File Title
1 Dark Knight of the Jurassic? Tiny Dinosaur Had Batlike Wings
2 4D Implant Saves Babies with Breathing Problems
3 Rare Sperm Whale Fossils Shed Light on Mysterious Family Tree
4 Neil Tyson's 'StarTalk' Turns TV Talk Shows Topsy-Turvy (Op-Ed)
5 Deadly Gut Bacteria Infections Peak in Spring
6 California's Forests Have Become Climate Polluters
7 Key Facts About the Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Case
8 'Obesity Signature' Written in Pee
9 What Chipotle's 'Ban' on Genetically Modified Foods Really Means
10 Mount Everest Shrank as Nepal Quake Lifted Kathmandu
11 Reference: What Is Visible Light?
12 Reference: What Are Mitochondria?
13 Why Some Women Lose More Weight from Exercise
14 Venom-Squirting Scorpions Blind Enemies with Toxin
15 Bat Wings Harbor Special Sensory Cells
16 Smallpox-Like Virus Infects Lab Worker After Mishap
17 Colorado Plague Outbreak Shows It's Hard to Diagnose the Disease
18 Kermit the Frog Look-Alike Among 5 New Species Uncovered
19 Millions of Dollars in Ivory Sold on Craigslist
20 Mysterious Nazca Line Geoglyphs Formed Ancient Pilgrimage Route
21 Ebola Survivors Should Use Condoms Indefinitely, CDC Says
22 'Wired' Underwater Volcano May Be Erupting Off Oregon
23 Slave-Trade Fossils Help Uncover Shrouded History (Podcast)
24 Axial Seamount: Images of an Erupting Undersea Volcano
25 Insomnia Can Worsen Chronic Pain Conditions
26 Reference: Sleeping for Two: Sleep Changes During Pregnancy
27 Reference: Horse Facts
28 Deadly, Lesser-Known Head and Neck Cancers Can't be Ignored (Op-Ed)
29 Royal Baby: Second Siblings Who Changed the World
30 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
31 Financial Stress Can Take a Toll on Women's Hearts
32 5 Coaches' Tips to Make Sense of Your Running Data
33 US in Longest 'Hurricane Drought' in Recorded History
34 Hear Eerie Sound Recording from the Edge of Space
35 Kids with 'Night Terrors' More Likely to Sleepwalk
36 It's Charlotte! Royal Baby Name Is 'Perfectly Balanced'
37 Probiotics May Help Relieve Seasonal Allergies
38 Crash! How India Slammed into Eurasia at Record Speed
39 If Earthquakes Regularly Rend the Earth, Why Does Preparation Lag? (Op-Ed)
40 How Do Tesla's Home Batteries Work?
41 'Albert Einstein Font' Lets You Write like Physics Genius
42 New Test for Ovarian Cancer Finds More Cases
43 Black Locust: The Tree on Which the US Was Built
44 Ten-engine electric plane completes successful flight test
45 Popular electric brain stimulation method used to boost brainpower is detrimental to IQ scores
46 Researchers observe the moment when a mind is changed
47 Astrophysicists offer proof that famous image shows forming planets
48 Astronomers unveil farthest galaxy, more than 13 billion years in the past
49 Late-night snacking: Is it your brain's fault?
50 First 'images' of thunder: Sound waves captured visually
51 Artificial muscles created from gold-plated onion cells
52 Say what? How the brain separates our ability to talk and write
53 Soft robot: Shaping itself and moving with own internally generated power?
54 Hispanics' health in the United States: Report
55 'Herd immunity' threatened in measles outbreak, pathologist says
56 3-D models of neuronal networks reveal organizational principles of sensory cortex
57 Who benefits from a catheter--and who doesn't? New guide aims to protect patients
58 Childhood maltreatment linked to sleep problems among adults
59 Molecular link between high glucose, metabolic disease may offer new strategies to control diabetes
60 Enzyme responsible for obesity-related high blood pressure identified
61 Traumatic brain injury linked to increased road rage
62 Interferon-free therapy clears hepatitis C in 93 percent of patients in trial
63 Nail biters, beware: Teeth grinding is next
64 How relaxation response may help treat two gastrointestinal disorders
65 Strategy found for safely prescribing antidepressants to children and adolescents
66 'Tangles' trigger early-stage Alzheimer's abnormalities in neocortical networks
67 Accelerated brain aging in type 1 diabetes related to cognitive complications
68 The dark side of cannabis: Panic attacks, nausea
69 Proteomics provides new leads into nerve regeneration
70 Americans salute sexual freedom, but still frown on extramarital affairs
71 Profiling approach to enable right lung cancer treatment match
72 Nerves move to avoid damage
73 Gene variant determines early or late onset of Huntington's disease
74 How our view of what makes us happy has changed in 80 years
75 Impact of family, neighborhood on mental health revealed in comprehensive study
76 Exposure to air pollution in the first year of life increases risk for allergies
77 Keeping legalized marijuana out of hands of kids
78 Beyond chicken fingers and fries: New evidence in favor of healthier kids' menus
79 Use wipes in kitchen to reduce risk of food poisoning by 99 percent
80 Lifetime intense physical activity may lower risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma
81 Substantial benefits for health, environment through realistic changes to UK diets
82 Replacing one serving of sugary drink per day by water or unsweetened tea or coffee cuts risk of type 2 diabetes, study shows
83 Frequent aspirin use reduces risk of cervical cancer by nearly half
84 Improving transistors that drive flexible electronics
85 Bringing high-energy particle detection in from the cold
86 New chip architecture may provide foundation for quantum computer
87 Chest strap heart rate monitor
88 First field-effect transistors on hybrid perovskites fabricated for first time
89 'Microcombing' creates stronger, more conductive carbon nanotube films
90 Breast cancer vaccines may work better with silicon microparticles
91 Saving sunshine for a rainy day
92 New centimeter-accurate GPS system could transform virtual reality and mobile devices
93 Graphene spintronics: From science to technology
94 Traffic around Mars gets busy
95 Evidence of briny water on Mars
96 Black holes gorging at excessive rates
97 Lava Lake Loki on Jupiter's moon Io, up close
98 Long-term galactic cosmic ray exposure leads to dementia-like cognitive impairments
99 NASA's New Horizons detects surface features, possible polar cap on Pluto
100 NASA Completes MESSENGER Mission with Expected Impact on Mercury's Surface
101 Pulsar with widest orbit ever detected
102 New exoplanet too big for its star challenges ideas about how planets form
103 Twenty exoplanets are now available for naming proposals
104 Model approach for sustainable phosphorus recovery from wastewater
105 Realistic surface rendering in computer games
106 Researchers design new tiny QWERTY soft keyboards for wearable devices
107 Real stereotypes continue to exist in virtual worlds
108 Combining computer vision, brain computer interface for faster mine detection
109 Defects in atomically thin semiconductor emit single photons
110 Rapid innovation in semiconductors provides hope for better economic times