File Title
1 Stereotypes lower math performance in women, but effects go unrecognized, IU study finds
2 Carnival game mimics eye growth
3 Domestic violence victims may be hurt by mandatory arrest laws
4 Genetic mutation helps explain why, in rare cases, flu can kill
5 Wearable device helps vision-impaired avoid collision
6 Honey bees use multiple genetic pathways to fight infections
7 Cell phone 'bill shock' warnings can leave consumers worse off says new study
8 Antibiotic effectiveness imperiled as use in livestock expected to increase
9 Mexican Americans confront high disability rates in later life
10 Researchers master gene editing technique in mosquito that transmits deadly diseases
11 The brain in the supermarket
12 Using magnetic fields to understand high-temperature superconductivity
13 Dark matter even darker than once thought
14 Engineers develop new methods to speed up simulations in computational grand challenge
15 Science: Theory of the strong interaction verified
16 How did the chicken cross the sea?
17 Moffitt Cancer Center research aims to reduce health care disparities
18 Experts set strategic priorities for lymphoma research
19 Novel nanoparticle therapy promotes wound healing
20 Chikungunya virus may be coming to a city near you--learn the facts
21 Newly updated treatment guidelines for medullary thyroid carcinoma
22 Girl POWer! How strong female superheroes are gaining ground on the guys
23 UT Dallas engineers twist nanofibers to create structures tougher than bulletproof vests
24 Study adds evidence on link between PTSD, heart disease
25 Most women with early-stage breast cancer avoid extensive lymph node removal
26 Flocks of starlings ride the wave to escape
27 Veterans' avoidant coping interfers with transition to university life
28 Roseroot herb shows promise as potential depression treatment option, Penn team finds
29 Chemists make new silicon-based nanomaterials
30 Pacific-wide study reveals striped marlins' preferred habitat, may help avoid overfishing
31 How the human immune system keeps TB at bay
32 High-fat diet alters behavior and produces signs of brain inflammation
33 Female IBD patients: Stay up-to-date on your cervical cancer screening
34 Blood test may shed new light on Fragile X related disorders
35 Deadly Japan quake and tsunami spurred global warming, ozone loss
36 The Mediterranean diet is not only healthier, it also pollutes less
37 Earliest humans had diverse range of body types, just as we do today
38 Researcher overcomes radiation resistance in leukemia with an engineered precision medicine
39 Fluctuation X-ray scattering
40 Optical fiber is used as a sensor, and one is monitored remotely at a distance of 253 kilometers
41 Increased sensitivity to climate change in disturbed ecosystems
42 Building sound foundations: A matter of granular dynamics
43 Prostate cancer and treatment choices--a decision shared by doctor and patient?
44 Agricultural waste could be used as biofuel
45 A metabolic imbalance increases the risk of respiratory diseases in childhood
46 Coorong fish hedge their bets for survival
47 Tasmania's swift parrot set to follow the dodo
48 Twice the coral trout in Great Barrier Reef protected zones
49 One in 4 high school seniors now try smoking water pipes
50 Quantum compute this--WSU mathematicians build code to take on toughest of cyber attacks
51 Stem cells may improve tendon healing, reduce retear risk in rotator cuff surgery
52 Women fare better than men following total knee, hip replacement
53 Black patients more likely to be readmitted after hip, knee replacement surgery
54 Blocking cellular quality control mechanism gives cancer chemotherapy a boost
55 Middle-age hip replacements nearly double from 2002-2011
56 Penn Medicine study: In debated surgical procedure, technique trumps technology
57 Experts unveil 2 ways to identify joint replacement patients at risk for complication
58 BU/BMC study finds the role of genes is greater with living to older ages
59 Crossing fingers can reduce feelings of pain
60 Researchers identify timeline for HIV replication in the brain
61 HIV can spread early, evolve in patients' brains
62 Bariatric surgery before joint replacement can improve outcomes in obese patients
63 Effect of natural sweetener Xylitol in preventing tooth decay still unproven
64 A new jumping spider with mating plug discovered from the 'Western Ghats'
65 Bats obey 'traffic rules' when trawling for food
66 Sci-Fly study explores how lifeforms know to be the right size
67 Sea slug provides new way of analyzing brain data
68 New role uncovered for 'oldest' tumor suppressor gene
69 Galaxy clusters collide; dark matter still a mystery
70 Fitness level associated with lower risk of some cancers, death in men
71 The CNIO develops an anti-obesity treatment in animal models
72 International collaboration essential in fight against rabies, new study finds
73 Harmless bacteria may be helpful against meningococcal outbreaks
74 Swirling currents deliver phytoplankton carbon to ocean depths
75 Best view yet of dusty cloud passing galactic center black hole
76 2íC climate change target 'utterly inadequate'
77 New study shows bacteria can use magnetic particles to create a 'natural battery'
78 Calcium channels play a role in neuronal homeostasis and elimination of toxic buildup of proteins
79 Antarctic ice shelves rapidly thinning
80 Promising drug target identified in medulloblastoma
81 A human respiratory tissue model to assess the toxicity of inhaled chemicals and pollutants
82 To survive, a parasite mixes and matches its disguises, study suggests
83 Discovering age-specific brain changes in autism
84 Ebola whole virus vaccine shown effective, safe in primates
85 Nerve cells borrow a trick from their synapses to dispose of garbage
86 Designer's toolkit for dynamic DNA nanomachines
87 What if the severity of our seasonal influenza were related to our genetic background?
88 Intergenerational transmission of abuse and neglect more complicated than previously believed
89 What to do with kidneys from older deceased donors?
90 Cell celebrates intersection of food and science in special issue
91 Report: Photosynthesis hack needed to feed the world by 2050
92 A decade in, have Australia's no-take reserves protected life on the Reef?
93 Report: Budget cuts undermine global health innovations protecting against threats like Ebola
94 Forsyth research explains why popular antacids may increase chance of bone fractures
95 Novel plastic could spur new green energy applications, 'artificial muscles'
96 The shortest DNA sequences reveal insights into the world's tallest trees
97 Do biofuel policies seek to cut emissions by cutting food?
98 When attention is a deficit
99 Recipe for antibacterial plastic: Plastic plus egg whites
100 Precocious GEM: Shape-shifting sensor can report conditions from deep in the body
101 More evidence for groundwater on Mars
102 For drivers with telescopic lenses, driving experience and training affect road test results
103 Notre Dame researchers develop computational model to simulate bacterial behavior
104 Climate change does not cause extreme winters
105 Love the cook: Attraction to comfort food linked to positive social connections
106 Study provides evidence against the fetal origins of cancer and cardiovascular disease
107 Researchers discover how body's good fat tissue communicates with brain
108 The stapes of a neanderthal child points to the anatomical differences with our species
109 The color of lettuce determines the speed of its antioxidant effect
110 Solving molybdenum disulfide's 'thin' problem