File Title
1 Successful long-term learning happens after sleeping on the new material
2 Two tested approaches to treating childhood obesity appear effective
3 Study suggests new drug strategy for insulin-influenced tumor growth
4 New drug combination shows promise for breaking breast cancer resistance
5 Mummified bodies from 18th century Europe found to have multiple tuberculosis infections
6 Genetic analysis says no such thing as 'pure autism'
7 Cancer-inflammation 'vicious cycle' detailed in new study
8 In utero exposure to extreme morning sickness may cause developmental deficits in children
9 Changes in cancer epigenome implicated in chemotherapy resistance and lymphoma relapse
10 Brain: A 'cingular' strategy for attack and defense
11 Childhood syndrome combining lung disease, arthritis is identified
12 DNA abnormalities found in children with chronic kidney disease
13 New pathway reveals how immune system is regulated, gives hope for chronic diseases
14 Pancreatic cancer loses viral defenses when talking with supporting cells
15 Antibiotics may be overused in many neonatal ICUs, study finds
16 Overnight fasting may reduce breast cancer risk in women
17 New signaling pathway discovered in HER2-positive breast cancer, and two powerful drug targets
18 New study unravels why common blood pressure medicine can fail
19 Statin use in elderly would prevent disease but could carry considerable side effects
20 Breast tumor stiffness and metastasis risk linked by molecule's movement
21 Living life in the third person
22 Study shows new technology may improve management of leading causes of blindness
23 Drugs stimulate body's own stem cells to replace brain cells lost in multiple sclerosis
24 Pancreatic cancer breakthrough: Scientists turn cancer cells into normal cells
25 Noninvasive imaging of immune system detects tumors, could monitor therapeutic response
26 Cancer drug shows promise as cure for hepatitis B
27 Study shows early environment has a lasting impact on stress response systems
28 Listen to your heart: Why your brain may give away how well you know yourself
29 Dietary supplements shown to increase cancer risk if taken in excess
30 Stone Age hand axe took complex cognition to make
31 Evolutionary pioneer finally recognized
32 How lowlands drought contributed to Mayan downfall
33 Male baboons aren't all about big butts, study finds
34 Are women better at negotiation?
35 Looking at seal placenta for signs of inbreeding
36 Whatever happened to 'The World's Loneliest Whale?'
37 VIDEO: Sperm whale crashes research expedition
38 Nosebleeds Can Be an Early Warning Sign to More Serious Health Problems
39 HIV vaccines increase infection rates in primate study
40 Researchers develop cheaper, easier method of detecting trace estrogen
41 Innate behavior determines how we steer a vehicle
42 Remodeling can boost retail sales, study finds
43 Doctors use 3D model of organs during surgeries to show tumors, sensitive blood vessels
44 When science got drunk in 2014
45 Why Men Are Idiots
46 Darwin 2.0--LSU Scientists Shed New Light on How Species Diverge
47 Mammalian Infanticide and Reproductive Strategies
48 A Battle for Ant Sperm
49 Scientists Create Possible Precursor to Life
50 New Grasshopper Species Discovered in Amber Collected 50 Years Ago
51 Tropical forests absorb more CO2 than previously believed
52 Venus may have had seas of carbon dioxide
53 Help US Cope with Climate Change: Enter NASA-USGS Data App Challenge
54 Mysterious Period of African Rainfall Explained
55 Most Complete Ancient Skeleton from New World Sheds New Light on Human Migration
56 Supportive Moms and Sisters Boost Female Baboon's Rank
57 Baboons Have Ulterior Motives When Grooming Each Other
58 Business@redOrbit--You're Wrong. Accept It and Be Ready for Change
59 Sprint Fined $7.5 Million for Failure to Abide by "Do Not Call" List
60 Study Finds Marine Protected Areas Inadequate for Protecting Fish and Ocean Ecology
61 Tracking mountain lions in San Francisco
62 Pandas Less Picky About Habitat than Previously Believed
63 Humans Have One Penis, Lizards Have Two: Why?
64 New Genetic Map of Autoimmune Variants
65 Near-Extinct African Amphibians 'Invisible' Under Climate Change
66 An Uphill Climb for Mountain Species?
67 Humpback whales sound "dinner bell" when hunting at night
68 Scientists identify two different types of blue whales
69 Scientists Identify Iberian Orca Hunting Grounds
70 Non-Dominant Hand Vital to Evolution of the Thumb
71 Going against all we know: This protein doesn't need DNA to build other proteins
72 Fat cells may actually not be so bad
73 Two-thirds of cancer cases are "bad luck," study says
74 Deep Breaths: The Evolution of Diving Mammals
75 Humpback Whales in the Arabian Sea Have Been Isolated for 70,000 Years
76 Treating deadly sepsis with Hawaiian sea life
77 New 3D-printed prosthetic leg is lighter, stronger
78 Nosebleeds Can Be an Early Warning Sign to More Serious Health Problems
79 Soft Robotics Toolkit Features Everything a Robot-Maker Needs
80 Ancient Chariot Found by University of Leicester Archaeologists
81 World's Oldest Computer Is Older than Previously Believed
82 Doctors use 3D model of organs during surgeries to show tumors, sensitive blood vessels
83 NASA Gets Budget Boost in $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
84 GT Advanced Technologies Files for Bankruptcy After Lost Apple Deal
85 Innate behavior determines how we steer a vehicle
86 Samsung Launches Improved Second-Generation Eye-Controlled Mouse
87 Changing Your Walking Style Could Help with Depression
88 Doctors use 3D model of organs during surgeries to show tumors, sensitive blood vessels
89 Drunk birds don't sing as well, study finds
90 YouTube is the future of television
91 New programming language could make Web design easier, more secure
92 World's Fastest 2-D Camera Could Usher in Era of New Scientific Discoveries
93 Mammalian Infanticide and Reproductive Strategies
94 The Secret of Male Beauty (In Turkeys)
95 Researchers Find No Association Between Facial Shape and Aggression
96 Calorie-Restricting Diets Slow Aging, Study Finds
97 Burnt Out Birds Suggest Hard Work Could Be Bad for Your Health
98 Longer Living May Come from Having a Sense of Purpose
99 Buckyballs Enhance Carbon Capture
100 11 trillion gallons of water needed to end California drought, NASA data suggests
101 Predicting Future Droughts in California
102 California Drought Is the Worst in 1,200 Years
103 Plant-based potties protect lakes from poo
104 Your engagement ring could hold the secrets to the origins of life
105 Modern human skeleton evolved for sedentary lifestyle
106 Cave Engravings Discovered in Gibraltar May Have Been Created by Neanderthals
107 Report: Inferiority to Modern Humans Not Responsible for Neanderthal Extinction
108 Baboons as Good as Human Children at Selecting Between Two Amounts
109 Duke Team Provides Groundwork to Make Electric Crystals
110 Brain Sets Prices with Emotional Value
111 RNA-Targeted Drug Candidate for Lou Gehrig's Disease Found
112 Plants May Use Newly Discovered Language to Communicate: Study
113 Molecular 'Eat Now' Signal Makes Cells Devour Dying Neighbors
114 Biochemists Build Largest Synthetic Molecular "Cage" Ever
115 Going against all we know: This protein doesn't need DNA to build other proteins
116 New study explains how and why lung cancer spreads
117 Two-thirds of cancer cases are "bad luck," study says
118 Crows are as intelligent as humans