File Title
1 Single-walled carbon nanotube composites show great promise for use in 'unconventional' computing
2 New way to purify arrays of single-walled carbon nanotubes a step toward post-silicon circuits
3 'Phonon tunneling' explains heat flow across nanometer-wide gaps, study finds
4 Inkjet-printed liquid metal could bring wearable tech, soft robotics
5 Scientists program the lifetime of self-assembled nanostructures
6 Removing risk to unleash the full potential of nanomaterials
7 Engineers devise method for producing high-res, 3D images of nanoscale objects
8 Nanopillar fabrication to lead to more efficient electronics
9 New kind of smart-glass changes color and produces electricity
10 Engineers now understand how complex carbon nanostructures form
11 Researchers deliver large particles into cells at high speed
12 Chemists create tiny gold nanoparticles that reflect nature's patterns
13 Spontaneous formation of biomimetic, nanoporous membrane channels
14 How many gold atoms make gold metal?
15 New insights into graphene and organic composites in electronics
16 Graphene looking promising for future spintronic devices
17 Scientists visualize potential brain cancer treatments in real time with nanotechnology
18 Erupting electrodes: How recharging leaves behind microscopic debris inside batteries (w/ Video)
19 Cloud of quantum particles can have several temperatures at once
20 For ultra-cold neutrino experiment, a successful demonstration
21 Measurement of first ionization potential of lawrencium reignites debate over periodic table
22 Physicists show 'quantum freezing phenomenon' is universal
23 Performance and durability combine in liquid crystal transistors
24 A novel liquid-immersible micro-electromechanical systems scanning mirror
25 Study explains why soil and sand get stronger when they are struck harder
26 DIY particle physics
27 Electrical control of quantum bits in silicon paves the way to large quantum computers
28 Absence of gravitational-wave signal extends limit on knowable universe
29 New studies explain insulator-to-metal transition of vanadium dioxide
30 New material set to change cooling industry
31 X-ray ptychography, fluorescence microscopy combo sheds new light on trace elements
32 Researchers develop high-resolution technique for non-invasively imaging hidden layers in centuries-old paintings
33 On the road to spin-orbitronics: Researchers find new way to manipulate magnetic domain walls
34 Solution-grown nanowires make the best lasers
35 Long-sought magnetic mechanism observed in exotic hybrid materials
36 Team tightens bounds on quantum information 'speed limit'
37 High-power laser spinoff proves versatility is strength
38 Scientists create invisible objects without metamaterial cloaking
39 Mixing up a batch of stronger metals
40 Technique takes cues from astronomy and ophthalmology to sharpen microscope images
41 Quantization of 'surface Dirac states' could lead to exotic applications
42 The model for a perfect human pyramid
43 Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider smashes record for polarized proton luminosity
44 Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves
45 Accurately counting ions from laboratory radiation exposure
46 Combined effort for structural determination
47 Physics community to discuss latest results of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment
48 30 years and counting, the X-ray laser lives on
49 Scientists develop new technique that reduces halo effect caused by lenses
50 Quantum cryptography at the speed of light: Researchers design first all-photonic repeaters
51 Physicists tune Large Hadron Collider to find 'sweet spot' in high-energy proton smasher
52 Light in a spin: Researchers demonstrate angular accelerating light
53 Quantum Criticality in life's proteins (Update)
54 Researchers develop elegant plasma pressure diagnostic method
55 Detector at the South Pole explores the mysterious neutrinos
56 New paper opens the door to the study of a new class of materials
57 Boron-based atomic clusters mimic rare-earth metals
58 How to maximize the superconducting critical temperature in a molecular superconductor
59 Liquid crystal bubbles experiment arrives at International Space Station
60 European physicist discusses Higgs boson at Brown University
61 Quantum model helps solve mysteries of water
62 Boron-based atomic clusters mimic rare-earth metals
63 How to maximize the superconducting critical temperature in a molecular superconductor
64 Liquid crystal bubbles experiment arrives at International Space Station
65 European physicist discusses Higgs boson at Brown University
66 Quantum model helps solve mysteries of water
67 Video: How do black holes evaporate?
68 Solar Orbiter launch delayed to 2018
69 Rocket tips over after SpaceX recycle attempt (Update)
70 Potential signs of 'interacting' dark matter suggest it is not completely dark after all
71 Search for advanced civilizations beyond Earth finds nothing obvious in 100,000 galaxies
72 How do bone cells grow in space?
73 LSST lays first stone
74 Astronaut Hadfield to release first space album
75 Pluto, now blurry, will become clear with NASA flyby
76 Icy tendrils reaching into Saturn ring traced to their source
77 Protosuns teeming with prebiotic molecules
78 Russia to build own space station by 2023, says Putin
79 Spacecraft circling Mercury will crash into planet April 30
80 Hubble Space Telescope turning 25 this month
81 Giant galaxies die from the inside out
82 Glitter cloud may serve as space mirror
83 Dating the moon-forming impact event with meteorites
84 Astronomers reveal supermassive black hole's intense magnetic field
85 SpaceX Dragon cargo ship arrives at space station
86 NASA spacecraft achieves unprecedented success studying Mercury
87 Gamma-ray spectrometer prompts researchers to rethink how Mercury formed
88 White dwarf may have shredded passing planet
89 Space treaties are a challenge to launching small satellites in orbit
90 A blueprint for clearing the skies of space debris
91 Planet formation relied on sweeping up of small glassy beads, new model suggests
92 Large Mars crater named for late ASU professor Ronald Greeley
93 Mercury MESSENGER nears epic mission end
94 Dawn glimpses Ceres' north pole
95 An interview with Italian Space Agency President Roberto Battiston
96 Video reveals dramatic Spacex falcon rocket barge landing and launch
97 Call to let the people decide new place names on Mercury and Pluto
98 Curiosity rover making tracks and observations
99 Japan planning moon mission: space agency
100 Cosmologically complicating dust
101 Astronomers probe inner region of young star and its planets
102 Cold cosmic mystery solved: Largest known structure in the universe leaves its imprint on CMB radiation
103 Pulsing light may indicate supermassive black hole merger
104 Black hole hunters tackle a cosmic conundrum
105 Apple HealthKit app facilitates doctor-patient communication
106 Bloomberg blames 'internal network issue' for global outage
107 Twitter looks to broaden access with new home page
108 Apple Watch to boost 'glance journalism'
109 Cybercrime now 'number one' threat: Europol chief
110 Mobile devices contributing to increased time spent watching video