File Title
1 Researchers discover new mechanism controlling cell response to DNA damage
2 Artificial photosynthesis energy research powered by X-ray lasers
3 Reference biosensor developed for calibrating diagnostic devices
4 Waking proteins up from deep sleep to study their motions
5 Engineering a better solar cell: Study pinpoints defects in popular perovskites
6 A method to identify human induced pluripotent stem cells in the lab using a tumor rejection antigen
7 Controlled preparation of complex architectures using high-intensity beams of mass-selected ions
8 Nuclear techniques confirm unique biology of human eye lens
9 Nanoscale molecular platform used to recognise proteins from the influenza virus
10 Fastest hydrogen battery ever stepping stone to hydrogen car?
11 New coating material embeds anti-smudge polymer chains in graft-copolymer micelles
12 Researchers study how metal contamination makes gasoline production inefficient
13 A practical gel that simply 'clicks' for biomedical applications
14 Self-propelling particles mimic organisms' upstream moves
15 Metal-organic framework with a fixed composition despite initial concentration of components
16 Vital step in stem cell growth revealed: Finding could aid regenerative and cancer therapies
17 Study: Global warming to push one in 13 species to extinction
18 Fossils help identify marine life at high risk of extinction today
19 New origin theory for cells that gave rise to vertebrates
20 New analysis shows how bombardier beetles produce explosive defensive chemical jet
21 Wild bearded capuchin monkeys really know how to crack a nut
22 Hen-housing study unveils tradeoffs for birds and workers
23 Catalysing industrial change with marine-based enzymes
24 GIS study reveals preferred habitat of Asian elephant
25 Researchers discover a protein that regulates the hierarchical organisation of ribosome development
26 Citizen science helps predict spread of sudden oak death
27 Mechanisms for continually producing sperm
28 Livestock feeding review reveals opportunity for better industry practice
29 Lousy sockeye are lousy competitors
30 Egg-stealing goannas get GPS trackers
31 Research links prescribed burning to reduced tick populations
32 Modern transport options allow for more hunting time
33 New research provides clues about honey bee decline
34 Study finds guidance improves food safety practices at school, community gardens
35 Highly efficient CRISPR knock-in in mouse
36 Ecologist trio calls for efforts to mitigate human impact on flying animals
37 Elusive new bird International discovered in China
38 Global decline of large herbivores may lead to an 'empty landscape'
39 How to reset a diseased cell
40 Training pig skin cells for neural development
41 Reducing science to sensational headlines too often misses the bigger picture
42 Focus on respectful, human-centered research practices in global development
43 Will April's Facebook 'likes' predict the outcome of May's general election?
44 Perseverance key to children's intellectual growth, scholar says
45 Glass ceiling is thicker for mothers
46 Video: Research team discovers plant fossils previously unknown to Antarctica
47 Unique fish fossils identified
48 Documentary on T-rex discovery leads to pardon request
49 Buyers with a trade-in get a raw deal
50 Short-term debt and depressive symptoms may go hand-in-hand
51 Learning by doing helps students perform better in science
52 Study tracks U.S. boycott of French-sounding products during 2003 Iraq war
53 Dental enamel reveals surprising migration patterns in ancient Indus civilizations
54 Dwindling productivity in Congress linked to vanishing cooperation
55 California's low-wage workers now earn less than in 1979
56 Study provides foundation for the future of digital higher education
57 Research challenges the view that Neolithic societies were egalitarian
58 Heritage destruction in conflict zones provides archaeological opportunities
59 Good things in store for retailers
60 Auditors: National Science Foundation suspends UConn grants
61 Study indicates housing market cycles have become longer
62 School reform in post-Katrina New Orleans harmful to black community, scholars say
63 Gamer culture remains crude, rude and male-dominated, study finds
64 Dinosaur-times cockroach caught in amber, from Myanmar
65 Short science abstracts that avoid jargon and hype are cited less, study shows
66 Oxytocin increases brain's reward response in women viewing crying infants
67 Exercise-related Facebook updates are a two-edged sword
68 Moms' pre-pregnancy obesity tied to ADHD, other issues in kids
69 Urine profiles provide clues to how obesity causes disease
70 Combined chemotherapy and immunotherapy shows promise for advanced prostate cancers
71 Majority of older adults willing to be screened by telephone for dementia
72 Scientists uncover surprising new details of potential Alzheimer's treatment
73 Mixing energy drinks, alcohol tied to abusive drinking in teens
74 Researchers map neural circuit involved in combining multiple senses
75 Scientists identify key receptors behind development of acute myeloid leukemia
76 Researchers use 'knockout humans' to connect genes to disease risk
77 Patients with gastrointestinal tumors at higher risk of other cancers
78 Spinal cord axon injury location determines neuron's regenerative fate
79 Mathematical model seeks functional cure for HIV
80 Foreign antibodies mobilize immune system to fight cancer, researchers find
81 Brain scan reveals out-of-body illusion
82 Pancreatic cancer risk linked to weak sunlight
83 Surgery for terminal cancer patients still common
84 Parent training reduces serious behavioral problems in children with autism
85 Researchers create DNA repair map of the entire human genome
86 Telomere changes predict cancer
87 Medical education risks becoming two-tiered unless strong research focus is preserved
88 Using new 'chemogenetic' technique, scientists turn neurons 'on' and 'off'
89 Light--not pain-killing drugs--used to activate brain's opioid receptors
90 Researchers discover key driver of human aging
91 Study finds new potential melanoma drug target
92 How the language you speak changes your view of the world
93 Anxiety is not overcome in the brain's fear center
94 Generic transplant drugs as good as brand name, study finds
95 Middle-seat kid far from windows but closer to success
96 Outcry over Greek plan to borrow cash from universities
97 Human-embryo editing poses challenges for journals
98 Collateral damage: How one misconduct case brought a biology institute to its knees
99 Embryo editing sparks epic debate
100 Bone DNA reveals humanity's trek into South America
101 Science in turmoil: After the Arab Spring
102 Why illness might leave a bitter taste in the mouth
103 Bat-winged dinosaur discovery poses flight puzzle
104 NIH reiterates ban on editing human embryo DNA
105 Batches of ultra-thin transistors made from 2D materials
106 Pluto may have icy cap
107 Stem cells pass safety test in vision-loss trial
108 Staff at Australian science agency start industrial action
109 Historic Vatican meeting urges action on climate change
110 First results from psychology's largest reproducibility test
111 Sexist review causes Twitter storm
112 How scientists are aiding quake recovery in Nepal
113 Massive underwater volcano erupts
114 Will Tesla's battery change the energy market?
115 Mammoth genomes provide recipe for creating Arctic elephants
116 Thank you for sharing
117 A hard sell
118 More on unicorns