File Title
1 Chins Likely Developed Because Humans Became More Social, Males Less Aggressive
2 Antidepressants: Nature's 'Energy Booster,' Rhodiola, is an Ancient Remedy for Sadness, Study Finds
3 Alzheimer's Drug: Duke University Study Shows Promising Results for New Drug's Ability to Prevent Disease
4 Alien Neighbors Remain Elusive After Study of 100,000 Galaxies
5 Mysteries of Alien Life Could Be Unlocked by Geysers on Saturn's Moon Enceladus, New Data Suggests
6 Meteorite Study Proves Timeline of Earth's Crust Formation, New Research Says
7 Asteroid, Near-Earth Object on Collision Course with Earth? (INCLUDES VIDEO)
8 Animals Sharing: Orangutan Shares His Goodies with Chimpanzees in a Neighboring Cage (SEE IT)
9 ESA Rosetta Mission: Comet 67P/C-G Not Magnetized, New Study Says
10 Allergies and Pets: What if Fido is Allergic to You?
11 Microlensing Reveals Distant Planet Residing 13,000 Light-Years Away
12 Dark Matter: Not So 'Dark,' Dark Matter Clump Seen Lagging, According to a New Study
13 Heart Valve Device Implanted into Patient for First Time
14 India and CO2 Emissions: Prime Minister Modi Says Country 'Can Lead the World' Despite Pressure to Change Ways
15 Fish and Chips Could Leave Menus Due to Rising Water Temperatures, Study Says
16 Mystery of Titan's Dunes: Violent Methane Storms Might Explain Dune Direction on Saturn's Moon, New Study Says
17 Exoplanet 189733b: Hot and Stormy at High Altitudes, New Study Shows
18 Saturn: Saturn's Great White Spots and Northern Storms 'Episodic and Quite Explosive,' Researchers Say
19 Birth Control Pills May Alter, Shrink Women's Brains, Study Says
20 Puppies Melt Your Heart for a Very Scientific Reason
21 Dark Matter, Dark Energy Mapped by Dark Energy Survey, Results Released at American Physical Society
22 Probabilistic Programming Accomplishes in 50 Lines of Code What Normally Takes Thousands
23 Ceres' Mysterious Bright Spots Suggest Dwarf Planet Was Once Active
24 Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Impact Crater Could Reveal Secrets of Mass Extinction
