File Title
1 Velvet Worms, Squirting Slime
2 How Idealism, Expressed in Concrete Steps, Can Fight Climate Change
3 Teenagers Face Early Death, on Their Terms
4 In Brazil, Some Inmates Get Therapy with Hallucinogenic Tea
5 Liberia Recommends Ebola Survivors Practice Safe Sex Indefinitely
6 The Passive House in New York
7 Off to Space for a Year, an American's Longest Journey
8 Weed Killer, Long Cleared, Is Doubted
9 Makers of Generic Drugs Challenge F.D.A. Plan for Updated Warnings
10 N/A
11 In Iceland's DNA, New Clues to Disease-Causing Genes
12 Arctic Ice Reaches a Low Winter Maximum
13 Supreme Court Seems Split on What Is 'Appropriate' in Setting Clean Air Costs
14 Earth's Untallied Biological Bounty, from L.A. Suburbs to Deep Seabed Sediments
15 Experts Back Angelina Jolie Pitt in Choices for Cancer Prevention
16 Watch a Total Solar Eclipse Without Venturing to a Remote Island
17 No Need to Run in Hawaii: The Lava Is Coming, but Very Slowly
18 Young Scientists Impress at the White House
19 Science Museums Urged to Cut Ties with Kochs
20 Amazon Forest Becoming Less of a Climate Change Safety Net
21 LED Streetlights in Brooklyn Are Saving Energy but Exhausting Residents
22 Mars Rover Finds Stronger Potential for Life
23 A One-Way Trip to Mars? Many Would Sign Up
24 N/A
25 Is Most of Our DNA Garbage?
26 Fluoridated Water Helps Older Adults Keep Teeth, Study Says
27 How Not to Catch a Cold on a Plane
28 N/A
29 A Wing that Can Recover from Midair Collisions
30 Searching for a Magical Creature, Finding a Need for Wild Places
31 Hydrogen Bomb Physicist's Book Runs Afoul of Energy Department
32 Amazon Forest Becoming Less of a Climate Change Safety Net
33 Arming the Immune System Against Cancer
34 Experts Back Angelina Jolie Pitt in Choices for Cancer Prevention
35 N/A
36 Makers of Generic Drugs Challenge F.D.A. Plan for Updated Warnings
37 With New Nonstick Coating, the Wait, and Waste, Is Over
38 The Condition Cancer Research Is In
39 In Iceland's DNA, New Clues to Disease-Causing Genes
40 Chemical found in nettles and ants could improve cancer drug
41 Tobacco industry 'using well-resourced tactics' to prevent global tobacco control
42 Treating sewage with chlorine may promote antibiotic resistance
43 Vitamin D supplements may reverse progression of low-grade prostate tumors
44 UK can expect mosquito-borne diseases as climate warms, say experts
45 Early detection of osteoarthritis via blood test in sight, says study
46 Genetic engineering pioneer urges caution on editing human genome
47 A short daytime nap could improve memory by fivefold, study finds
48 Could saccharin be used to treat aggressive cancers?
49 Publicly insured Americans 'have poorer lung transplantation survival' than UK patients
50 Parental smoking increases risk of future heart disease for kids
51 Bringing chefs into school kitchens proves effective in randomized trial for healthy eating
52 Growth of global antibiotic use for livestock raises concerns about drug resistance
53 Older runners who switch to barefoot may find it harder to adapt foot strike
54 Only 45% of people with Alzheimer's disease are given their diagnosis
55 Crave chocolate? A 15-minute walk will magic those bad feelings away
56 Harms of maternal smoking may be reflected in facial movements of fetuses
57 Father inspired after child's autism improved by course of antibiotic
58 Studies link air pollution as risk factor for anxiety and trigger for stroke
59 Report warns of 'serious health risks' associated with online breast milk
60 Ovarian cancer treatment set to improve following biomarker discovery
61 'Heat-beater' beans could protect staple food as planet warms
62 New vaccine for Ebola found to provide long-lasting immunity in animals
63 Male nurses are paid more than female nurses--a pay gap that shows no sign of decreasing
64 Evidence many young children with autism show gut symptoms
65 Young children 'at highest risk of death from Ebola,' study finds
66 Increasing use of minimally invasive surgery 'would avert thousands of post-op complications'
67 What are the health benefits of chia seeds?
68 How important is the name of a disease? Do names influence treatment?
69 Men have more complications after total knee, hip replacements
70 Man-made pollution may be affecting deep-sea fish
71 Study vailidates first 'gold standard' technique for identifying early signs of Alzheimer's
72 The whole genome of 'an entire nation' sequenced in Icelandic project
73 Study identifies genetic cause of increased leukemia risk
74 Men who kept highly fit in midlife reduced their cancer death risks in older life
75 Whole virus vaccine for Ebola found to effectively protect monkeys
76 Wounds heal faster with help from nanoparticles
77 New study examines dialectical behavior therapy for reducing suicide attempts
78 Roseroot may have potential as alternative treatment for depression
79 'Insufficient evidence' that natural sweetener xylitol prevents tooth decay
80 First vision-restoring "bionic eye" implant performed in Hawaii
81 Better joint replacement outcomes for obese patients who have weight-loss surgery
82 Sugar-seeking MRI could be used to detect early-stage cancer
83 Gene identified that drives aggressive form of breast cancer
84 'Fear of exercise' is biggest barrier to chronic fatigue syndrome recovery
85 Breast cancer: rates of diagnosis and survival 'vary by race'
86 Episiotomy has fallen in popularity, study finds
87 Experts consider medical care standards for civilians in space
88 Lack of exercise 'twice as deadly' as obesity
89 FDA approves surgically implanted device to treat obesity
90 Is schizophrenia one disease...or eight?
91 Sugar: should we eliminate it from our diet?
92 New treatment strategy for aggressive cancers identified
93 Vitamin D 'aids the immune system to fight colorectal cancer'
94 One-shot flu vaccine will be ready 'within 5 years'
95 Forager-to-farmer transition 'may have weakened our bones'
96 Gene may explain why pancreatic cancer is so aggressive
97 Burning yak dung pollutes Tibetan homes, study finds
98 'High-intensity' disruptive behavior may indicate future problems for children
99 CDC: this season's flu vaccine only 23% effective
100 Study identifies potential for safer anti-inflammatory drugs
101 Behavioral model may help kidney disease patients' treatment decisions
102 Rat study suggests abuse-related cues could reduce adult stress
103 Could promotion of expedited partner therapy reduce STI incidence?
104 Asian-Americans have increased cardiovascular disease mortality
105 Social media: 'no direct association' with stress
106 What are the health benefits of selenium?
107 Almost 1 in 5 adults with epilepsy may have symptoms of ADHD, study finds
108 Targeting drugs using 'triggered release' via nanoparticles
109 Study gives new genetic insight to fragile X syndrome
110 Model predicts public response to disease outbreaks