File Title
1 Scientists coax stem cells to form 3-D mini lungs
2 Mayo Clinic study of thousands of brains reveals tau as driver of Alzheimer's disease
3 Cancer patients want more information about medical imaging risk
4 Boehringer Ingelheim's investigational biologic cleared skin better than ustekinumab in head-to-head Phase II psoriasis study
5 Results of Pfizer's community-acquired pneumonia immunization trial in adults (CAPiTA) published
6 Study demonstrates new noninvasive gene expression profile test predicts melanoma risk more accurately than AJCC online predictor tool
7 Apple of the mind's eye: how good is our memory of everyday visual stimuli?
8 New results suggest combining MRI with conventional prostate surveillance may give a generally effective prostate screening system
9 European experts reveal new survey data that demonstrates a need for increased focus on 'the man behind the prostate cancer'
10 The Michael J. Fox foundation supports promising Parkinson's project
11 Trauma program recoups investment by transforming lives, Australia
12 Diabetes diagnoses surge in states that expanded Medicaid under the affordable care act
13 Respiratory diseases: Interim results from new RPL554 trial demonstrates excellent drug tolerability even at highest dose
14 Discovered mechanism to stop aging
15 The health of travellers is being put at risk by a lack of knowledge on areas rife with disease
16 Medicare freeze could lead to $8 GP copayment, Australia
17 Consistency needed nationally on genetic disclosure laws
18 Rapid, accurate blood test can reduce antibiotic overuse by distinguishing bacterial & viral infections
19 Weight discrimination has major impact on quality of life
20 Physicians acknowledge ordering unnecessary tests often due to fear of unlikely diagnosis, malpractice
21 Conscientiousness in childhood is a predictor of adult smoking behaviour
22 Several breeds of dog in England killed by mysterious kidney disease
23 Very sick children: treatment at any cost? New framework to help doctors make tough decisions on end of life care
24 Statins reduce hospital admission for heart failure
25 A new gene for metabolic inherited disorders
26 Favorable 15-year survival outcomes for older prostate cancer patients with low-risk disease
27 Rett Syndrome Research Trust awards Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic $1.3 million for clinical trial
28 VCU, UVA and Swedish researchers discover that childhood environment strongly influences the development of cognitive ability