25 Quantum Computers Closer to Reality Thanks to Silicon Breakthrough
26 Mars Has Liquid Water? Mars Curiosity Rover Says 'Yes,' New Paper Says (PHOTOS)
27 Meteor Strikes Make Soil and Sand Stronger, Study Finds
28 Anxiety, Mental Health Disorders Linked to a Parasite, Study Authors Claim
29 Age Defying Cosmos: Giant Red Stars Have Defied Aging's 'Chemical Clock,' New Study Says
30 Dreams & Nightmares: Risk Factors of Frequent Nightmares Identified in New Study
31 Mars Mission, Asteroid Redirect: NASA Advisory Council Tells NASA 'Terminate ARM...Get People to Mars'
32 Space Death and NASA's Plans: What Would Happen if an Astronaut Dies in Space? (INCLUDES VIDEO)
33 SpaceX Dragon Bringing Variety of Research to International Space Station, NASA Says
34 Solar Eruptions Can Wreak Havoc on Unprotected Planets like Venus
35 Mosasaur Babies Reveal Secrets of Ancient Marine Births
36 Universe Is Not Expanding as Quickly as We Thought, 'Exploding Star' Study Suggests
37 Cancer and Dogs: Research Shows Pups Successfully Detect Prostate Cancer More than 90 Percent of the Time
38 Japanese Lab Builds Sword-Wielding Robot Arm (MUST WATCH)
39 N/A
40 Breast Cancer: The 'Fountain of Youth' Could Be Closer than You Think
41 Smartphone App Could Save Lives in the Event of an Earthquake
42 Organic Semiconductors Could Lead to Cheaper, Greener LEDs and Solar Cells
43 Exoplanet's Atmosphere Measured with Impressive Precision, Revealing Terrifying Heat and Wind Speeds
44 Methane 'Hotspot' Above U.S. Four Corners Region to Be Investigated
45 Sea Turtle Toddlers' 'Lost Years' Spent Swimming, Not Drifting in Seaweed Matts
46 'Terror Birds' Had Low Voices, New Super-Complete Skeleton Reveals
47 'Warm Blob' in Pacific Linked to California Drought, East Coast Deep Freeze
48 1,200-Year-Old Site Has Thousands of Tombs with 40 Mummies Each
49 Dark Matter and Supernovae Will Be Investigated by New Telescope, LSST
50 Virgin Galactic: Richard Branson Reports a 12-Month Setback
51 Evolution of Milky Way: 'The Whole Picture Hangs Together,' Says Researcher
52 NASA, NOAA and EPA Join Forces to Study Toxic Threat to Drinking Water: Algal Blooms
53 Gamma Ray Bursts: Universe's Most Powerful Explosions Get Some Attention from Scientists
54 Black Holes: 'Flip-Flopping' Black Holes Studied by RIT Researchers
55 NASA: 'Game Changing' Proposals Chosen for Ultra-Lightweight Materials for Deep Space Travel
56 Catalyst Performance Could Be Greatly Improved with Multimetal Nanoframes
57 Texas Boy, 4, Finds 100 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Fossil Near Shopping Center
58 Sun Was a 'Late Bloomer' in Stellar 'Baby Boom': Did this Lead to Earth's Formation?
59 Ocean Acidification from Atmospheric Carbon Caused Largest Mass Extinction in History
60 Plastic Surgery Could Make You Seem More Likable Thanks to Evolution
61 Gorilla Inbreeding Could Have Genetic Benefits, and It Has Been Happening for Millenia
62 Tyrannosaur Skull Reveals Horror Story of Brutal Battles and Cannibalism After Death
63 Saudi Arabia Rejects Monkeys from Swedish Zoo in Diplomatic Spat
64 Dementia: Cognitive Impairment Can Be Held at Bay with Midlife Arts, Crafts, Socializing and Computer Use, Study Says
65 N/A
66 Many People Wrongly Blame the Moon for Craziness
67 'Little Foot' and Lucy: Two Human Ancestors May Have Co-existed
68 Toxic Oceans to Blame for Ancient Mass Extinction
69 This Medieval Potion Tackles Antibiotic Resistant Bugs like No Other
70 Extinct Brontosaurus May Make a Comeback
71 Hybrid Camel Skeleton Discovered in Austria
72 Bizarre Worm Lizards Rafted Across Oceans to Find Their Homes
73 Discovery of Ancient Fossils Suggest Early Human Diversity
74 Scientists Discover Evidence of Dino Battles
75 Scientists Shed Light on Ancient Terror Bird
76 Ocean Acidification Triggered Greatest Mass Extinction Ever
77 'The Blob' Leaves US with Weird Weather, Say Experts
78 Scientists Uncover the Birthing Mystery of Mighty Mosasaurs
79 Fighting Baldness? Rip Out What's Left
80 Scientists May Soon Solve Mystery of Dino-Killing Asteroid
81 Liquid Water Remains on Mars Today, Rover Hints
82 Pesticide Use May Threaten Global Freshwater Biodiversity
83 Neanderthals Beat Up Their Deceased Brethren: Study
84 So Why Do We Have Chins? Experts Have the Answer
85 Safer Pesticides? Targeted Control May be Our Best Bet
86 Scientists Create Best Family Tree Ever of Baleen Whales
87 Our Human Ancestors Were Cannibals?
88 Man Tears Tendon After Playing 'Candy Crush' for Weeks
89 Screwing Up Artificial Intelligence Could Be Disastrous, Experts Say
90 Acting Out Dreams Is Often Early Sign of Parkinson's Disease
91 Marijuana Extract May Help Reduce Epilepsy Seizures
92 How to Avoid a Shark Attack
93 Reference: Dog Family: Facts About Canines & Their Cousins
94 Earth's Mysterious Hum Explained
95 Garmin Forerunner 920XT: GPS Watch Review
96 Gestational Diabetes May Be Tied to Autism in Children
97 It's a Girl! Healthy Giraffe Born at Dallas Zoo
98 Ebola Vaccine Starts Testing in Sierra Leone
99 Dark Matter Illuminated in New High-Resolution Maps
100 Why Humans Have Chins
101 Will Mobile Labs Finally Halt Killer Frog Fungus? (Op-Ed)
102 Holy Flying Fish! Why Jumping Asian Carp Bombard Rowers
103 Is Marijuana Good Medicine or Dangerous? Poll Reveals What the US Thinks
104 Boneworms Dined on Ancient Sea Serpents
105 Gray Whale Breaks Mammal Migration Record
106 Diabetes and Depression May Increase Risk of Dementia
107 X-Ray Scans 'Dig' Beneath Layers of Rembrandt Painting
108 Pop! Knuckle-Cracking Noise Finally Explained
109 Fitbit Charge HR: Fitness Tracker Review
110 Early Earth May Have Absorbed Mercury-like Object