File Title
1 Are Cuban cigars really better?
2 Nazca Lines likely marked pilgrimage routes
3 Quick tip: Exercise after studying to retain info
4 Hypnagogia: The twilight zone of sleep
5 Evolution of cells that gave rise to vertebrates
6 Loss of large herbivores will lead to 'empty' landscapes
7 Dino-killing asteroid triggered largest lava flow on Earth
8 Cryptozoology 101: Okapi
9 Humblebragging worse than bragging, study finds
10 Does diet shape the skull?
11 Scottish beavers are thriving; but will they stay?
12 Kathmandu rose, Everest sank with Nepal earthquake
13 Monkey language has at least six 'words'
14 Call him isthmia: Moby Dick's new cousin
15 Lakes, signs of life discovered under Antarctica's dry valleys
16 Dive discovers missing WWII Japanese submarine
17 Harbor lights can adversely affect marine life
18 Meet T. rex's vegetarian cousin: Chilesaurus
19 The strange twists of evolution shown in conifer pollination
20 Paleolithic Europeans didn't settle America first, study says
21 The West isn't declining, research says
22 What's it like being an astronomer?
23 Gas giant's orbit unexpectedly close to tiny star
24 Wanna name an exoplanet?
25 Astronomers capture detailed images of Io's lava lake
26 New exoplanet too big for its star--how did it get there?
27 NASA sounding rocket explores supernova innards
28 How did the largest black holes get so big?
29 How to pronounce Pluto's moon Charon
30 NuSTAR captures 'screams' from zombie stars
31 First-ever 3D images of Pillars of Creation captured
32 No, NASA did not accidentally invent the warp drive
33 Sombrero Galaxy to be visible tonight!
34 Early tests of NASA's shape-changing wings successful
35 Goodbye MESSENGER; it's been a good 10 years
36 So...Pluto may have a polar ice cap
37 MMS mission will fly four spacecraft the size of Fenway Park
38 Officials have 'lost control' of Russian spacecraft
39 NASA's new non-stick wings to save money and bugs
40 Eta Aquarids meteor shower visible next two weeks
41 Cosmic Yarns: Warping past the cosmic speed limit
42 Here's the most comprehensive map of the universe ever produced
43 Clingfish may hold future to suction tech
44 Facebook opens to all developers
45 Why do video games still look unrealistic? Part I
46 New camera captures one trillion frames-per-second
47 Teens think cyberbullying won't happen to them
48 Invention is now just remixing old ideas, study says
49 This tech helps electronic artists get paid
50 Play MS-DOS games on your Twitter news feed
51 Holy Hogwarts! Invisibility cloaks in schools?
52 Tesla reveals new home, business batteries
53 Every episode of 'Seinfeld' will soon be on Hulu
54 iPad app failure grounds American Airlines planes
55 T. rex from 'Jurassic Park' will return in upcoming sequel
56 Sour Apple: Samsung regains top spot in smartphone sales
57 Key rubber-making protein discovered in dandelions
58 LHC proton collisions to begin mid-June
59 Future headlights won't blind drivers, researchers say
60 What 'Transformers' tells us about Gen. X leadership
61 Stephen Hawking: Zayn may still be in One Direction in alternate universe
62 Lightweight membrane could make air travel less noisy
63 Audi develops synthetic diesel out of water, CO2
64 Oil & alcohol injections almost cost bodybuilder his arms
65 Using telomeres as a biomarker for cancer
66 Walking 2 minutes can help offset sitting
67 Diabetic teens test 'artificial pancreas'
68 Synthetic blood vessels help grow the real thing
69 New trick could help overcome procrastination
70 The science behind a great breakfast
71 How 3D-printed throat implants saved three babies
72 Researchers have found a way to modify blood types
73 Life expectancy to increase more than, well, expected by 2030
74 Londoners to protest against 'unrealistic' beach body ad
75 Pancreatic cancer rates higher in countries with less sunlight
76 UPDATE: Does aspartame really pre-embalm your organs?
77 Cell phone use during surgery may be the new anesthetic
78 What is synesthesia?
79 Polygamy is bad for the heart, study says
80 EXCLUSIVE: How belief in hell shaped America
81 The science behind the Kylie Jenner Challenge
82 Why cancer patients experience 'chemo brain'
83 Hate dieting? Blame these neurons
84 Treating sleep apnea could help prevent diabetes
85 Why we should spend more time with our parents
86 Educational Program Helps Students Thrive in a Digital World
87 Real-life Star Trek 'replicator' prepares meal in 30 seconds
88 Pocket-sized fingerprint scanner could solve healthcare bottleneck
89 New self-cleaning paint offers stain and damage-free future
90 Scientists monitor undersea volcanic eruption off Oregon coast
91 A space odyssey: cosmic rays may damage the brains of astronauts
92 FAA proposes fix for possible power loss issue in Boeing's 787
93 Jeff Bezos' rocket company test-flies suborbital spaceship
94 NASA spacecraft makes crashing finale into Mercury
95 NASA spacecraft spots possible ice cap on Pluto
96 Obama's BRAIN Initiative yields first study results
97 U.S. Air Force plans to launch 1990s-built weather satellite
98 Hands free talk with global reach and style
99 A pigeon-size dinosaur with bat wings? Strange but true
100 Russia abandons supply mission to International Space Station
101 Scientists create 'ghosts' in the lab by tricking the brain
102 Motion capture on a whole new level
103 SpaceX rocket blasts off with 1st satellite for Turkmenistan
104 Zebrafish 'inner ear' development wins science video prize
105 'Jigsaw puzzle' dinosaur Chilesaurus boasted weird mix of traits
106 Decline in U.S. science spending threatens economy, security: MIT
107 Celladon says heart treatment fails in trial
108 Hunt for ancient royal tomb in Mexico takes mercurial twist
109 F1 technology moves into the supermarket fridge
110 Hot times at Yellowstone: huge magma chamber found deeply buried
111 First experiment 'editing' human embryos ignites ethical furor
112 Defying the odds, Hubble telescope still going strong after 25 years
113 Genome study reveals lonely end for the world's woolly mammoths
114 'Safest bike ever' devised by British entrepreneur
115 How do you tell a boy dinosaur from a girl dinosaur?