Alzheimer's treatment
64 High costs of dental care leave many with too little money for basic necessities
65 Improved sanitation may reduce sexual violence in South African townships
66 Five-year survivors of esophageal cancer still face low but constant risks
67 NEJM reports promising results of phase 1/2 trial of rociletinib in EGFR lung cancer
68 Danish discovery may change cancer treatment
69 Brain circuitry for positive vs. negative memories discovered in mice
70 New therapy from naive cells attacks high-risk viruses in cord blood transplant patients
71 Locally sourced drugs can be effective for treating multidrug-resistant TB
72 Most people eager to know the secrets of their genetics
73 People in England and Wales will live longer than official estimates predict, say researchers
74 Study links quitting smoking with deterioration in diabetes control
75 Scientists discover protective molecule against Alzheimer's Disease
76 New TILDA study on high blood pressure finds high prevalence, low awareness and treatment disparities in Ireland
77 New research offers the potential of new treatments for Toxoplasma-induced pneumonia and cystic fibrosis
78 Gambling is all an illusion
79 New research highlights mental and physical impact of severe illness in children
80 Are the public and professionals speaking the same language when it comes to aging? New report from expert collaborative aims to get us closer
81 European Parliament Resolution calls for new EU Alcohol Strategy
82 New research-based pharmaceutical industry report provides insights on how to slow down antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and boost antibiotic R&D
83 Prolonged statin use may lower risk of lung cancer death
84 Children's National researchers uncover new T-cell immunity role in study
85 Lifetime intense physical activity may lower risk for non-hodgkin lymphoma
86 Lifestyle advice for would-be centenarians
87 Polio vaccination as a doorway to adequate health care
88 New method of investigating human lung tissue enables improved drug target validation for COPD treatment
89 Hacked Kinect controller game changer for Parkinson's
90 Social factors may not be necessary to produce or explain conformity
91 Blood cancer diagnosed too late due to crisis in awareness
92 Scientists describe mechanism that nourishes early embryo in the womb
93 Telomere biomarker may lead to blood test that predicts cancer years in advance
94 Markers predicting obesity 'can be detected in urine'
95 Lives of three babies rescued by 3D-printed, growth-flexible implants
96 First dog-to-human transmission of plague identified in the US
97 Condom use higher in young HIV-positive women with gender-equal views, study finds
98 Gene therapy clips out heart failure causing gene mutations
99 Breast cancer in young women--unique goals for treatment and research
100 Transforming all donated blood into a universal type
101 Stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma: New data did not change conclusion
102 Drug resistant bacteria common for nursing home residents with dementia
103 Making robots more human
104 Why do obese men get bariatric surgery far less than women?
105 Bone marrow cell transplants used to treat fractures, lung injury, and renal obstruction
106 Young adults born preterm may live with lungs of elderly, study finds
107 Replace soda with water, tea or coffee to fight diabetes, study suggests
108 Quenching the thirst for clean, safe water
109 The key to reducing pain in surgery may already be in your hand
110 Your brain on drugs: Functional differences in brain communication in cocaine users