File Title
1 Protecting nature on the fly
2 Bury nuclear waste down a very deep hole, say UK scientists
3 Researchers discover an inactive tumor suppressor gene in lung cancer
4 Neanderthals manipulated the bodies of adults and children shortly after death
5 Seeing the unseen: PET/CT scans reveal worms' hidden life
6 PharmaMarch to present data on anticancer candidates PM1183 and plitidepsin at the AACR 2015
7 European study provides new insight into public interest in medicines research
8 New biomarker for uterine cancer discovered
9 New source of methane discovered in the Arctic Ocean
10 Stronger muscles make for healthier bone development
11 X-ray study images structural damage in lithium-ion batteries
12 'Parachuting' boron on benzene rings
13 Infectious ants become antisocial
14 Stem cell injection may soon reverse vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration
15 $5 million in USDA food-safety grants to target bacteria
16 Ancient herbal therapy can prevent--and reverse--cardiac hypertrophy in mice
17 New CU-Boulder technique could slash energy used to produce many plastics
18 Extreme geohazards: Reducing the disaster risk and increasing resilience
19 How best to test Ebola treatment
20 Unearthing new antivirals
21 Genetically engineered Salmonella promising as anti-cancer therapy
22 Detecting cryptosporidium in China
23 Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves
24 How Salmonella survives the macrophage's acid attack
25 Quantization of 'surface Dirac states' could lead to exotic applications
26 Adherence to blood thinner best with pharmacist management, Stanford researcher says
27 Study finds gestational diabetes associated with greater risk of autism in children
28 Experimental drug that may repair nerve damage in MS moves forward
29 New WHO statement on public reporting of clinical trial results announced
30 New potential cause for Alzheimer's: Arginine deprivation
31 No long-term survival difference found between types of mitral valve replacements
32 Study identifies factors linked to greater adherence to use of anticoagulant
33 Increase seen in data breaches of health information
34 Intrauterine exposure to maternal gestational diabetes linked with risk of autism
35 The microscopic topography of ink on paper
36 Most comprehensive study to date reveals evolutionary history of citrus
37 Six questions about HIV/AIDS that deserve more attention
38 Simultaneous drinking and smoking marijuana increases odds of drunk driving and other
39 Socially anxious youth in treatment can enhance recovery through simple service tasks
40 Alcohol may elevate the expression of two enzymes called CYP2E1 and CYP2U1
41 Paternal alcohol problems, death from liver disease, signal offspring risk for cirrhosis
42 Blue fingers sculpted on red planet
43 Conditions right for liquid water on Mars
44 Academics rate women job applicants higher than identical men
45 Saturn's superstorms whipped up by water vapour
46 Colourful cosmic curtains light up the sky
47 Female chimps more likely to make and use spears
48 Dark matter may not be completely dark
49 Mind-reading kids more popular at school
50 Secrets of knuckle-cracking captured on video
51 'Love drug' ramps up brain's response to baby's cry
52 Historic color images of Pluto and Charon
53 Electrifying new map charts lightning bolts
54 Is Brontosaurus making a comeback? A new analysis of the long-necked dinosaur.
55 Three species of mini 'dragon' discovered in Andes
56 Blood moon wows skywatchers. When will the next one be? (+video)
57 Is the Brontosaurus really back? (+video)
58 We are on the verge of discovering aliens, says NASA's chief scientist (+video)
59 Two-day 'Space Apps' hackathon seeks solutions to global challenges
60 Hydrogen fuel breakthrough could pave the way for clean cars (+video)
61 Blue Origin finishes engine for suborbital flights
62 Did Northern Europeans resist the rise of agriculture?
63 Where did the moon come from?
64 Astronomers detect organic molecules in young star system
65 Scientists investigate mysterious methane bloom over US Southwest (+video)
66 Did Tyrannousaurs eat each other?
67 Why are mountain gorillas losing their genetic diversity?
68 Where do sea turtles spend their 'lost years?' (+video)
69 Scientists unearth fossilized, flightless, four-foot terror bird (+video)
70 How smart phones could bring early earthquake detection to developing world
71 Weird US weather: Blame the big warm blob in the Pacific
72 Scientists to dig deep into dino-killing-impact crater
73 Prehistoric terror bird may have hunted by listening to footsteps
74 Universe's expansion may not be accelerating as much as thought, say scientists
75 Can SpaceX land a rocket stage on a floating barge this time? (+video)
76 Liquid water near Mars's surface? Curiosity rover finds compelling evidence. (+video)
77 Monty Python changes its tune for Stephen Hawking (+video)
78 Four-year-old discovers 100-million-year-old dinosaur (+video)
79 Can SpaceX return booster to a barge? Third try Tuesday. (+video)
80 A bias toward women in US college science jobs, says study (+video)
81 The surprising science behind the aluminum soda can
82 SpaceX Dragon capsule launches, but return of booster goes awry (+video)
83 High-res maps show how dark and light come together in the universe
84 At a whopping 14,000 miles, whale wins the longest mammal migration
85 Why NASA's discovery of a distant exoplanet is important
86 Galactic collisions rattle current theories of dark matter
87 SpaceX rocket sort of lands on floating barge
88 Varvara the Whale sets mammal migration record
89 Will the Hubble telescope's successor find alien life?
90 Mystery of Ceres' bright spots grows
91 Leading scientists favour women in tenure-track hiring test
92 Dark matter mapped at cosmic scale
93 Rosetta's comet has no magnetic field
94 Pollutants waft over the Himalayas
95 Canadians baulk at reforms to health-research agency
96 Iran nuclear deal raises hopes for science
97 Rule rewrite aims to clean up scientific software
98 California unveils 'precision-medicine' project
99 UK funders demand strong statistics for animal studies
100 Cancer: The Ras renaissance
101 The wedding rings that went to Hubble
102 Biography of a space telescope: Voices of Hubble
103 Top 10 Hubble images
104 Biotech firm announces fast test to unmask imposter cell lines
105 The printed organs coming to a body near you
106 Cancer mutations often misidentified in the clinic
107 Genomes carry a heavy burden
108 WHO calls for full disclosure of clinical trials
109 Close the deal
110 Numbers matter
111 Announcement: Time to tackle cells' mistaken identity
112 Core services: Reward bioinformaticians
113 Health: Make precision medicine work for cancer care
114 Astronomy: Hubble's legacy