29 Anti-diabetic drug metformin and vitamin D3 show impressive promise in preventing colorectal cancer
30 Ovarian cancer treatment set to improve following biomarker discovery
31 'Heat-beater' beans could protect staple food as planet warms
32 New vaccine for Ebola found to provide long-lasting immunity in animals
33 Male nurses are paid more than female nurses--a pay gap that shows no sign of decreasing
34 Understanding severe autism--critical role for the CTNND2 gene
35 What are the health benefits of chia seeds?
36 Raising hope for men with erectile dysfunction--from blue pill to blue light
37 Combining the old and new to kill cancer cells
38 Greater wealth equals better health for most Canadian moms and their newborns
39 Mental health report finds staffing problems linked to ward suicides
40 Aggression and violence against doctors: Almost everyone is affected
41 Study shows association between migraine and carpal tunnel syndrome, reports PRS Global Open
42 Lean business approach helps hospitals run more efficiently
43 Delayed retirement could increase inequalities among seniors
44 Deuterated sigma-1 agonist showed anti-seizure activity in traumatic brain injury models
45 Study may identify new cause of brain bleeds in fetuses and newborns
46 Blood test can help identify stroke risk following heart surgery
47 Cerebellar ataxia can't be cured, but some cases can be treated
48 TSRI team discovers enzyme that keeps blood stem cells functional to prevent anemia
49 Along with antiretroviral medications, doctors may prescribe exercise for people with HIV
50 Study: Zinc deficiency linked to immune system response, particularly in older adults
51 Implementing decision aids affects care decisions in urology
52 Number of births may affect mom's future heart health, UT Southwestern cardiologists find
53 Young children 'at highest risk of death from Ebola,' study finds
54 Increasing use of minimally invasive surgery 'would avert thousands of post-op complications'
55 Evidence many young children with autism show gut symptoms
56 Artificial hand able to respond sensitively thanks to muscles made from smart metal wires
57 Milk could be good for your brain
58 Brain tumor cells decimated by mitochondrial 'smart bomb'
59 Study shows racial and socioeconomic disparities in hip fracture care
60 Study: Hip replacement an excellent option to relieve pain in juvenile arthritis patients
61 Hip-replacement patients may safely drive as early as 2 weeks following surgery
62 Spinal surgery diminishes low back pain, improves sexual function
63 Diabetes, previous joint pain and overall physical health predicts arthritis pain
64 Experiments reveal key components of the body's machinery for battling deadly tularemia
65 Unraveling cystic fibrosis puzzle, taking it personally matters
66 Marketing, prescribing testosterone and growth hormone for aging is disease mongering
67 New insights into survival outcomes of Asian-Americans diagnosed with cancer
68 Report reveals alarming lack of water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities
69 CV organizations issue recommendations for minimally invasive valve treatments for children, adults
70 After learning new words, brain sees them as pictures
71 Norovirus candidate vaccine induces broad antibody responses in trial participants
72 Could a tampon one day help predict endometrial cancer? Mayo Clinic researchers say yes
73 Study: Patients going home after knee replacement do as well as those going to rehab facility
74 Preparing for natural disasters: What policies protect the vulnerable consumer?
75 Repeated use of antibiotics linked to diabetes risk
76 Alzheimer's disease: Anavex presents positive results for both ANAVEX 2-73 and ANAVEX 3-71
77 To end TB, treat the missing millions
78 International health partners should learn from missteps in the early Ebola epidemic
79 High intensity statin therapy does not affect LDL cholesterol lowering with the PCSK9 inhibitor alirocumab
80 Boredom can be good for you
81 Personality test finds Great Britain's most extroverted, agreeable and emotionally stable regions
82 PSA provides pharmacies with consumer information on safe use of non-prescription codeine
83 FDA approves blood pump system to help patients maintain stable heart function during certain high-risk cardiac procedures
84 Dealing with self-diagnosing patients
85 Commission on urgent care for older people launched by NHS Confederation
86 Driving tumour cells to their death
87 Prostate cancer: Astellas announces new enzalutamide data
88 New tool to understand and improve care for patients with sickle cell disorder launched nationwide, UK
89 Neither vitamin D nor exercise affected fall rates among older women in Finland
90 Long-term effect of deep brain stimulation on pain in patients with Parkinson disease
91 Looking for happiness in all the wrong places
92 Music to the ears of dementia suffers: learning to play saxophone after diagnosis
93 A call for more research on brain damage in American football
94 Interim report on UK alcohol industry's "billion units pledge" is flawed say researchers
95 Discovery of what attracts pregnant mosquitos is used to fight malaria
96 New treatment could lead to a cure for Parkinson's disease
97 Incidence of colorectal cancer increasing in young people: family doctors urged to be on the alert for alarm symptoms
98 N/A
99 Walking after meals helps save elderly from falls
100 Risk factors associated with overweight cluster already in children
101 Parents feel banning junk food ads could cut childhood obesity
102 Head injury patients show signs of faster ageing in the brain
103 Ebola: 1 million pounds grant to develop 'in the field' test
104 Study compares the cost, benefit of three uterine-conserving treatments for fibroids
105 FDA approves new treatment for diabetic retinopathy in patients with diabetic macular edema
106 Education may not improve our life chances of happiness
107 Man-made pollution may be affecting deep-sea fish
108 Men have more complications after total knee, hip replacements
109 How important is the name of a disease? Do names influence treatment?
110 Study vailidates first 'gold standard' technique for identifying early signs of Alzheimer's