File Title
1 New genetic test will improve biosecurity of honey bees around the globe
2 Calculating how the Pacific was settled
3 Tau Ceti: The next Earth? Probably not
4 Testosterone key to new bird bang theory
5 'Holey' graphene for energy storage
6 Better social media techniques increase fan interest, engagement
7 Sexing Stegosaurus
8 Twins experiment reveals genetic link with mosquito bites
9 Unique field study shows that pesticide harms wild bees
10 In search of tinnitus, that phantom ringing in the ears
11 Engineering the P450 enzyme to perform new reactions
12 Iowa State researchers test brain activity to identify cybersecurity threats
13 Arctic beetles may be ideal marker of climate change
14 UNH researchers discover new method to detect most common bacteria contaminating oysters
15 To predict disease researchers ask if plant neighbors are relatives
16 Ultra-sensitive sensor detects individual electrons
17 New study unravels why common blood pressure medicine can fail
18 Scientists use nanoscale building blocks and DNA 'glue' to shape 3-D superlattices
19 Earthquake potential where there is no earthquake history
20 High mountains warming faster than expected
21 Scientists create the sensation of invisibility
22 Pulsing light may indicate supermassive black hole merger
23 Astronomers probe inner region of young star and its planets
24 A blueprint for clearing the skies of space debris
25 Search for advanced civilizations beyond Earth finds nothing obvious in 100,000 galaxies
26 Spitzer, OGLE spot planet deep within our galaxy
27 Vampire squid discovery shows how little we know of the deep sea
28 Clemson, international team crack genetic code of Upland cotton
29 Telling the time of day by color
30 Video: Octopuses have unique way to control their 'odd' forms
31 New transitional stem cells discovered
32 Hurdles to US climate change action are in economics and politics, not divided science
33 Study: Soil nutrients may limit ability of plants to slow climate change
34 Global warming progressing at moderate rate, empirical data suggest
35 Researchers can trace dust samples using fungal DNA
36 Typhoon Haiyan's storm surge may contaminate aquifer for years
37 Flame retardants could contribute to hyperthyroidism in older cats
38 Immune system protein regulates sensitivity to bitter taste
39 Seeking new targets for ovarian cancer treatment
40 Study reveals a cause of poorer outcomes for African-American patients with breast cancer
41 Researchers make key malarial drug-resistence finding
42 Patents forecast technological change
43 Graphics in reverse
44 How are ordinary consumers transforming the fashion business?
45 The brain in the supermarket
46 Study maps development 1 county at a time
47 Iowa State anthropologist finds female chimps more likely to use tools when hunting
48 Bone-eating worms dined on marine reptile carcasses
49 Science shows there is more to a Rembrandt than meets the eye
50 What life was like for newborn giant sea lizards during the age of the dinosaur
51 Make your home a home for the birds
52 New tabletop detector 'sees' single electrons
53 Thumbnail track pad
54 Major advance in artificial photosynthesis poses win/win for the environment
55 Discovery changes how scientists examine rarest elements of periodic table
56 A camera that powers itself!
57 Online discussion forums good for well-being, study shows
58 Technology can transfer human emotions to your palm through air, say scientists
59 A call to US educators: Learn from Canada
60 Study links brain anatomy, academic achievement, and family income
61 Professional golfers live a lonely life in the midst of rivalries on a meager income
62 Scientists see deeper Yellowstone magma
63 Dark matter even darker than once thought
64 New lobster-like predator found in 508 million-year-old fossil-rich site
65 Common bacteria on verge of becoming antibiotic-resistant superbugs
66 Science and medicine have a 'publication pollution' problem
67 Woolly mammoth genome could shed light on extinctions
68 NASA Celebrates Hubble Space Telescope Anniversary with DIY Collectibles
69 No Three-Parent IVF Needed: Genome Editing in Mitochondria Prevents Disease Inheritance
70 Chinese Scientists Edit Genes of Human Embryos, Raising Concerns
71 Warming Climate May Carbon in Arctic Soils
72 No Fish Tale: Specimen in Lab Freezer Identified as Rare Pocket Shark
73 Chilean volcano Calbuco erupts twice in span of hours; hiker missing
74 Looking to fossils to predict tooth evolution in rodents: Ever-growing molars in the future?
75 Crime scene discovery: Scientist separates the DNA of identical twins
76 Many Dry Tortugas loggerheads actually Bahamas residents
77 Silver nanoclusters inside synthetic DNA to create a programmed, tunable fluorescent array
78 Your surgery is warming the planet, a little
79 Report lists Grand Canyon's Colorado River as most imperiled
80 Study: rare crab spider can change colors
81 Thousands of goldfish taking over lake in Colorado
82 If your kid hates school, it just may be their genes
83 Complex organic molecules confirmed in alien star system
84 Moon formed when young Earth and little sister collided
85 Dino injuries suggest tyrannosaurs fought, ate each other
86 Fish census offers roadmap to recovery for damaged coral
87 Mars' dust-covered glacial belts may contain tons of water
88 Communication is the most important learning tool
89 Study details animals' ability to adapt to cold snaps
90 Smartphone data could predict future earthquakes
91 Young sea turtles don't just drift, they swim
92 Study examines underground effects of missiles, meteors
93 Universe may be expanding at slower rate than previously thought
94 SpaceX to attempt landing a rocket on a floating ship again
95 Scientists track fertilizer's effects on Ohio algae bloom
96 SpaceX reusable rocket lands 'too hard for survival'
97 Researchers can find Internet trolls with math
98 Philippines: China's island reclamation activities damaging reefs
99 Rosetta and Philae say comet isn't magnetized
100 Conservation from 5,000 feet
101 Survey of 100,000 galaxies yields no evidence of alien civilizations
102 Pacific Ocean responsible for global warming slowdown
103 Nano-coated mesh could help clean up oil spills, cheaply
104 Gray whale travels 14,000 miles, sets migration record
105 Fungal DNA allows scientists to trace dust particles
106 World's oldest tools found near Africa's Lake Turkana
107 Video shows SpaceX rocket booster crash land on floating target
108 Researchers discover transitional stem cells
109 Maple syrup extract may boost effectiveness of antibiotics
110 Why astronomers hate the lawn-mowing Roomba