File Title
1 SANS: a unique technique to look inside plants' leaves
2 Will we have stronger, enduring teeth? New material for tooth fillings is being investigated
3 Eco-friendly method for extracting xylan from birch developed
4 Novel plastic could spur new green energy applications, 'artificial muscles'
5 New technique demystifies the behavior of catalysts in fuel cells
6 Copper atoms bring a potential new battery material to life
7 Scientists uncover key cellular mechanism involved in neurodegeneration and herpes
8 Researchers use neutron scattering and supercomputing to study shape of a protein involved in cancer
9 Technique calculates 100 to 1,000 times more atoms than conventional methods
10 Study to aid rapid clean-ups after disastrous offshore oil and gas leaks
11 The color of lettuce determines the speed of its antioxidant effect
12 Bacterial protein called UmuD may prevent antibiotic resistance
13 New mitochondrially-derived peptides show what they can do
14 Photosynthesis hack needed to feed the world by 2050, report says
15 Flocks of starlings ride the wave to escape
16 Antibiotic effectiveness imperiled as use in livestock expected to increase
17 Honey bees use multiple genetic pathways to fight infections
18 Researchers master gene editing technique in mosquito that transmits deadly diseases
19 Sea otter rescued in California oil spill dies of shark bite
20 Predicting pesticide loads more accurately
21 Marbling research shows healthy fat in beef has benefits
22 Ecologist tracks tick-borne diseases beyond their usual borders
23 Wood bison make it to Alaska village; April release planned
24 Scottish puffins found with plastic pellets in their stomachs
25 Research finds reef fish can adjust for gender as oceans warm
26 Researchers explain mysterious migratory journey of wild salmon
27 China starts relocating endangered porpoises: Xinhua
28 Evolutionary novelties in vision
29 Researchers find patterns in evolving genomes of thousands of species
30 Whale watching impacts on minke whales are not likely to be a conservation threat
31 Study considers how coalition-building by monkeys relates to human social structures
32 A protein controlling root structure could play a widespread role in plant cellular signaling
33 A long-standing mystery in membrane traffic solved
34 A peek at the secret life of pandas
35 Seeing the (UV) light: Previously undetected difference in human mutation rate unique to Europeans
36 N/A
37 N/A
38 Researchers develop computational model to simulate bacterial behavior
39 Sexual selection isn't the last word on bird plumage, study shows
40 Why environmental politics is at an impasse
41 Snapchat or Facebook--which one is more likely to elicit romantic jealousy?
42 Business people prefer working in their cars instead of trains, planes and airports
43 American mathematicians Nash, Nirenberg win Abel math prize
44 Lemur teeth help take a bite out of Madagascar's mysteries
45 Team underscores complexity of geopolitics in the age of the Aztec empire
46 Will you ever pay off your student loan?
47 Researcher focuses on US suburban housing equity
48 Girl POWer! How strong female superheroes are gaining ground on the guys
49 Intergenerational transmission of abuse and neglect more complicated than previously believed
50 Cash remains king in Chile but its days could be numbered
51 A healthy public domain generates millions in economic value--not bad for 'free'
52 Quantum compute this--Mathematicians build code to take on toughest of cyber attacks
53 Domestic violence victims may be hurt by mandatory arrest laws
54 Cell phone 'bill shock' warnings can leave consumers worse off, says new study
55 The brain in the supermarket: Simple 'index strategy' helps consumers make choices
56 Stereotypes lower math performance in women, but effects go unrecognized
57 Earliest humans had diverse range of body types, just as we do today
58 Destroyed Mosul artifacts to be rebuilt in 3D
59 Economist probes the high cost of health care
60 The stapes of a neanderthal child points to the anatomical differences with our species
61 Boys plagiarise more than girls at school
62 Research shows that shopping while hungry makes people buy more than just food
63 85 college students tried to draw the Apple logo from memory: 84 failed
64 New lobster-like predator found in 508 million-year-old fossil-rich site
65 Effect of natural sweetener Xylitol in preventing tooth decay still unproven
66 Icelandic genome offers clues to human diversity, gene-disease links
67 Blocking cellular quality control mechanism gives cancer chemotherapy a boost
68 People from different cultures express sympathy differently, say researchers
69 New unobtrusive electrode system for persistent brain-computer interface
70 How to myelinate a nerve
71 New role uncovered for 'oldest' tumor suppressor gene
72 Nerve cells borrow a trick from their synapses to dispose of garbage
73 Study of thousands of brains reveals tau as driver of Alzheimer's disease
74 Sea slug provides new way of analyzing brain data
75 Crossing fingers can reduce feelings of pain
76 Genetic mutation helps explain why, in rare cases, flu can kill
77 Ebola whole virus vaccine shown effective, safe in primates
78 After learning new words, brain sees them as pictures
79 Chemical tag marks future microRNAs for processing, study shows
80 Teenagers shape each other's views on how risky a situation is
81 Ebola virus has mutated less than scientists feared, study finds
82 Discontinuing statin therapy for patients with life-limiting illnesses is found safe and beneficial
83 New stent devices can limit stroke damage, says neurosurgeon
84 Controlling inflammation in fat cells to fight obesity-induced diabetes
85 CDC: Hypertension-related deaths on the rise in US
86 Three drinks per day may raise liver cancer risk, but coffee lowers it
87 The switch that might tame the most aggressive of breast cancers
88 MRI based on a sugar molecule can tell cancerous from noncancerous cells
89 Love the cook: Attraction to comfort food linked to positive social connections
90 Disrupted biological clock linked to Alzheimer's disease
91 Researchers offer update on immunotherapy based cancer fighting drugs
92 Researchers discover how body's good fat tissue communicates with brain
93 E-cigarettes may pose a risk in pregnancy and to children
94 Study provides evidence against the fetal origins of cancer and cardiovascular disease
95 Extreme cryptography paves way to personalized medicine
96 Hints of huge buried impact craters reported in Australia
97 President of Japan's RIKEN research labs resigns
98 US health agency blasted over lab safety violations
99 Climate modellers take tropical approach
100 Widely used herbicide linked to cancer
101 US government seeks sites for nuclear-waste storage
102 An inside look at the first pig biobank
103 'Beautiful mind' John Nash adds Abel Prize to his Nobel
104 Biotech boot camp
105 CERN battles short circuit behind LHC delay
106 Website recruits people to share health data for studies
107 Graphene sandwich makes new form of ice
108 Astronaut twins study raises questions about genetic privacy
109 Bumblebee study called into question
110 Gene counsellors expect resurgence of 'Jolie effect'
111 Ebola's fast evolution questioned
112 Experts struggle to confirm archaeological damage in Iraq
113 Concern raised over payment for fast-track peer review
114 Global-warming limit of 2íC hangs in the balance
115 Rethinking the brain
116 Applied prestige
117 About time
118 Leadership: Ten tips for choosing an academic chair
119 Agriculture: Increase water harvesting in Africa
120 Sustainability: Five steps for managing Europe's forests