File Title
1 ECA Group develops illegal-drone detection system
2 Chile first Latin America country to allow drones
3 US approves drone flights for insurer AIG
4 Operating in Contested Environments
5 Heron-based UAV to be made in Brazil
6 French energy company invests in drones
7 Winged drones look and move like real butterflies
8 DARPA, Navy contract for new UAS-ship capability
9 Amazon says US too late on drone rules
10 US allows Amazon to test drones
11 Syria air defense shoots down US drone: state media
12 Pakistan tests homemade armed drone, missile: military
13 Argentina to make military drones
14 Predator B drone being offered to Spain
15 RAAF commences unmanned aerial system training in the United States
16 State Department OKs export of armed drones
17 IAI, Alpha Design Technologies in UAV deal for India
18 Alibaba deploys drones to deliver tea in China
19 Chinese company limits US drone use after White House crash
20 Riddle of Galactic Thin-Thick Disk Solved
21 MESSENGER executes last orbit-correction maneuver ahead of impact
22 NASA Spacecraft Achieves Unprecedented Success Studying Mercury
23 NASA spacecraft set for death plunge into Mercury
24 Altimeter Assists in MESSENGER's Low-Altitude Navigation
25 Lightweight membrane can significantly reduce in-flight aircraft noise
26 USAF retires last MC-130P aircraft in Pacific
27 Poland pre-selects Airbus helo for acquisition
28 USAF realigns B-1 bomber fleets
29 New fighter joins Kazakh Air Force
30 Saab, Embraer formalize deal for Brazil's fighter program
31 Astrophysicists draw most comprehensive map of the universe
32 Is the universe a hologram
33 Accelerating universe? Not so fast
34 Pennies reveal new insights on the nature of randomness
35 Why isn't the universe as bright as it should be?
36 Researchers use real data rather than theory to measure the cosmos
37 ASU joins pathbreaking radio telescope project to study early universe
38 Spooky alignment of quasars across billions of light-years
39 POLARBEAR seeks cosmic answers in microwave polarization
40 Baby universe picture brought closer to theory
41 NASA-funded X-ray Instrument Settles Interstellar Debate
42 Now can we test for Multiple universes
43 Hubble Team Unveils Most Colorful View of Universe Yet Captured
44 International team replicates amplification of cosmic magnetic fields
45 Universe breaks its fever
46 Tricking the Uncertainty Principle
47 Radiation from Early Universe Key to Major Questions in Physics
48 Have cosmologists lost their minds in the multiverse?
49 Astronomers Create First Realistic Virtual Universe
50 Proving uncertainty: New insight into old problem
51 Water could have been abundant in the first billion years
52 Astronomers Find Details about Star Formation in Ancient Galaxy Protoclusters
53 Astronomers probe inner region of young star and its planets
54 Giant galaxies die from the inside out
55 Stars with the chemical clock on hold
56 Citizen Scientists Discover Yellow "Space Balls"
57 Hubble finds phantom objects near dead quasars
58 Dusty substructure in a galaxy far far away
59 ALMA Disentangles Complex Birth of Giant Stars
60 As stars form, magnetic fields influence regions big and small
61 Chemical Fingerprints of Ancient Supernovae Found
62 Satellites Catch 'Growth Spurt' from Newborn Protostar
63 HAWC Observatory to Study Universe's Most Energetic Phenomena
64 Time-lapse snapshots of a nova's fading light
65 Mini Supernova Explosion Could Have Big Impact
66 New clues from the dawn of the solar system
67 UK physicists getting closer to reading the inside of stars
68 Queen's astronomers discover fastest ever unbound star in our galaxy
69 Carina Nebula survey reveals details of star formation
70 An explosive quartet
71 Astronomers Find Dust in the Early Universe
72 Living on the Edge: Stars Found Far from Galaxy Center
73 The Cosmic Chemistry that Gave Rise to Water
74 Stars akin to the sun also explode when they die
75 Why do starburst galaxies 'burst'?
76 Close Encounters of a Scholz Kind
77 US, Japan widen defense ties in historic sea change
78 China's island-building to loom large at SE Asia summit
79 US army walks cultural minefield training Ukraine troops
80 Japan ministers go to Yasukuni hours after China talks
81 Beijing Shocks US with Unbelievable Progress of Airstrip in South China Sea
82 US troops on Ukrainian soil could reignite fighting: Moscow
83 G7 foreign ministers look to progress on Ukraine, Iran
84 China blasts Obama over military 'muscle' in South China Sea
85 China turns Nationalist veterans from outcasts to propaganda heroes
86 Poland to build watch towers at Russia's Kaliningrad border
87 First China air force drills in 'far offshore' Pacific
88 Let a hundred flowers bloom: China, Korea, Japan in cherry trifle
89 Moscow-friendly Greece could 'paralyse' NATO
90 India, China agree to foster peace on disputed border
91 Sri Lankan leader to renegotiate China deals on visit
92 Japan's Abe, Indonesia's Widodo to tighten defense ties
93 Sri Lanka probes ex-envoy over alleged Ukraine arms deals
94 In Ukraine, some Russians take up arms against Putin
95 China, Japan, S. Korea to seek leadership summit at 'the earliest'
96 France displaces Britain as key US military ally
97 Robotically discovering Earth's nearest neighbors
98 Astronomers join forces to speed discovery of habitable worlds
99 First exoplanet visible light spectrum
100 White Dwarf May Have Shredded Passing Planet
101 Spitzer Spots Planet Deep Within Our Galaxy
102 Hot and Stormy at High Altitudes on Exoplanet HD 189733b
103 Small solar eruptions can have profound effects on unprotected planets
104 The Solar System and Beyond is Awash in Water
105 Earthlike 'Star Wars' Tatooines may be common
106 Planets in the habitable zone around most stars, calculate researchers
107 ESA's CHEOPS Satellite: The Pharaoh of Exoplanet Hunting
108 Some habitable exoplanets could experience wildly unpredictable climates
109 'Habitable' planet GJ 581d previously dismissed as noise probably does exist
110 Scientists: Nearby Earth-like planet isn't just 'noise'
111 Planet 'Reared' by Four Parent Stars
112 Planets Can Alter Each Other's Climates over Eons
113 The mystery of cosmic oceans and dunes
114 Laser 'ruler' holds promise for hunting exoplanets
115 Scientists predict earth-like planets around most stars