File Title
1 New evidence adds the Capitanian extinction to the list of major extinction crises
2 Dwindling bird populations in Fukushima
3 Packing heat: New fluid makes untapped geothermal energy cleaner
4 Wind bursts strongly affect El Nino severity
5 Perceptions of environmental damage improves over time, despite lack of real change
6 Iceberg armadas not the cause of North Atlantic cooling
7 Longest mammal migration raises questions about distinct species of whales
8 Plant oils used for novel bio-based plastics
9 Victorian baby teeth could help predict future health of children today
10 Palaeolithic remains show cannibalistic habits of human ancestors
11 Complex cognition shaped the Stone Age hand axe
12 Young offenders in Victorian times were much less likely to re-offend than today
13 40 million-year-old family tree of baleen whales
14 Bone eating worms dined on marine reptile carcasses
15 There is more to a Rembrandt than meets the eye, science shows
16 Strange rituals or cannibalism? Neanderthals manipulated bodies of adults and children shortly after death
17 Why we have chins: Our chin comes from evolution, not mechanical forces
18 Meteorites key to the story of Earth's layers
19 Experts warn Ebola epidemic could return with a vengeance unless lessons about medical trials are learned
20 Socioeconomic factors affect odds of death after a lung cancer operation
21 For men, online generosity is a competition
22 Firearm-related hospitalizations linked to U.S. stock market performance
23 Teaching children in schools about sexual abuse may help them report abuse
24 Racial disparity in cancer mortality is narrowing, suggests new study
25 Most partisans treat politics like sports rivalries, instead of focusing on issues
26 Injury prevention programs not widely used in high school
27 Children with disabilities can make competent witnesses
28 Childhood self-control linked to enhanced job prospects throughout life
29 Who's a CEO? Google image results can shift gender biases
30 When health risks go down, worker productivity goes up
31 Overconfidence in new technologies can influence decision-making
32 How long do firms live? Finding patterns of company mortality in market data
33 Ads in free mobile apps have hidden costs for both users and developers
34 Interview blues: Anxious, slow talkers often do not get the job
35 Cultivating timeflow: Can consumers shape how they experience time?
36 The brain in the supermarket: Index strategy informs decision-making
37 Work site wellness centers equate to weight loss and health care savings, expert says
38 Study provides academic support for new Steve Jobs portrayal
39 Civic engagement may stave off brain atrophy, improve memory
40 Why do people play violent video games? Storytelling and meaningful choices may play a part
41 Don't blame kids if they do not enjoy school, study of twins suggests
42 The brain game: How decreased neural activity may help you learn faster
43 Element of surprise helps babies learn
44 Well-designed classrooms can boost learning progress in primary school pupils by up to 16% in a single year, research reveals
45 Insight creates new memories in the brain
46 Exercise largely absent from US medical school curriculum, study shows
47 Early education narrows the achievement gap with younger starts and longer stays
48 Stop blaming the moon: Intelligent people can develop strong entirely incorrect beliefs
49 People less focused on recurrent bad feelings when taking probiotics
50 Your pain reliever may also be diminishing your joy
51 Choice of protein- and carbohydrate-rich foods may have big effects on long-term weight gain
52 Scientists create invisible objects in the microwave range without metamaterial cloaking
53 Giant sea lizards in the age of dinosaurs: A new beginning for baby mosasaurs
54 Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor
55 Pluck hair in a specific pattern to grow new hair: Hair six times thicker in mice
56 Scientists create self-powering camera
57 U.S. eyes new ways to prepare and win future war in space
58 NASA electric rover goes for a spin
59 Amazonian tribe study shows how human bodily bacteria is changing
60 ReNeuron stem cell therapy shows long-term promise for stroke
61 U.S. regulators may recommend testing food for glyphosate residues
62 Early Haiti rains bring risk of bleak cholera season
63 Pfizer wins first U.S. trial over Zoloft birth-defect risk
64 FDA approves AcuFocus' corneal implant
65 U.S. presses Mexico to ease poultry import limits brought by bird flu
66 California environmental groups sue over refinery marine terminal
67 Phillips 66 says pipeline leaked diesel into Mississippi River
68 Green group praises Bush on climate remarks
69 India takes 'significant step' in HFC decision: U.S. envoy
70 'Isis' among names removed from UN list of hurricane names
71 Exclusive: SunGard to explore possible $10 billion sale--sources
72 China fines Alibaba $129,000 for pricing violations
73 Symantec CEO says pressing ahead with Veritas spin-off
74 FCC to open up valuable airwaves for tech and telecom companies
75 EU telecoms reform to address competition from WhatsApp, Skype
76 AncientBiotics--a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs?
77 Ancient Roman horse skeleton found under hotel site at Biomedical Campus in Cambridge
78 Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Fortifications at Coastal Site in Israel
79 Archaeologists discovered previously unknown fortified settlements in Mazury
80 Archaeological dig planned for Glouco site of 1777 battle
81 Beer in the Bronze age: Evidence shows Egyptians brewed up a party in ancient Tel Aviv
82 Elaborate 'Red Lady' Grave Yields Secrets of Ice-Age Culture
83 A Spanish Armada cannonball just showed up on an Irish beach
84 King Richard III and Car Park Archaeology
85 Bolivia detects buried pyramid at Tiahuanaco site
86 Ancient Roman Villa Discovered during Stadium Construction in Bulgaria's Sozopol
87 Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Medieval Necropolis with More Skeletons with Posthumous Mutilations at Upper Voden Fortress
88 Cradle of Humankind Caves Yield New Ancient Dates
89 'Little Foot' pushes back age of earliest South African hominids
90 Archaeologists unearth medieval graveyard beneath Cambridge College
91 Archaeologists in Bulgaria's Varna Find 2 Late Antiquity Buildings in Ancient Odessos before Wrapping Up Rescue Digs
92 Scientists discover early food production in Caribbean
93 Egyptian Artifacts Salvaged from Robbed Tomb in Israel
94 Complete camel skeleton unearthed in Austria
95 Archaeologists Discover Hand from Huge Roman Statue at Early Christian Site in Bulgaria's Sandanski
96 Heated dining rooms and butchery: The robbed Roman villa found by archaeologists in Yorkshire
97 Altamura Man yields oldest Neanderthal DNA sample
98 A Pre-Columbian population was poisoned
99 Over 1,000 Ancient Stone Tools, Left by Great Basin Hunters, Found in Utah Desert
100 200 Year Old Skeleton Found: Archaeologist identified man who fought with British troops as Friedrich Brandt
101 Franklin Expedition search: Ice dive team ready to discover more secrets of HMS Erebus
102 Native American mound-builder society experienced rapid agricultural development
103 Ultraviolet light reveals erased poetry in 13th century Black Book of Carmarthen
104 John Switzer commentary: Serpent Mound continues to confound
105 At Jordan site, drone offers glimpse of antiquities looting
106 Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Aquaduct, Siege Water Storage Tanks of Ancient Odessos Fortress
107 Ghosts from the past brought back to life
108 Early modern humans hugged riverine woodland environments in Africa
109 Greenland Vikings outlived climate change for centuries
110 Archaeologists found where the famous Scythian treasure from Witaszkowo had been hidden