File Title
1 New guidance on contact precautions for hospital visitors
2 Psychological testing in the service of disability determination
3 New clinical platform may accelerate discovery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents
4 Enzalutamide: Indication of major added benefit for over 75-year-olds
5 Marijuana extract shows promise as severe epilepsy treatment
6 Aggressive prostate cancer biomarker identified
7 Researchers create tool to predict avian flu outbreaks
8 MIPT researchers grow cardiac tissue on 'spider silk' substrate
9 Mapping energy metabolism of growing nerve cells to better understand neuronal disorders
10 Brazilian study suggests adjustments on the treatment of cancer patients with pneumonia
11 HPV vaccination of adolescent boys may be cost-effective for preventing oropharyngeal cancer
12 Ebola 'no deadlier than it was 40 years ago'
13 Survey reveals scale of secret stress among UK ambulance workers
14 Bone mineral density improved in frail elderly women treated with zoledronic acid
15 Updated assessment of pediatric readiness of emergency departments
16 New study challenges current thinking on how attention changes with social context
17 New data announced on health economic benefits of EXPAREL for postsurgical pain control following total knee replacement surgery
18 Certain genes might make some people more prone to experience the placebo effect
19 Human immune system can control re-awakened HIV, suggesting 'kick and kill' cure is possible
20 Pulmonary emphysema: Novel neutrophil elastase isoform discovered
21 Pioneering research enables differentiated profiles in drug-addicted patients to be established
22 Suffering from abuse during childhood increases the chances of depression, above all in those adults who are genetically predisposed
23 Your pain reliever may also be diminishing your joy: Acetaminophen (paracetamol) reduces both pain and pleasure, study finds
24 UK Heatwave: vets say take extra care of your dogs
25 Five days of eating fatty foods can alter the way your body's muscle processes food, Virginia Tech researchers find
26 Study: online diabetes prevention program maintained reductions in weight and average blood sugar levels, keeping diabetes at bay
27 Peritoneal ultrafiltration effective in end-stage chronic heart disease
28 SMC accepts Stivarga (regorafenib) for use in Scotland for the treatment of adult patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST)
29 The 'resting' brain may be less 'noisy' than we think
30 Gold nanoparticles may improve radiation treatment for cancer
31 Detecting Cryptosporidium in China
32 Vitamin E deficiency could damage brain
33 Study finds gestational diabetes associated with greater risk of autism in children
34 Breath test 'could predict, diagnose stomach cancer'
35 Neonatal abstinence syndrome increasing 'due to opioid overprescription'
36 Children with type 1 diabetes at fivefold risk of hospitalization
37 Recruiting participants for research: Simple explanations, queries from doctors are best
38 New strategy can help determine heart attack in patients within 1 hour
39 U-M researchers find new gene involved in blood-forming stem cells
40 Researchers define role of Tmem231 in maintaining ciliary function
41 Smartphone-based device could provide rapid, low-cost molecular tumor diagnosis
42 AHA new recs for designing, measuring and recognizing comprehensive workplace wellness programs
43 How deep-brain stimulation reshapes neural circuits in Parkinson's disease
44 One type of airway cell can regenerate another lung cell type
45 Mystery of Rett timing explained in MeCP2 binding
46 Pitt cancer virology team reveals new pathway that controls how cells make proteins
47 Researchers identify drug target for ATRA, the first precision cancer therapy
48 Scientists uncover gene 'architects' responsible for body's blueprint
49 Balanced behavior with IRBIT
50 U-M researchers find protein that may signal more aggressive prostate cancers
51 Heart cells regenerated in mice
52 New evidence for how green tea and apples could protect health
53 What is the point of health apps when we are healthy?
54 Maternal gestational diabetes linked to autism risk for offspring
55 Heroin-assisted therapy 'better for some drug users than standard treatments'
56 Research enables differentiated profiles in drug-addicted patients to be established
57 A KAIST research team develops a hyper-stretchable elastic-composite energy harvester
58 VTT printed a morphine test on paper
59 Mental rehearsal helps ER clinicians best prepare for trauma patients
60 Spinal surgery: Right on target
61 Tango dancing benefits Parkinson's patients
62 Study finds testicular cancer link for muscle-building supplements
63 Stroke from poor air quality
64 NYU study identifies teens at risk for hashish use
65 Promising developments in tackling resistance to blood cancer drugs
66 Pfizer and Pharmacy Voice launch campaign encouraging the public to make effective use of local NHS services
67 Gene therapy superior to half-matched transplant for children with "bubble boy disease"
68 Vargatef (nintedanib) in combination with docetaxel accepted for use within NHS Scotland
69 Clinical research study demonstrates EyePromise EZ Tears relieves dry eye symptoms and discomfort fast
70 Melanoma's 'safe haven' targeted for shut-down
71 Several commercial health plans now covering Cologuard colon cancer screening test
72 New IUD LILETTA now available to U.S. women
73 Characterization of the nutrient needs of triple negative breast cancer leads to the identification of a molecular signature for cancer outcomes
74 IMI and World Anti-Doping Agency to collaborate
75 Disabled girls are vulnerable to abuse by carers and partners because of their isolation and incapacity, research says
76 Less focused on recurrent bad feelings through probiotics
77 New biomarker for uterine cancer discovered
78 Stronger muscles make for healthier bone development
79 How does bench angle affect upper body muscle activation during bench press exercise?
80 UV light robot to clean hospital rooms could help stop spread of 'superbugs'
81 Ebola vaccine trial begins in Sierra Leone
82 Europe's policymakers call for action on industrially produced trans fatty acids in foods in the European Union
83 How best to test Ebola treatment
84 Scientists find potential cause of Alzheimer's in immune system
85 Autism: new studies investigate diagnosis time and identify epigenetic signatures
86 Immunotherapy fights cancer better with both arms of the immune system, say researchers
87 Divorce may raise the risk of heart attack, study finds
88 How worried should we be about ticks?
89 Knuckle-cracking observed using MRI
90 Study reveals an absence of consistent standards in children's hospital environments
91 Heavy snoring, sleep apnea linked to earlier cognitive decline
92 CNIO experts identify an oncogene regulated by nutrients
93 How a bacterial cell recognizes its own DNA
94 Mayo profile identifies patients most at risk of developing pancreatic cancer
95 Study challenges view that sight-based brain sensory network organization is impaired with blindness
96 Penn Medicine pain management study reveals patient confusion about opioid addiction
97 Oxytocin may influence maternal social behavior, study finds
98 Unearthing new antivirals
99 Genetically engineered Salmonella promising as anti-cancer therapy
100 New WHO statement on public reporting of clinical trial results announced
101 The cost and quality of cancer care in Health Affairs' April issue
102 A new tool for understanding ALS: Patients' brain cells
103 Personalized computer feedback can mitigate problem gambling behaviors
104 Cellular signals for pain fine tune neurons' sensitivity to opiods
105 More salt doesn't mean better performance for endurance athletes
106 Stem cell injection may soon reverse vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration
107 Alcohol may elevate the expression of two enzymes called CYP2E1 and CYP2U1
108 Paternal alcohol problems, death from liver disease, signal offspring risk for cirrhosis
109 Socially anxious youth in treatment can enhance recovery through simple service tasks
110 Depression and diabetes combined may create even higher risk of cognitive decline