File Title
1 Saudi Arabia's role in global energy markets is changing, new Baker Institute paper finds
2 C. difficile doubles hospital readmission rates, lengths of stay
3 Integrative approaches key to understanding cancer, developing therapies, say Moffitt scientists
4 A tool is created to improve the sustainability of the transport sector
5 Greener industry if environmental authorities change strategy
6 A long-standing mystery in membrane traffic was solved
7 Playing music by professional musicians activates genes for learning and memory
8 Evolutionary novelties in vision
9 Research on medical abortion and miscarriage may change international routines
10 More than one-third of Division I college athletes may have low vitamin D levels
11 Smaller plates, smaller portions? Not always
12 Big data allows computer engineers to find genetic clues in humans
13 Teenagers shape each other's views on how risky a situation is
14 The switch that might tame the most aggressive of breast cancers
15 Most NFL players with injuries to the midfoot return to game action, Penn study finds
16 MRI based on a sugar molecule can tell cancerous from noncancerous cells
17 Study takes aim at mitigating the human impact on the Central Valley
18 New lobster-like predator found in 508 million-year-old fossil-rich site
19 A peek at the secret life of pandas
20 Bundled payments: Study finds causes of hospital readmissions following joint replacements
21 Fracture liaison services prevent fractures and save lives
22 A first glimpse inside a macroscopic quantum state
23 Is painful knee and hand osteoarthritis in women associated with excess mortality?
24 Metals used in high-tech products face future supply risks
25 Sexual selection isn't the last word on bird plumage, UWM study shows
26 Nanoscale worms provide new route to nano-necklace structures
27 Researchers highlight shoulder and elbow injury possibility in youth players
28 Young athletes at greater risk for re-injury after ACL Surgery
29 New way to evaluate meniscus tear outcomes
30 Pain injections for hip arthroscopy patients may not predict surgical outcomes
31 No need to delay rotator cuff surgery, study shows
32 For type V AC joint injuries, early surgery may not be the best approach
33 Hip fracture patients in long-term care are less likely to receive osteoporosis therapy
34 'Google Maps' for the body: A biomedical revolution
35 What happened to lunch? New study shows skipping lunch common in children
36 Rats, reasoning, and rehabilitation: Neuroscientists are uncovering how we reason
37 Gap between parental perceptions of child's weight and official classifications
38 Prevention of costly hip fractures should be a priority in UK
39 Antibiotic resistance risk for coastal water users
40 Fecal transplants successful for treating C. difficile infection
41 Biology in a twist--deciphering the origins of cell behavior
42 UF study finds vitamin D can affect pain, movement in obese osteoarthritis patients
43 3-D human skin maps aid study of relationships between molecules, microbes and environment
44 UH Case Medical Center study looks at social media impact on mental healthcare & treatment
45 Wearable technology can help with public speaking
46 UNH geologist identifies new source of methane for gas hydrates in Arctic
47 Massive study is first to explore historical ocean response to abrupt climate change
48 Study shows short & long-term cost-savings associated with minimally invasive surgery
49 Impact of domestic violence on women's mental health
50 BMC study: New Hepatitis C treatments cost-effective, but only for selected patients
51 Climate change costing soybean farmers
52 Clues to aging from long-lived lemurs
53 Carnegie Mellon researchers create 'Wikipedia' for neurons
54 Hormone fosters bond between parents
55 Publication bias and 'spin' raise questions about drugs for anxiety disorders
56 Hidden costs: The unseen way organisms cope with climate change
57 Consumption of peanuts with a meal benefits vascular health
58 Electroconvulsive therapy changes key areas of the human brain that play a role in memory, emotion
59 Teens with breast lumps may be able to avoid invasive biopsy
60 Stop blaming the moon, says UCLA scientist
61 Rate of opioid misuse is around 25 percent, addiction rate 10 percent, reports study in Pain
62 York U study: Functional decline in women at Alzheimer's risk relates to deteriorating brain wiring
63 Fasting and less-toxic cancer drug may work as well as chemotherapy
64 Oral drug normalizes blood potassium in 98 percent of kidney patients
65 How DNA alarm-system works
66 Goodbye, range anxiety? Electric vehicles may be more useful than previously thought
67 Oxygen therapy in COPD patients is associated with burn injury
68 Mount Sinai scientists establish link between ALS and the body's response to viral infection
69 Study debunks common misconception that urine is sterile
70 Crowdsourced tool for depression
71 Odds of reversing ICU patients' preferences to forgo life-sustaining care vary, Penn study finds
72 Ice hockey helmets to get safety stars
73 Promoting maternal interaction improves growth, weight gain in preemies
74 Setting a dinner table for wildlife can affect their risk of disease
75 To stop cancer: Block its messages
76 Low vitamin D linked to worse prognosis in type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma
77 LiDAR studies of the September 2013 Colorado Front Range flooding and debris flows [et al.]
78 Newly enlisted T-cell 'policemen' can slow down run-away immune system, SLU scientist says
79 As stars form, magnetic fields influence regions big and small
80 Reviewing online homework at scale
81 Study: Worked-based wellness programs reduce weight
82 Mother's diet influences weight-control neurocircuits in offspring
83 Princess Margaret scientists convert microbubbles to nanoparticles
84 Cats relax to the sound of music
85 The CNIO identifies a new gene involved in hereditary neuroendocrine tumors
86 Roll up your screen and stow it away?
87 What is the best measure of depression severity in adolescents?
88 Compound from soil microbe inhibits biofilm formation
89 Fat grafting technique improves results of breast augmentation
90 From tobacco to cyberwood
91 Two different fat graft techniques have similar effects on facial skin
92 Mild winters not fueling all pine beetle outbreaks in western United States
93 High-tech method allows rapid imaging of functions in living brain
94 Bitter chocolate: Illegal cocoa farms threaten Ivory Coast primates
95 Endoscopes linked to outbreak of drug-resistant E. coli
96 Only 1 of 32 hockey helmets tested earn 3-star rating
97 New scientific review suggests some women may benefit from considering use of S-equol to ease menopause symptoms
98 Building block for memory and learning identified
99 Short bouts of high-intensity exercise before a fatty meal best for vascular health
100 Glimpses of the future: Drought damage leads to widespread forest death
101 'Kul,' 'beibi' and 'plis' new words in informal Icelandic
102 Next important step toward a quantum computer
103 Super sensitive measurement of magnetic fields
104 The killer protein, properly explained
105 Researchers observe major hand hygiene problems in operating rooms
106 'Atomic chicken-wire' is key to faster DNA sequencing
107 A dynamic simulation approach to support emergency decision making on urban public safety
108 New findings support the benefits of eating walnuts on overall health
109 Equatorial fish babies in hot water
110 Experts explore impacts of childhood feeding practices, policies on vegetable consumption