File Title
1 Simultaneous drinking and smoking marijuana increases odds of drunk driving
2 Parents' country of origin influences risk of stillbirth
3 Ancient herbal therapy can prevent--and reverse--cardiac hypertrophy in mice
4 Study: Civic engagement may stave off brain atrophy, improve memory
5 After lung transplantation: Go back to work and feel better
6 High fidelity: SLU researcher finds keys to genome integrity
7 New design makes treadmill more like running outdoors
8 Wristband that measures rest, activity schedule may help predict response to antidepressants
9 Researchers discover an inactive tumor suppressor gene in lung cancer
10 Six questions about HIV/AIDS that deserve more attention
11 Increase seen in data breaches of health information
12 Study identifies factors linked to greater adherence to use of anticoagulant
13 No long-term survival difference found between types of mitral valve replacements
14 How salmonella survives the macrophage's acid attack
15 Researchers uncover genetic and hormonal origins behind the evolution of sex organs
16 Study finds emergency departments may be high-yield venues to address opioid overdose and education
17 New treatment for common digestive condition Barrett's Oesophagus
18 Gene variant linked to smoking longer, getting lung cancer sooner
19 Study shows how melligen cell line derived from human liver cells can reverse diabetes
20 Durbin, Blumenthal 'troubled' by FDA inaction on mislabelled supplements
21 Experimental drug that may repair nerve damage in MS moves forward
22 Potential for prediction of progression for early form of breast cancer
23 What is more rewarding: a soccer goal or prize money?
24 Study monitors walking activity in people with MS
25 New research agenda provides roadmap to improve care for hospitalized older adults
26 Large clinical trial shows that a kanuka honey formulation helps rosacea sufferers
27 Midwest Canine Influenza outbreak caused by new strain of virus
28 Treatment that slows AMD vision loss with one stem cell injection shows promise
29 Children taught about sexual abuse more likely to report it
30 ASTRO praises bipartisan Congress and President for passage of legislation to permanently fix SGR
31 Total ankle arthroplasty shows promise for patients with severe ankle arthritis
32 Breastfeeding could reduce risk of mothers smoking again
33 Hair loss: how does it affect women?
34 Octopuses have unique way to control their "odd" forms
35 Airport noise doesn't significantly affect Americans' sleep
36 Epilepsy drug may preserve eyesight for people with MS
37 Male competition boosts men's online donations to attractive female fundraisers
38 PharmaMarch to present data on anticancer candidates PM1183 and plitidepsin at the AACR 2015
39 Facebook use can worsen as well as improve mental health conditions
40 Reasons behind an increase in female genital cosmetic surgery in Australia and the UK
41 TSRI scientists find that nicotine use increases compulsive alcohol consumption
42 Age-related changes in the brain can have significant impact on individuals, society
43 Violent video games not linked to aggression in adults with autism
44 Brain imaging changes in individuals with Down's may help advance Alzheimer's trials
45 Forsyth study details how gum disease treatment can prevent heart disease
46 Too few minority women breastfeed--can ob/gyns change their minds?
47 Opioid relapse rates fall after jail release, according to pilot study
48 Rare, deadly lymphoma demystified
49 New research sheds light on how popular probiotic benefits the gut
50 Blood disorder study illustrates the challenges to parsing genetic data
51 Antimalarial tea--from herbal remedy to licensed phytomedicine
52 African-American men at greater risk of prostate cancer, study finds
53 Nanoparticles at specific temperature stimulate antitumor response
54 Gut bacteria diversity may be reduced by Western lifestyle
55 Teachers more likely to label black students as troublemakers
56 Early use of palliative care in cancer improves patients' lives, outcomes for caregivers
57 Gene in high-altitude cattle disease sheds light on human lung disease
58 NIST develops NMR 'fingerprinting' for monoclonal antibodies
59 Oxycodone overdose deaths drop 25 percent after launch of Prescgram
60 New genomic research amends earlier triple negative breast cancer finding
61 Brain development suffers from lack of fish oil fatty acids, UCI study finds
62 One-third of women with ADHD report being sexually abused during childhood
63 Anti-fungal drug shows promise as potential new cancer treatment
64 Shape-shifting molecule tricks viruses into mutating themselves to death
65 Inside health-reform savings
66 Unnecessary preoperative testing still done on cataract patients
67 Tumor-only genetic sequencing may misguide cancer treatment in nearly half of all patients
68 Synthetic biology used for ecofriendly production of expensive natural compound Nootkatone
69 Racial disparity in cancer mortality is narrowing, suggests new study
70 New synthetic technology for medicines and fine chemicals
71 Does home care serve men and women equally in Ontario?
72 Parental concerns strongly predict developmental issues, including autism spectrum disorder
73 Thinking positively: A new way to deliver medicine into cells
74 Mentally stepping back from problems helps youth deal with negative emotions
75 Children who understand others' perspectives found to be more popular among peers
76 The connection between mouth bacteria and inflammation in heart disease
77 Increasing evidence points to inflammation as source of nervous system manifestations of lyme disease
78 Glasgow children can become socialised into gang culture at 12 years of age, new research says
79 New liver cancer treatment approved for use in Europe
80 Disruption of sleep in children could hamper memory processes
81 Advocating for access to and awareness of key preventive measures for malaria in pregnancy
82 Drugs to prevent hearing loss expected within 5 years
83 Scripps Florida scientists uncover how molecule protects brain cells in Parkinson's disease model
84 Getting the perfect fit for artificial hips
85 Playing a wind instrument could help lower the risk of sleep apnoea
86 Global recession linked to rising HIV deaths, study finds
87 Novel nanoparticles could save soldiers' lives after explosions
88 Many teens try e-cigarettes, but few become regular users
89 China's thriving export industry comes with a high cost
90 VETIGEL prepares to launch in U.K. veterinary market--new product stops bleeding in fewer than 10 seconds
91 Immunology: Macrophages as T-cell primers
92 Study shows INVEGA SUSTENNA effective six months longer than common oral antipsychotics in treatment of schizophrenia
93 Provectus Biopharmaceuticals opens patient enrollment and begins phase 3 international FDA comparative clinical trial of PV-10 for melanoma
94 Exfoliation syndrome (XFS): Discovered gene allows a peek into the future on eye disease
95 The World Medical Association supports growing moves for plain tobacco packaging
96 Positive clinical study results for Cellmid's hair growth product using novel FGF5 inhibitor
97 New method helps establish south Asian perceptions of dementia
98 High flavouring content in some e-cigarettes may be cause for concern
99 How do we hear time within sound?
100 Maple syrup helps antibiotics defeat bacteria
101 Genetic variability may help predict tumor aggressiveness and treatment success
102 Self-affirmations may calm jitters and boost performance, research finds
103 Smokers underestimate risks of a few cigarettes: Survey shows that many live in 'denial' of the real risks
104 Preventable rabies kills 160 people worldwide every day
105 E-cigarette use in middle, high school students has tripled in the past year
106 'Puppy dog eyes' explained by science
107 Review provides further insight into link between hormone therapy and breast cancer
108 Video games can power up from merely fun to meaningful experiences
109 Big data key to precision medicine's success
110 New '4-D' lung cancer model could quicken discoveries
111 Man with restored sight provides new insight into how vision develops
112 BPA can disrupt sexual function in turtles
113 GW Cancer Institute publishes core competencies for oncology patient navigators
114 How Twitter can help predict asthma-related emergency room visits
115 Active aging on the up in EU, despite economic crisis and austerity
116 Ovarian cancer: Genetic testing should be accessible to all women with the disease
117 Happiness can be spread through the smell of sweat, study finds