File Title
1 Questions over value of new antibiotics to tackle resistance
2 30 new species discovered in Los Angeles in first-ever intensive urban biodiversity survey
3 Coastal property values could erode if nourishment subsidies end
4 Study maps development one U.S. county at a time
5 Link between lifestyles of indigenous communities, gut microbial ecologies discovered
6 High-energy TV commercials: Too much stress for consumers?
7 Apple of the mind's eye: how good is our memory of everyday visual stimuli?
8 The cost of dominance: Aggressively pursuing higher social status may exact a toll on health
9 New optical materials break digital connectivity barriers
10 New work schedule could cure your 'social jetlag'
11 'Sugar papers' reveal industry role in 1970s U.S. National Caries Program, analysis shows
12 New model of cybercrime factors in perishability of stolen data
13 Being 'laid off' leads to a decade of distrust
14 March Madness brackets: Flipping a coin is your best bet
15 Content creators leave social networks when messaging gets too easy
16 Pre-K children outpace normal expectations through kindergarten
17 Education may not improve our life chances of happiness
18 After learning new words, brain sees them as pictures
19 Are our schools damaging children's eyes?
20 More schools, more challenging assignments add up to higher IQ scores
21 IQ of children in better-educated households is higher
22 Supercomputers give universities a competitive edge
23 How much math, science homework is too much?
24 Kindergarten and crime: Students who started school later more likely to drop out, commit crimes
25 Robot model for infant learning shows bodily posture may affect memory and learning
26 Chandra finds clues to identify dark matter
27 Mysteries of Alzheimer's could be solved in space
28 ISS experiment: Why does space change vision?
29 Ultrasound restores memory in mice with Alzheimer's
30 New Alzheimer's detection method validated by researchers
31 Helluva trip: ESA, NASA preparing sun research satellites
32 NASA's Year in Space mission begins with tomorrow's launch
33 NASA to capture asteroid, put in moon's orbit to study
34 Observatory searching for infrared beacons from aliens
35 Jupiter's moon interaction causes explosive auroras
36 A new spin on tracking Saturn's rotation
37 Did Jupiter wipe out an entire generation of planets?
38 Newborn star's 'growth spurt' captured by Spitzer telescope
39 Astronomers discover rare, self-destructing asteroid
40 Largest asteroid crater on Earth discovered in Australia
41 Fatty acids may have been found on Mars
42 Amateur astronomers: how and where to report discoveries
43 Stellar collision explains 17th century explosion
44 Is Mars One legit?!
45 The future of the New Horizons spacecraft
46 Could the Death Star destroy a planet?
47 Why is the ISS shaped so weirdly?
48 Black holes explained by quantum gravity, theory says
49 HIV vaccines increase infection rates in primate study
50 Researchers develop cheaper, easier method of detecting trace estrogen
51 Death from cancer is the best, says doctor
52 Tired? You may have a magnesium deficiency
53 Explore the Diverse Ecosystem of Experiments Being Researched on the ISS
54 Fat cells may actually not be so bad
55 Levitation allows researchers to better study melted uranium
56 Atomic "steps" slow rust at earliest stages
57 Looking in on the secret life of pandas
58 Colored plumage: Not just for sex anymore
59 Ancient humans came in many shapes and sizes
60 Massive underground city discovered in Turkey
61 Climate still feeling repercussions of 2011 Japan earthquake
62 How did the chicken cross the sea?
63 Brits to heat homes with water
64 Date palm grown from 2000-year-old seed is now a dad
65 Heat-beater beans could withstand global warming
66 Maya 'melting pot' discovered in Guatemala
67 Undersea Perth Canyon explored for first time
68 Fish uses water like a tongue to feed on land
69 LHC short circuits; researchers conCERNed
70 Archivists find new copy of 'Map that Changed the World'
71 Ancient 'super salamander' terrorized lakes, rivers
72 Scientists discover shape-shifting frog in Ecuador
73 If Neanderthals were still around, would we put them in zoos?
74 FINALLY: Mammoth genes inserted into elephant DNA
75 Did a volcanic eruption kill off the Neanderthals?
76 Medieval crapper reveals link between Europe and Middle East
77 Turning egg whites into antibacterial plastic
78 Turning algal blooms into biofuel
79 Firefighters may soon use drones on leashes
80 Star Wars set now 'way station for jihadists'
81 Roadtrip! Russia proposes superhighway to connect UK to US
82 US Air Force to train with unmanned F-16 fighter jets
83 Two lawsuits filed against FCC net neutrality rules
84 Robotic germ equipped with graphene quantum dots
85 Self-driving car embarks on cross-country journey
86 Are these 19th century LOLCats?
87 Robot teacher helping children with handwriting skills
88 Boeing patents force field technology (!)
89 HAWC gamma-ray observatory completed
90 DC's Dulles Airport now using facial recognition technology
91 Converting packing peanuts to battery components
92 You can own your own flamethrower!
93 Navy testing out electromagnetic fighter jet launch system
94 First free public Wi-Fi hotspot comes to Cuba
95 Saving the world's tigers with an online game
96 New programming language could make Web design easier, more secure
97 Simple Mathematical Formula Describes Human Struggles
98 The Brits Get Serious About Cyber Defense
99 Elite Chinese University Linked to Secret Military Hacking Unit
100 New MRI technique could eliminate biopsies
101 How your brain chooses products
102 Bionic hand uses wires like muscles
103 Antibiotic overuse could up diabetes risk, study says
104 We're hardwired to get over bad breakups, study says
105 Mitochondrial 'smart bomb' could treat brain tumors
106 Swiping for sex: How much online dating is healthy? Part III
107 Growing 3D miniature lungs from stem cells
108 Mining gold from human feces: Yes, we're serious
109 Love hormone spikes when hunters come home
110 Online porn use: How much is healthy? Part I
111 Online porn use: How much is healthy? Part II
112 Microbes could be the next great weight loss aid
113 Differences between autistic and non-autistic brains discovered
114 New opossum-based antivenom could save thousands of lives
115 Acne meets its high-tech match
116 Music TV influences sexual behavior of boys and girls differently
117 Fast food ban in LA does nothing
118 Scientists: reduce use of antibiotics in experiments
119 Study: heart disease linked to dominance