File Title
1 Could vitamin A deficiency be a cause of type 2 diabetes?
2 Genetic mutation for metabolic disease identified within an Inuit population
3 Regular group walking linked to reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and depression
4 What is an anesthesiologist? What do anesthesiologists do?
5 Exposure to alcohol ads on TV linked with underage drinking
6 Drinking beetroot juice reduces high blood pressure, trial shows
7 Healthy changes more successful with partners
8 American kids are eating a lot of pizza--what are the health implications?
9 Intracytoplasmic sperm injection 'no better than conventional IVF'
10 Urban living may not be to blame for asthma epidemic
11 A common gut bacterium may protect women against MS, study finds
12 Glass of wine a day may protect against heart failure
13 Young adults' brain function may be boosted by exercise
14 First organ transplants from a newborn baby performed in UK
15 The impact of shift work on health
16 Coffee consumption linked with reduced melanoma risk
17 Sitting increases disease risk...and exercise may not reduce it
18 You only hurt the one you love: the presence of a romantic partner 'intensifies pain'
19 What are the health benefits of copper?
20 Heart attack diagnoses 'could be doubled' by gender-specific tests
21 Potential endometriosis treatment in new drug compounds
22 Ebola infection of humans linked to population density and vegetation cover
23 Scientists investigate sound waves for burning away cancer pain
24 Is a gluten-free diet really good for our health?
25 Memories need to be 'switched on' and are enhanced by emotion
26 New bone growth therapy to be tested in space
27 Research suggests possible HIV risk with birth control shot
28 Current guidelines to limit kids' screen-based media use 'may not be tenable'
29 Exhaled carbon dioxide alerts malaria mosquito to human presence
30 Salt may raise blood pressure by disabling safety mechanism in the brain
31 Coma patients show improved recovery from hearing family voices
32 Good-quality sleep when younger, not older, may benefit later-life memory
33 CDC: low awareness among women of birth defect risk from opioids
34 Sleeping on stomach 'may raise risk of sudden death in epilepsy'
35 Social distancing 'effective for reducing flu risk'
36 Travelers taking antibiotics may be helping spread of 'superbugs'
37 Video-based treatment may improve autism-related behavior in at-risk infants
38 Mapping the brains of blind people has 'challenged perceptions of how the brain works'
39 Mode of delivery could influence risk of painful intercourse
40 What are the health benefits of chromium?
41 Negative tweets 'may indicate a higher risk of heart disease'
42 Lead's effect on brain is worse for boys than girls, study shows
43 Many breast cancer patients have poor knowledge about their condition
44 Interventions to reduce work-family conflict 'improve sleep'
45 Eating fish during pregnancy may boost baby's development, not impair it
46 Scientists find way to increase length of human telomeres
47 Morphine after tonsillectomy 'potentially life-threatening' for children
48 Increased risk of high blood pressure in people with insomnia
49 Child neglect linked with changes to brain's white matter
50 What is a gynecologist? What do gynecologists do?
51 'Learning while you walk beats learning while you sit,' say university students
52 Over-the-counter sleep aids linked to dementia
53 Mechanism identified behind impaired wound healing in diabetics
54 Violence intervention programs 'could save hospitals millions'
55 Study finds most siblings with autism have different risk genes
56 Lung cancer to overtake breast cancer as most fatal among European women
57 Polycystic ovary syndrome 'doubles' women's hospital admissions
58 High-risk prostate cancers 'better detected' using targeted biopsy
59 New mouse model finds two genes behind most severe form of ovarian cancer
60 Difficult Parkinson's symptoms respond to low-frequency deep brain stimulation
61 Pluripotent stem cells used to generate hair growth
62 Mold in the home: how big a health problem is it?
63 Teenage misperception of weight may lead to adult obesity
64 Psychopaths' brains unable to fully process punishment
65 Expensive Parkinson's drugs may produce 'bigger placebo effect'
66 What are the health benefits of zinc?
67 Girls who drink sugary drinks every day may start periods early
68 Genetic variation offers new way to spot the most dangerous childhood cancers
69 Scientists uncover cell mechanism that plays key role in ALS
70 Liberals 'live longer' than conservatives and moderates
71 Have we become too dependent on medication?
72 Severe depression linked with inflammation in the brain
73 Fighters' repeated blows 'shrink brain and slow processing'
74 N/A
75 Heavy drinking in midlife increases stroke risk 'more than diabetes'
76 Danish researchers' breakthrough identification of important protein
77 Expanding Medicaid under ACA helped to identify 23 percent more people with previously undiagnosed diabetes
78 New potential for personalized treatments in bowel cancer
79 Hunger versus reward: How do anorexics control their appetite?
80 Memory processes during cardiac arrest
81 Blood thinning drug helps in understanding a natural HIV barrier
82 New gene influences apple or pear shape, risk of future disease
83 Rush to crush risks medicine effectiveness
84 Combination therapy boosts antiviral response to chronic infection
85 Researchers discover why drug for severe COPD becomes less effective
86 Varied immunity by age 5 in children vaccinated with serogroup B meningococcus as babies
87 Stress granules ease the way for cancer metastasis
88 New cystic fibrosis research could help develop treatments to improve muscle function
89 Good news for serial cereal eaters
90 Sweeping prostate cancer review upends widely held belief on radiation after surgery
91 Detecting prostate cancer cells in blood can give an early warning of treatment failure
92 Comparing the genomes of the leprosy bacteria
93 Exercise linked to improved erectile and sexual function in men
94 Promising vaccine strategy for type 1 diabetes extended to humans
95 Studies link air pollution as risk factor for anxiety and trigger for stroke
96 Father inspired after child's autism improved by course of antibiotic
97 Report warns of 'serious health risks' associated with online breast milk
98 How to get smarter on pills for seniors
99 Metabolic compensation underlies drug resistance in glioblastoma
100 Insulin resistance linked to a human gene variant
101 Research identifies novel steps in dementia progression
102 Research into brain's ability to heal itself offers hope for novel treatment of brain injury
103 Genome-wide screen of learning in zebrafish identifies enzyme important in neural circuit
104 Scientists use DNA sequencing to trace the spread of drug-resistant TB
105 Majority of new pediatricians satisfied with first jobs
106 Study pinpoints pregnancy complications in women with sickle cell disease
107 New treatment for mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) now available for patients in the UK
108 The price of delirium: New study finds nearly half of patients have delirium
109 Child pedestrians more likely to be struck by motor vehicles in the spring months
110 Routine bisphosphonate treatment for women over age 65