File Title
1 MIT study links family income, test scores, brain anatomy
2 Disney develops layered fabric 3-D printer
3 First-ever photograph of Bouvier's red colobus monkey taken in Congo
4 WWII vessel confirmed intact after 64 years on seafloor
5 Last month hottest March in modern history
6 Study finds fidgeting helps ADHD students learn
7 Gene that controls melting point of cocoa butter discovered
8 Kermit the Frog likeness found in Costa Rica
9 Study of immune system regulation to improve treatment of chronic disease
10 Limited soil nutrients may hamper plants ability to slow climate change
11 Japan to land probe on the moon in 2018
12 Male baboons care about more than just big behinds
13 Marijuana smokers more prone to false memories
14 Study: Online discussion forums promote well-being
15 Three Michigan wolves are the last of their kind
16 MIT physicists develop new tabletop particle detector
17 Wireless router could silently monitor vital signs
18 Scientists watch taste buds in real time
19 Evidence mounts that pesticides harm wild bees
20 USGS models predict severity of man-made earthquakes
21 Crime science: Separating the DNA of identical twins
22 The ocean is the world's 7th largest economy
23 Researchers in China have manipulated human embryos
24 Correlation between firearm-related hospitalizations and US stock market performance: New study
25 Botox makes unnerving journey into our nervous system
26 Wildfires emit more greenhouse gases than assumed in California climate targets
27 Teachers more likely to label black students as troublemakers
28 Video games can power up from merely fun to meaningful experiences
29 ASTRO praises bipartisan Congress and President for passage of legislation to permanently fix SGR
30 BPA can disrupt sexual function in turtles, could be a warning for environmental health
31 Early use of palliative care in cancer improves patients' lives, outcomes for caregivers
32 New evidence adds the Capitanian extinction to the list of major extinction crises
33 Gene in high-altitude cattle disease sheds light on human lung disease
34 Dwindling bird populations in Fukushima
35 NIST develops NMR 'fingerprinting' for monoclonal antibodies
36 Packing heat: New fluid makes untapped geothermal energy cleaner
37 Wind bursts strongly affect El Nino severity
38 Big data key to precision medicine's success
39 Oxycodone overdose deaths drop 25 percent after launch of Prescgram
40 New genomic research amends earlier triple negative breast cancer finding
41 New '4-D' lung cancer model could quicken discoveries
42 Man with restored sight provides new insight into how vision develops
43 Should a political party form a coalition? Voters and math decide
44 GW Cancer Institute publishes core competencies for oncology patient navigators
45 How Twitter can help predict emergency room visits
46 Brain development suffers from lack of fish oil fatty acids, UCI study finds
47 Perceptions of environmental damage improves over time, despite lack of real change
48 Immunology: Macrophages as T-cell primers
49 Anti-fungal drug shows promise as potential new cancer treatment
50 Discovery of new plant switch could boost crops, biofuel production
51 Longest mammal migration raises questions about distinct species
52 Active aging on the up in EU, despite economic crisis and austerity
53 MIT sensor detects spoiled meat
54 Building healthier communities should be a priority when preparing for and recovering from disasters
55 High rate of healthcare visits before suicide attempts
56 Homeland chemical security
57 Cobalt film a clean-fuel find
58 BPA exposure affects fertility in next 3 generations of mice
59 Fighting tuberculosis using the body's natural anti-microbial processes
60 Scientists develop new technique that reduces halo effect caused by lenses
61 One-third of women with ADHD report being sexually abused during childhood
62 A beggars banquet--life in a shared nest
63 Researchers can trace dust samples using fungal DNA
64 Select groundcover management systems found viable for organically managed apple orchard
65 Light in a spin
66 Optimal substrate moisture content determined for high-quality bedding plants
67 What is more rewarding: A soccer goal or prize money?
68 Combined effort for structural determination
69 Actual dating requires calibration down to the last ion
70 Many teens try e-cigarettes, but few become regular users
71 Iceberg armadas not the cause of North Atlantic cooling
72 Diversity in a monoculture
73 Potential for prediction of progression for early form of breast cancer
74 Young offenders in Victorian times were much less likely to re-offend than today
75 Protein finding can pave the way for improved treatment of malignant melanoma
76 New blood test can predict future breast cancer
77 How limiting CEO pay can be more effective, less costly
78 Scientists uncover how molecule protects brain cells in Parkinson's disease model
79 Shape-shifting molecule tricks viruses into mutating themselves to death
80 Scientists develop mesh that captures oil--but lets water through
81 Iowa State anthropologist finds female chimps more likely to use tools when hunting
82 Ovarian cancer: Genetic testing should be accessible to all women with the disease
83 Inside health-reform savings
84 Restoring cellular energy signals may treat mitochondrial diseases in humans
85 Patents forecast technological change
86 Study: Most partisans treat politics like sports rivalries, instead of focusing on issues
87 Unnecessary preoperative testing still done on cataract patients
88 Tumor-only genetic sequencing may misguide cancer treatment in nearly half of all patients
89 Quantum cryptography at the speed of light: Researchers design first all-photonic repeaters
90 Millions of liters of juice from 1 grapefruit
91 Racial disparity in cancer mortality is narrowing, suggests new study
92 New synthetic technology for medicines and fine chemicals
93 Disruption of sleep in children could hamper memory processes
94 Study reveals an absence of consistent standards in children's hospital environments
95 Personal genome diagnostics study shows limitations of tumor-only sequencing for cancer
96 Complex cognition shaped the Stone Age hand axe, study shows
97 A camera that powers itself!
98 Depression, diabetes associated with increased dementia risk
99 Many teens try e-cigs, but few become regular users
100 High flavoring content in some e-cigarettes may be cause for concern
101 Does home care serve men and women equally?
102 Father (and mother) knows best
103 Paternal sperm may hold clues to autism
104 How oxytocin makes a mom: Hormone teaches maternal brain to respond to offspring's needs
105 Are populations aging more slowly than we think?
106 'Pull my finger!' say scientists who solve knuckle-cracking riddle
107 Heavy snoring, sleep apnea may signal earlier memory and thinking decline
108 Thinking positively: A new way to deliver medicine into cells
109 Knuckle-cracking observed using MRI
110 Frog uses different strategies to escape ground, air predators